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Peace and Faith

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Summary: This is an FFA featuring Faith and Warren Peace

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Movies > Sky HighRoryFR151969171,84915 Jan 0715 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS or Sky high.
Note: Here is a story I wrote in about an hours, all mistakes are mine.

Peace and Faith

The fire starter looked a little nervous. But who wouldn’t be nervous in a room of two hundred girls looking at you like a piece of meat. As he walked through the room toward Faith she let a little smirk cross her features. She could feel the hot-struck looks directed at the boy turn to death threats at her back.

Faith turned around just as a bell chimed. “Okay girls, we’ll finish you’re drills tomorrow,” she said. A loud wall of sound suddenly hit her and the throng started to inch toward the new comer. “Best get a move on; you wouldn’t wanna miss a second of ‘The environmental aspects of the demon and most affective place to bury it.’ Red’s been working on that presentation for weeks,” Faith added loudly, not trying to hide the smirk on her face.

The wall of sound turned into one magnified groan and the crowd shifted, slowly dispersing through the big oak doors that led to the hall in which they had been running their drills.

Faith turned to the dark haired youth that was now standing just a few feet from her, suddenly realizing that he no longer showed their slight difference in age.

A now-not-so-rare smile crossed Faith’s features. “How are you, Warren?” she asked.

Warren gave a weary smile of his own. “I’m happy to be on vacation from the High School.”

Faith couldn’t help the laugh that burst from her lips at this statement. “Never thought I’d do the teaching-thing myself, but I gotta admit I kinda like it.”

Warren shook his head as Faith grabbed a bag off of a nearby desk and the two headed out the door. “Of course you like teaching, because you’re encouraged to yell at upwards of 500 girls everyday, whereas I’m discouraged from yelling at my students. You see the difference there.”

Warren and Faith crossed through another set of large oak doors that led to a large hallway. Neither of them spoke as Faith led the way dawn the hall to a grand set of stairs with rows of doors on either side that led all the way to the top.

Faith gave a discreet glance around before taking a hold of a tie Warren wore loosely around his neck and pulling him through one of the doorways that led to her room.

Once the door was closed Warren was the one to pin Faith to the wall next to it. He quickly attached his lips to Faith’s throat and Faith let out a small groan.

Warren started licking and sucking his way up Faith’s neck. “I’ve been thinking about this moment for months, counting the days until school let out so I could be here,” he mumbled again her skin.
Faith let out a laugh that soon turned into a low moan as Warren hit a particularly sensitive spot behind her right ear. “Be careful,” she said in a breathy voice. “Someone might think I’m seducing a student.”

Warren bit down lightly on Faith’s ear in response. In moments Faith had them turned so Warren was the one pinned against the door with Faith making good use of the place where Warren’s shoulder and neck connected while holding his hands at his sides.

Faith quickly became impatient and let got of Warren’s hand in favor of wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him in a way she hadn’t kissed anyone in a very long time.

Faith would often muse about Warren while in class watching the girls do their drills.

Warren had first shown up at the slayer’s school with a larger group of super heroes looking to work together with the – then – newly reformed Watcher’s Council.

What had started off as a few quick fucks with the young, powerful, very attractive fire starter had rapidly turned into more. Faith had found herself growing found of the person she would talk to after, the person she also had to share a few meetings and lunches with. Against Faith’s better judgment, Warren had started to weave his way into her life.

Faith then began to find that she minded less and less.

Now, she even waited for their visits. As many times as Warren had come out to the kind of Slayer-Academy, Faith had travel to his place near the sort of Super-Hero-High at which he worked.

Despite Faith’s strength, she was still fairly small. Once his hands were free, Warren was able to easily lift her and start walking toward her bed. Faith let Warren place her on the bed, and then she once again used his tie to pull him forward.

As the two ended up on the bed together, pieces of clothing started to come off. For an unknown amount of time the room was filled with heavy breathing, muted moans, and quiet gasps.

Once finished the two got out of the bed and cleaned up. They then proceeded to do something Faith had once never allowed herself to do; they crawled back into bed together, sated for the moment and happy basking in each others company.

Faith curled into Warren’s chest as he pulled the blanket on the bed more snugly around the two of them. As Warren stroked a hand through Faith’s hair, she couldn’t help the feelings of warmth that passed through her; a warmth that had nothing to do with the fire starters powers and everything to do with the fire starter himself.

AN: I'm thinking about expanding this story a bit, it's just a thought. If you read it, please tell me if you think I should or if I should just leave it be.

The End

You have reached the end of "Peace and Faith". This story is complete.

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