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Buffy the Slayer Vampire

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy the Slayer Vampire". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy has been turned into a vampire.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Buffy-CentereddaviderlFR1866,98201211,06912 Jan 0719 Jan 07Yes

Not Such Good News

{I do not own any of the characters. I do not intend any copyright infringement. This story is for amusement purposes only.}


Dawn pushed open the door.

“Angel’s here,” she said to Willow, who was sitting in the chair next to Buffy’s bed.

Willow looked up at Angel with a look of unimaginable sadness. Then she got up and met him halfway. They hugged briefly, then he went to the bed where an incredibly pale Buffy lay.

He looked down at the unconscious love of his life.

“How did this happen?” He asked. “Who did this to her?”

The anger in his shaking voice was evident.

“We don't know. We asked her, but . . . .”

“Spike! It had to be Spike! He’s the only vampire she trusted enough to let get close enough to do this.”

“It couldn't be Spike,” Willow contradicted him. “That chip, remember? He can't hurt or feed.”

“What if it stopped working, or malfunctioned? You don't know.”

“But Spike hasn’t been around for more than a week. No one’s seen him. And this happened only last night. Besides I’m not sure if he could do it even if Buffy let him - which I’m sure she wouldn’t.”

“You’re sure it was recent, and not . . . ?”

“Positive.” Dawn answered. “When she left yesterday evening she was fine. But when she came home early this morning, she … she attacked me.”

“Attacked you? What happened?”

“I got up to get a snack. Buffy usually was getting home a little after midnight, but it was almost four o’clock this morning when I heard her calling me.”


“Buffy? Is that you?”

Dawn opened the back door and flipped on the porch light. She could barely make out a figure standing well away from the light.

“What are you doing in the back yard?”

“I can’t come in. I’m all covered with blood, demon blood. Why don't you just toss me a blanket out here? I’ll just sleep on the porch for now, and tomorrow morning after it warms up some, I’ll strip these clothes off.”

“Buffy, don't be ridiculous. Come inside.”

“And right after she came in, she attacked me, just like that.”

“She needed you to invite her in. Even though Willow is living here, it’s your home.”

“After that little fiasco with Harmony, that’s what I figured. Anyway, while I was trying to get away from her I was screaming my head off!”

“That’s when I came running into the kitchen.” Willow said. “At first I couldn't understand what was going on, but when Buffy looked at me with that vamp face, I knew. I used a bit of magic to throw her against the refrigerator and away from Dawn, but she just bounced off it like it was nothing and went after her again. So I used the Thickening Spell to stop her.”

“I called Giles,” Dawn said, continuing the story. “But he’s on some kind of retreat up in Scotland somewhere, so I just left a message.

“Then we called you,” Willow added. “But you were out, so we left the message with Fred.”

“That was some message -- ‘It’s Buffy! Tell Angel to hurry!’ We didn’t know what was going on.”

“Well, I didn’t know what else to say without saying over the phone that Buffy was a vampire. You never know who might be listening in. Anyway, after that we called Xander, who called Anya, and they both came over here.”

“Of course, we were, and still are, pretty shook up about it.” Dawn said. “And it didn’t help any with Buffy cursing and threatening us nonstop. I didn’t realize she knew those kinds of words.”

“Eventually, we decided to sedate her rather than keep her floating in the middle of the kitchen,” Willow went on. “I don't know what it was, and I don't want to know, but from somewhere Anya got a really powerful tranquilizer and a hypodermic needle and we put her out.”

“Willow took off the spell and Xander carried her upstairs and put her in bed, then just to be on the safe side, in case she woke up unexpectedly, we tied her down with those straps.”

“Are you sure they’re strong enough?” Angel asked. “I would imagine with her Slayer strength added to vamp strength she’s almost twice as strong as she was.”

“Not to worry.” Willow assured him. “I put a bit of Mojo in them. Not even Glory could break them.”


“Hell-god. You know, when Buffy died?”

Angel nodded as he remembered the day Willow was waiting for them in the hotel to give them the tragic news.

“You said you asked her who did this?”

“Yeah, while she was still in the kitchen. But she just kept threatening us.”

Angel sat on the side of the bed. He caressed her cheek and felt no warmth to her skin.

“She needs blood.” He said. “Has she fed at all?”

“We don't think so. After the first injection wore off we tried to give her some pig’s blood but she just spit it out.”

“Yeah,” Dawn added. “She spit it in my face. It felt like needles. We thought about using an IV while she was out, but we didn’t know where to get the needle and the tubing.”

“And you have no idea of who did this?”

“None. Not a clue. But somebody at Willy’s might know. I figure that whoever turned a Slayer would probably be bragging big time about it to all his vamp buddies. And I also figured that you could probably get more out of them than any of us could.”

“Okay. I’ll check out Willy’s. But if Buffy wakes up before I get back, let her stay awake. I want to talk to her.”


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