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A Doctor's Life

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Summary: The Doctor leaves Rose with her mum for a family reunion, but after he comes back for her he finds himself with more companions then he had bargained for. Doctor/ Buffy, Rose/ Spike, other pairings- who knows.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralheathenseyesFR1531,7770154,52214 Jan 0715 Jan 07No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I own nothing of BtVS or of Doctor Who and most thankfully I certainly own nothing of Wham.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Rose covered her mouth with her hand in surprise and shoots a wide eyed stare at the man beside her who had his head buried in his arms.

"He really did that?" Jackie asked, barely able to keep the laughter from her voice.

"Yep," Buffy leaned back in her chair and smirked at the former vampire. "But you haven't heard the worst part."

Both Jackie and Rose leaned in closely, the three woman ignoring Spike's groan.

"Now, he had been singing and dancing, in his undies mind you, but," her voice dropped to a whisper and the two women leaned in even further to hear her, "he was singing Wham's 'Wake Me Up Before You Go'."

"No!" Rose began giggling.

Jackie sat back, shocked by the revelation. "Oh my."

Spike, on the other end of the table, started to thump his head against it. Two hours, two hours and she had managed to tell every embarrassing moment of his life, well, almost every embarrassing moment of his life; he was pretty sure that Rose and her mum wouldn't understand a couple of them.

"Well, he must 'ave been young when this happened?" Buffy's smirk deepened at Jackie's question and she shot a glance at her 'brother'.

"Nope, it was three day's ago, the day before we had left sunny California. I and my housemates had gone out shopping and he'd been all alone in the house for about an hour. Did I mention that he was wearing boxers, with little pink hearts?"

Jackie suddenly burst out laughing and Rose was now giggling so hard that she was starting to cry.

"Oh, for Christ sake! They were Christmas gifts and all me other clothes were in the wash!" Spike exclaimed his head shooting up at the last part, his face completely red. He was pretty much certain that this was the most he had ever blushed in his life. "And if you had walked in five minutes earlier I'd have been singing Billy Idol."

In the back ground the radio DJ's voice came on over the last notes the song that was playing. “And here’s the last song I’ll be playing for you before I go-go, see you all tomorrow…”





You put the boom boom into my heart….”

"Oh bloody Hell," Spike ground out and all three women began laughing.

Standing up he pulled Rose to her feet and began dragging her out. "Come on, you can show me around town." He said over her laughter. Rose stopped briefly before her mom to give her a quick hug; as the couple left the room they could still hear Spike muttering about bloody family and payback. The front door opened and slammed closed.

Jackie sipped her tea and leaned back into her chair. "So, Rose never really told me; how did you two meet? She said something about a mugger."

"Nothing huge really. I was walking back from an ap-errand and I was just passing this alley when I heard a scream. I saw a girl, shouted at the guy, he took off, and that was pretty much it." Buffy said hurriedly, she really sucked at lying. She neglected to mention that she'd just been coming back from the cemetery and had still been holding an axe that had demon gore all over it. Definitely leaving out the part where the mugger had been a vampire who, when he noticed the slayer, had turned and been staked by Spike, who'd been walking with the petite slayer. Especially the resulting talk the two had to have with her after, they had been surprised when the blonde woman had demanded to know what kind of alien that had been and wouldn't take no for an answer. Rose had grown on the two though in the short week and a half since they had meet her. And it seemed that Spike evidently cared for her a great deal. Either way her motto was, 'the less said the better.'

"Well, my dear, you certainly are different, most people would 'ave just run."

Buffy smiled, Roses' mom just didn't know how different she was. "And I have to say, your brother certainly seems like a nice boy."

Buffy had the unfortunate timing to have been sipping her tea at that exact moment. Worriedly, Jackie got up and started pounding on the slayers back as she choked on the warm liquid. "Are you alright? Is it too hot? You need some ice?"

Wheezing Buffy shook her head. "No, no, I'm ok. It just went down the wrong pipe."

Jackie nodded sagely as she sat back up, glancing at the clock. She sprang back up, her eyes wide.

"Oh, dear, I'm late." Rushing out of the kitchen she started gathering her purse and jacket. "I forgot I have to drive Mrs. Jennison to the market, promised her earlier this week, poor thing broke her hip last week. Would you be a dear and take the roast out in fifteen minutes. I promise I'll be back in just a bit."

"Sure, no problem, as long as I don't actually have to cook anything, it's all good. Buffy and the cooking no mixxy, but I can take things out of the over. I always rocked at precooked meals."

Jackie smiled and hugged the girl, surprising the slayer before rushing out. Buffy looked around the small kitchen, finding herself, for once, completely alone.

"Ok, fifteen minutes, I can do that." Buffy said as she settled into watch the clock. She never even knew it when she fell asleep.

*This was just a filler chapter leading into the Doctors introduction. I had to do a little settin up. Please review and let me know what you think. Hope y'all liked. The next chapter will be better!!

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Doctor's Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jan 07.

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