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Lux in Tenebris

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This story is No. 5 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Two sets of hunters meet in the Roadhouse. Set in the future of the Dropverse. Spoilers for S2 Supernatural thru Croatoan.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralechoFR1515,137273,93614 Jan 0714 Jan 07Yes
disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Rowling, Whedon, and Kripke. I'm just borrowing to suit my own sinister and perverted purposes.
shout: For littleoldme who wanted to see Drop's Lily Snape, Dawn, and Connor meet the Winchester boys.
AN: Spoilers for S2 Supernatural thru Croatoan. Yes, this means I do plan on working on Snake Charming again, I just haven't felt like it in a long time. Set in the future of the Dropverse.


His beer was almost to his lips when the door to the Roadhouse crashed open. Dean glared. He didn't like his beer-drinking interrupted. Especially when Ellen and Jo both seemed like they didn't want himself or Sam in the place. Super especially not Jo. She was still holding a grudge for something he did not do. Ellen was still pissed about the lying and the putting her baby girl in danger. Dean could accept the mother's anger. She was right to it. Jo was pissed about something his dad had done. Granted, her father had ended up dead, but... still. If anything had become apparent to Dean lately it was that he was most definitely not John Winchester. He didn't think he should have to be held accountable for the deeds of said John Winchester.

Sam and Ash both looked up from the laptop they were hunched over due to the noise the newcomers had made upon entering the place. Ash's eyes widened for two seconds before they were schooled back into his normal relaxed state of not-surprise. In those two seconds it was painfully obvious he knew who had just walked into the Roadhouse and had not expected to see them anytime soon.

"Well." Ash said loudly. "I will be damned."

A young woman with black hair looked over at him. "Only if you're lucky, mister. Well hullo there, Captain Mullet. Long time no see. What's the what?"

The next young woman with her long brunette hair in a ponytail stepped around the raven-haired girl. The brunette had a ferret perched upon her shoulder. "Captain Mullet? Ash is here? Good. I need to talk to a smart person."

"Hey!" Said a tall guy with hair shaggier than Sam's as he stepped around the two girls.

"Easy, Connor." The brunette said as she patted his chest in a soothing manner. "I just miss Harry."

"I'm smarter than Harry." Connor grumbled.

About then Ellen and Jo came from the back arguing about something. Both stopped when they spotted the newcomers.

"Lily?" Jo asked. "Hell."

"Hey, bitch."

Dean couldn't help jumping when the girl Jo had called Lily rushed forward, vaulted herself over the counter, and embraced the blonde in a tight hug. She had done that with way too much grace. The two girls were giggling. It was the most relaxed and open he'd ever seen Jo. He was still in a bit of awe at the way the stranger had moved. It was almost too fluid. The two of them were holding on to one another like long lost sisters or something.

Ellen was smirking. "Dawn. Connor. Nice to see you. What brings you to these parts?"

Dawn looked Dean then Sam in a wary manner. Dean bristled at being instantly distrusted by some little girl.

"It's ok, sweetie. They hunt too. Any talk is safe here."

"I'm on vacation actually." Dawn said. "These two never quit hunting. They even hunted on their honeymoon. We were just dealing with some vampire-related issues. Nothing too heavy."

"I'll just bet." Ellen chuckled. "Lily, how's your mama?"

"Still putting up with my dad."

"By the way, Ellen." Connor said as he walked to the bar and leaned forward on it next to Dean. "Thank you for the wedding present."

Lily turned, but still had an arm around Jo's shoulders. "Yes. Thank you. Definitely came in handy. I used it to kill Fenrir Greyback."

Ellen blinked. "Son of a bitch."

"Yes. He was. Had fleas too."

"You killed that hairy mother all by yourself, girl?"

Lily smirked at her. "He hurt one of my friends, Ellen. You know my temper. He had to die."

Dean cleared his throat loudly.

Lily looked at him. "He was werewolf. And a naughty one. Liked to infect people on purpose. Especially children. Infected one of my friends on purpose. He got the sharp end of the sliver blade Ellen sent us. That enough for you, Nosy McNose-in-other-folks-business?"

Ellen snorted with laugher. "Sorry, Lily. That's Dean Winchester. Yeah, he can be a nosy one when it comes to this sort of thing-"

"Hey!" Dean might have been offended. He wasn't rightly sure.

Ellen ignored him and continued her introductions. "And over there's his brother Sam. Sam, Dean, this is Lily Snape-"


"Sorry. Well, you ain't been married but a blink. I'll have to get used it. I meant, this is Lily Snape Angel, her husband Connor Angel, and their good friend Dawn Summers. That rat perched on Dawn's shoulder is Gutterflower."

Gutterflower disliked being called a rat and hissed a bit at Ellen. She winked at the little thing. Gutterflower hopped off of Dawn's shoulder and onto the bar. Dean picked up his drink and eyed the ferret warily. He didn't like rats. Yes, this was not a rat, but it had too many rat-like qualities to it for Dean's comfort. Also, it seemed smart. It was looking at him intently as if it knew he was unnerved my its presence.

"So you just thought you'd drop in to say hello, that it?" Ellen asked.

"We were hoping we could crash here, Ellen. Just for a day or so." Connor said. "We have money. We also have a bit of a problem that I should go get soon. I told her to wait in the car. She stays with us though. She won't roam. No worries."

"Your money ain't any good here, Connor."

"We insist on paying you, Ellen." Connor argued.

"And I believe I said your money ain't any good here, Connor."

Lily turned and made pouty face at Ellen.

"You'd get further by being your pa right now, Lils, not your ma."

Her pale face instantly became a fierce scowl.

Ellen laughed. "Of course you can stay. You're always welcome here, but I really ain't taking any of your money, Connor. You know that. Just tell your dad he owes me one, ok? Now, what sort of problem? Car? Her? She won't roam? We have to worry about that? This problem's a she?"

"I'll just..." Connor pointed at the door.

"You do that." Ellen said in her humoring blunt tone.

Dean could have fainted for real when that Connor guy returned leading a vampire into the Roadhouse. It wasn't the vampire part that had him spinning though. It was that both he and Sam knew said vampire.

Sam had even jumped to his feet, knocking over his chair. "Lenore."

"Sam." She smiled.

"Lily." Lily said, then she started pointing and saying names in her funny and slightly mocking caveman tone. "Dawn. Connor. Ellen. Jo. Dean. Ash. Gutterflower." She even grunted after she'd spoken the rounds and beat a fist to her chest.

Sam ignored her utterly. Dean made a face at Lily. She was sort of a smart ass. He liked that in a girl. But Dean's worry was Sam just now. His eyes had not left Lenore's pale face in a way that bothered Dean a lot.

"What are you doing here, Lenore?" Sam asked. "I thought-"

"You do know that's a vampire, right?" Dean asked Ellen.

Ellen bristled.

"Easy there, cowgirl." Lily said in a calm voice to Ellen. "Remember who you're dealing with here. Remember who I am... who I was. Remember what family I am married into now. I think I know good from evil. And if anything, you know by knowing me how those lines can get blurred."

And Ellen backed down. Dean couldn't help it. His eyes widened. There was someone scarier than Ellen? And Jesus Christ, just who was this girl? Who was her family?

"Len, you know these guys?" Lily asked.

"They're the ones. The ones I told you about."

Lily snapped her fingers. "Sam. Right. I almost forgot you said his name was Sam."

"You told them about us?" Sam asked.

"She told me about you."

Sam looked at her. Lily removed the jean jacket she had on and tossed it to her husband. He mostly caught it with his face. Lily rolled her head a bit and made her neck crack as she advanced on Sam. Dean set his beer down slowly and turned in his stool. There was a tattoo around her upper right arm. It looked like the infinity symbol made with green snakes with the name 'Connor' in script under it. Her black tank top had the word 'SLYTHERIN' across the chest in green glitter. Whatever that was. Probably some goth band.

Dean tensed a bit as she stood before his brother.

"She's my girl, you know? My heart's sister. Hunters that don't know the diff between good and evil, that don't know shades of gray, they killed her whole clan. My dad found her. He brought her home to me. So you'll forgive me..." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. "If I am inclined to like you. Because if you hadn't done what you did, I wouldn't have my sister Lenore here. My mom and dad wouldn't have another adopted daughter to fuss over. You enable part of my family."

Sam was blushing.

Dean looked over at this girl's husband. He was leaned against the bar grinning.

"You just let your wife go kissing other guys?" Dean asked.

"Wasn't a real kiss. Only I get those, and besides, I let her do pretty much anything she wants. " Connor said, his eyes never leaving Lily. "You do that when they go and die on you then come back."

"She's a zombie?"

Connor snorted.

Dawn pointed at Connor. "Don't you DARE!"


"You are entirely too free with who you tell about us and who we are. You aren't one of the ones that died."

"You didn't die. Technically. You went to another dimension." He pointed at himself. "I did that too. Grew up in one, hello. Lils is the only one who honestly died in that mess. And what happened? Willow goes crazy and brings her back. She wasn't even dead as long as your sister was."

Sam and Dean were looking at one another in shock and alarm. There were some weird phrases that were being hurled about here, and neither of the Winchester boys thought that they were misunderstanding what was being said.

"We can trust them." Lily said. "We can trust Ellen and Jo and Ash. They've kept us here under worse. Sam saved Lenore. Dean fought for her though she was something he despises. That earns the trust with me."

"And what if he despises you?"

"I have been despised before, Dawn. I'm a Snape."

"Despise..." Sam started, looking more confused than ever.

Lily smiled at him. "Did you know that there are as many clans or species of vampires as there are races of human beings? Some of them can walk in the daylight. Some their faces change to reflect the demon within. I used to be a vampire.... in another dimension."

Dean interrupted. "Used to be? What's this used to be bullcrap? There's no coming back from that."

"Oh but there is, you see. There's so much more to the world than what you know. There is coming back from a lot of things if your adopted mother is one of the most powerful witches in this dimension. She made my heart beat again, but aspects of that demon still live in me. But I breathe and I eat and I live. Maybe not exactly like you do, but it's close enough."

Ash was looking like someone had just told him Lynyrd Skynyrd had never existed. Obviously he had not known exactly what Lily was. Jo was looking a bit shocked herself. Ellen? Not so much. So Ellen knew. And either Ellen'd had time to deal with this news, or it just didn't bother her.

"My husband doesn't mind so much as he was born of two vampires."

"Holy fuck my dog." Ash said to Connor. "You're the miracle child. I've heard about you. I thought you were a myth, boy."

"As you can see..." Connor said. "So not a myth, and don't call me boy."

Lily looked at Dean. "My mother, the woman I call mother, is actually another version of me. She's the me that exists in this reality. We look the same, only my tattoos are different, and she has red hair. I used to have red hair too, but the magic in me has a bit of a dark edge. My hair reflects that. My father has black hair, so I really do look their daughter. I died a few years ago... again. There's this curse called the Avada Kedavra. It instantly kills. No evil wizard was taking my father from me. I pushed him out of the way. I took the hit. My mother went crazy and brought me back. Witchy hoodoo, you know. It nearly killed her. Her magic is sometimes so powerful that it tries to eat her from the inside out when she uses too much of it."

Connor perked up and started pacing. "Since we're in share-mode, my real mom and dad are Angelus the Scourge of Europe and his sire Darla. Both of the Aurelius line. My mother staked herself to save me. Her body was killing me. A man who was a hunter stole me. I grew up in an alternate dimension and was trained to hate vampires. Ironically, I am married to a woman who used to be one. A woman I'd trust with my life is one, but I would not have her any way save how she is. Oh also... my family drinks blood. Animal blood, but a lot of the ones I call relative drink."

Lily moved over to Connor after he finished speaking and put an arm around him.

"My turn?" Dawn asked. "Ok. I'm not even real."

"Will you stop saying that?" Connor snapped. "You're plenty real."

"I used to be this energy that opened portals in time and space, but these monks turned me into a girl to hide me from a hellgoddess. They sent me to my sister, who is a vampire slayer. They created this spell on me that created instant bonds and memories with the people who would have known me. I have magic. My blood can open portals. Don't worry, I can control it now. There was this one time when everyone thought I had died, but really I just had gotten knocked out, bled a lot, and got sucked into this gnarly portal. I lived in a hell dimension for a while. It wiped my memory a bit, as hell dimensions are wont to do. I didn't even remember my boyfriend, who I love. I forgot Draco and Lily and Connor. And even my little Gutterflower. I didn't remember my sister even. Or Spike. It was a scary time."

"How did you..." Sam whispered.

"Tara. She's this witch. She teaches at the school we all went to. She's married to my boyfriend's godfather. She used to be Lily's mom's girlfriend once upon a time. She's a good spirit. She helped me unlock my head."

"You said Draco." Sam said, looking suspicious. "That's not a really common name."


Dean looked confused. Sam looked disbelieving.

"My boyfriend-"

"Fiancé." Lily interrupted.

"I am not used to saying that yet. Fine. My fiancé is-"

Sam interrupted. "Is not Draco Malfoy. He's not even-"

"He is so real, but no, Drake's not my boyfriend."

"Fiancé." Lily corrected.

Ellen interrupted then. "You and Harry? Really? Oh hun, congratulations."

"Harry?" Sam prompted.


Sam blinked.

"I know. I know. Believe me, I know, but it's not just a book. I live it."

Sam looked at Lily. "Wait... Snape..."

"Severus Snape."

"But in the books-"

"She leaves a lot out, that writer. I mean, they're supposed to be fiction, right? How crazy is it that Professor Snape ends up with two daughters who were and are vampires, and one of them is the doppleganger for his wife in another dimension? Can you see the 'rents reading that to their little kiddies."

Dawn giggled. "Or that Sirius Black knocked up Professor Lupin's daughter?"

"Or Ginny and Draco?" Connor added.

Lily snorted. "Neville's girlfriend."

"Oliver Wood's underwear and how they just crop up everywhere before it's all said and done."

"And who ends up wearing them."

"And Narcissa Malfoy."

With that, the three exchanged a look and started giggling.

"So it's not like in the books." Sam said.

"Not a bit."


Ellen and Jo were carefully avoiding one another now. Jo seemed a bit miffed that someone she liked so well used to be a thing of darkness, and still had some in her according to Lily. Jo seemed put out that Ellen had known this. Ellen was maintaining that she had her reasons for keeping things to herself. Ash, Sam, Connor, and Dawn were sitting at a table just talking. Ash and Sam were just full of questions. Especially since, ironically, both of them had read these Harry Potter books.

Dean was still nursing his beer. The night was getting a bit late. Lily and Lenore had been sitting off in a corner talking quietly. Suddenly someone slid onto the stool next to Dean. Her. He just knew. He set his beer down, ready to tell her he didn't feel like company just now.

"You should not have doubts." Lily almost whispered.

"Excuse me?"

"One of the drawbacks of being my mother, having her share her life force with me to bring me back, is that I, like her, am hyper in tune with the world and most of the things in it. Your confusion and doubt is so strong I can near taste it in the air around you. You wanna talk?"

Dean was scowling at her. "No. I don't even know you."

"Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger."

"A former vampire stranger. Yeah right."

He reached for his beer again, but Lily grabbed his hand and placed it over her heart.

"Hey!" Dean tried to snatch it away, but she was wicked strong for a woman her size.

And then he felt it. Her heart was beating, her skin was all warm. He could feel her body heat through her shirt.

"You have not a reason on earth to trust me here, Dean, but you will. He's your brother." She whispered. "And even if he goes evil, he can come back from it. Sam's strong."

"How do you..."

"Sometimes I just know things. Like how... sometimes Sam just sees things."

Dean didn't know what to say. And his hand was still over her heart.

"Maybe it was good that Lenore was feeling tired and sick. She's not strong yet, you see. Maybe I was meant to be here. Talk to you. Always love and protect your brother, your family. It will never steer you wrong. My husband got possessed once. He got over it... with a little help from our family and friends. I'll say this, and don't laugh because it is from the movie Galaxy Quest, but never give up, never surrender. I don't know you, Dean Winchester, but I'll promise you now that if you ever need my help to bring your brother back out of the darkness, I am there. I've walked a lot of folk out of the dark. It's kinda what I do. I think we were supposed to meet."

Dean couldn't help it, he grinned at her. She had darkness and danger within her, you could sense that, but she also had something that was likable to her. And Dean had never felt that someone was so very one of the good guys after spending so little time with them. She was right. He didn't have a reason in the world to trust her, but he did. Already, and he did not know why he trusted Lily Angel, but he did. He just did. It didn't make any sense to him, but a lot of things had not made sense to him lately. Maybe because he believed her when she said she knew real darkness.


He was still awake pondering things when he heard Sam slip out of the bed. There had been a noise. So quiet he almost had not heard it, but apparently Sam had heard it as well and was going to investigate. Dean scowled. His brother headed out of the room. Something suspicious within Dean made him follow his brother.

Good thing too.

Sam had frozen, as had Dean.

Because they'd come upon their old friend Gordon hauling an unconscious Lenore out of the Roadhouse.

Sam pointed a finger. "You put her down. Right now."

Dean could see Gordon weighing his options. Looked like he thought Sam was the only threat here. Dean couldn't let his old pal Gordon the hunter and psycho think that, now could he.

"Now, Gordon, don't be stupid." Dean added, stepping out of the shadows and into the dim light.

"She's an animal..."

"That all you got?" Dean snarked. "We've heard that riff, dude. Play us a new one."

He and Sam fanned out a bit, trying to get between Gordon and the door. Gordon rushed for the exit, only to be stopped by two bodies standing in the doorway.

Dean was not expecting that at all. He flinched a bit and muttered to himself. "Son of a bitch."

"Well, pet." The man spoke. "You were right."

"I'm always right."

The lights flew on. Ellen had her gun out. She was also wearing a fuzzy blue robe and what looked like flannel pajamas under it. Jo was there with her shotgun... in a long tee shirt. Lily walked in from behind Sam and Dean then. So apparently she slept in a black sports bra and boy shorts. Both trimmed in bright green. What was it with her and black and green? Dean couldn't be too judgmental on that though. After all, he and Sam were standing there in their boxers.

Lily stalked towards Gordon with menace in her every step. "You put my sister down. Right now."

Gordon turned back to the door. The bleached blonde guy there in the leather jacket lit up a cigarette and leaned against the door frame.

"You're not going anywhere, mate. I'd set little Lenny down before either her big sis or mine gets a bit... upset about it." This guy spoke with a British accent.

The thin and dark-haired woman next to him held up her hand. "This is how many fingers you've got until I take my pretty peach from your arms and then eat you."


"He doesn't know I don't eat people anymore, Spike. Don't ruin it when I'm trying to be all threatening, dearie. It pisses my shite off."

"Pisses your shite? Language, luv. You've been spending too much time with Alex."

"I like Alex."

"What are you guys doing here?" Lily asked. "Not that I'm not happy to see you, Spike. Excellent timing, by the way."

"Dru had a vision. Wouldn't shut up about it until we came here."

Dru snorted. "Don't let him fool ya none, Lils. Old mother hen here was just as worried as I was, and we really must call Drake. He's in a fine state when he heard that you might be in some trouble."

"Draco's always in a fine state about something myself or Connor might be up to. " Lily smiled, until she spotted Connor coming downstairs and having to help Dawn. "What happened?"

"Niblet?" Spike said.

"Sprout?" Dru asked.

"I think that ass clown bashed her in the head to get Len!" Connor shouted. He handed Dawn to Dean and went after Gordon, looking a bit menacing in his pale chest and pajama pants.

"Loud." Dawn murmured. "Too shouty."

But Connor was too slow, before anyone could even blink, Spike was somehow holding the limp Lenore, and Lily had Gordon's head in her hands and was slamming it against the floor. Dean blinked. Wow. He'd barely even seen her move. He handed Dawn to Sam and moved quickly. He lifted Lily around the waist. She screamed loudly and clawed at the air. Dean was sort of surprised she'd let him lift her.

"Easy there, hellcat."

Gordon was rather stunned and lying on the floor. Dean passed Lily into her husband's waiting arms.

"Now what do we do with you?" Dean said. "If I was mean, I'd let the little girl here kick your sorry ass. Because I'm still kinda pissed at ya about my brother. And it might be amusing to watch someone her size put the smackdown on you."

"Oh, I like you." Spike added.

Dean smirked at him.

"Send him to the slayer." Dru said absently. "Send him to Sprout's big sticky sis."

Everyone looked at her.

"She reprogrammed Justine. If that daffy bint can get over her black and whites, I think this one can be taught the beauty of gray."

"I can't believe I'm going to say this." Connor said. "But Dru has a point. Buffy's good at turn around. Look at Lindsey."

Dru nodded. "Yes. I say we sew him up in a burlap sack and mail him to the slayer."

Spike made a face and shifted the unconscious Lenore in his arms. "Or we could toss him in the trunk and drive him to California. Burlap sack is a lot of stamps."

Dru shrugged.

Lenore moaned.

"Len." Lily rushed over to her. She brushed Lenore's hair back from her forehead.

"Lily, I had the most awful dream."

"Sadly, if it was about that Gordon guy trying to abduct you? All too true."

Lenore's eyes went wide. She looked up at Spike.

"Hello, ducks. Nice to see you again."

Ellen had lowered her gun. "Spike, why don't you and Dru come on inside."

Lily looked at her. "Ellen, you don't have to-"

"I know I don't. Point is, I did. Get over it."

"They're vampires!" Gordon shouted, as he tried to get up.

Dru planted a foot against his chest and shoved him back to the floor. "No now, dearie. Don't you get up. I like you right on the floor like this. You hurt my Sprout and my Lenny. In the past a'fore I got my soul back from Lils, I'd have ripped your heart from your chest and eaten it. Yummy yummy heart."

"Dru, don't be creepy." Spike said as he lowered Lenore into a chair. "Niblet, you all right?"

"Just a bump." Dawn answered and then realized she was still leaning heavily against Sam's bare chest. "Sorry, man."

"It's ok."

Gordon tried to rise again only to have Dru shove him back with her foot again.

"Ellen, luv, you have any rope around? I think this fellow needs a good typing up."

"Jo, would you go get the rope for Spike here?"

"But he's a-"

"I know very well what he is. I also know very well WHO he is, so go get the damn rope please."


Jo and Ellen still weren't talking. Ash had pretty much stayed in his room due to Spike and Dru. Apparently Ash had issues there. Seems the last time she been here, Dru had tried something. No one would say what, but it involved Ash and his natural sleeping state which was naked. There had also been some talk of waking up the next morning hung over and beside a body that Ash thought was dead. Scary stuff.

Dean and Sam were all ready to leave. Spike and Drusilla had left the night before with Gordon firmly in their trunk. They were heading to California and Dawn's sister. She had a team of hunters there. Dawn was doing something called apparating to get back to her boyfriend in London. Connor, Lily, and Lenore were heading to Los Angeles to see Connor's father.

When Dean walked out to put his duffle in the Imapala, Lily was leaned against it.

"Can I help you, miss?" He joked. As much as Dean hated to admit it, he was gonna miss her crazy former-vampire ass. It didn't make sense to him.

"You and your brother would have saved Lenny again."

Dean shrugged. "I don't like Gordon."

"There's another war coming, but you knew that."

Dean blinked in surprise. "Another?"

"This world's always in peril. This is just the first time you've known about it. There was this one time-"

"At band camp."

Lily glared. "Anyhow, there was this one time that a dark wizard was gonna take it all out, but a group of do-gooders, some of them with rather sinister edges, took him out. One of them died trying to save her daddy. Then her mums brought her back. And until he did it once and for all, the guy Dawn dates that she's so gonna marry, foiled the evil plans of that dark wizard and his lackeys for years. And there's this blonde chick that Dawn calls big sister that's saved the world more times than I got fingers." That said, she held up a little card.

"What's that?"

"It's my cell phone number." Lily leaned forward and slid it into the front pocket on his button-up shirt. "I mean it, Dean, you need help, you get in over your head, you call me and Con. We're there."


"I like Sam. I wanna see him stay on the right side of the dark. He can visit, like me, he just can't live there, you know? Besides, I like you, Dean. A lot. If I thought Connor would share, I'd ask you to sleep with us."

Dean blinked.

Lily grabbed the sides of his face and kissed him. Not tongue or anything truly inappropriate like that, but her lips were on his, and they were very warm.

"Nec aspera terrent." She whispered against his cheek before Kissing said cheek then whispering "Lux in tenebris." Then she moved quite quickly back inside the Roadhouse.

Dean stood there stunned until Sam came out and got into the car.

"We going?"


In was when they were several miles on the road that Dean asked.

"You know lots of Latin."

"So do you." Sam responded.

"Yeah, but I know exorcism stuff mostly, and even then I don't know it, you know?"

"Dean, is there a point here?"

"What does nec aspera terrent mean?"

Sam considered. "Well it literally translates to not even hardships deter us, if I'm remembering correctly, but mostly people take it as we shall overcome. Why?"

"And lux in tenebris? What's that mean then?"

"Light in the darkness. Again... why?"

Dean grinned and pushed the gas a bit more. "No reason."

"Whatever.... jerk."




The End

You have reached the end of "Lux in Tenebris". This story is complete.

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