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A Doctor's Life

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Summary: The Doctor leaves Rose with her mum for a family reunion, but after he comes back for her he finds himself with more companions then he had bargained for. Doctor/ Buffy, Rose/ Spike, other pairings- who knows.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralheathenseyesFR1531,7770154,52214 Jan 0715 Jan 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own neither Doctor Who or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Note: The story is set after Chosen and after Dalek. Just to give you a time setting.


A pair of jean clad legs protruded from beneath the console of the Tardis, some feet away a black leather jacket lay discarded on the floor, and a steady stream of curses, seeming in cadence with various clangs that sounded from beneath the console, resounded in the other wise silent chamber.


And it was just how he liked it.

No never ending, empty headed chatter.

No bras and... other things drying in the toilet.

No 'What are we going to do next, doctor? When can I visit home, Doctor? I miss me mum, Doctor. Doctor...Doctor...Doctor...’

He had to admit though that the silence seemed so...empty.

But did he care?

Not a bit.

He had spent millennias on his own, he was used to being alone, and he wasn't like some monkey that needed constant companionship to liven the boredom of his life.

He had the Tardis, he had the stars, and he had an endless stream of time; the ability to travel any where and any when.

With a vicious yank he pulled a wire from the console, connecting it to a bare lead that was currently dangling from his hand. The Tardis' lights flickered briefly.


The exultant exclamation was quickly followed by a yelp of pain as the stench of burning plastic and singed hair wafted from beneath the console. "Damned...Hell of a...Ger'duan hor't un...Argh!!!"

A heel pounded on the floor in frustration. Yes, it was frustraition, definitely not because he was throwing a fit over being abandoned for two weeks. No, definitely not.


Please review. It helps to prompt the muse. Once again I sat down to update one of my other stories and Doctor Who was on the telly; the story just popped in and wouldn't go.
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