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Children and the Past

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Summary: The monks send the key to different guardians. For the 20 minutes with the Rangers Challenge

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Ninja Storm(Past Donor)SongjaFR71728011,38315 Jan 0715 Jan 07No
Disclaimer: Dawn belongs to Joss and the Ninja Storm Power Rangers and their world belong to Disney.

The monks send the key to different guardians. For the 20 minutes with the Rangers Challenge.

Children and the Past

Kanoi Watanabe, in his guinea pig form, anxiously watched as the rangers slowly dematerialized in front of him and reappeared on the viewing screen, frozen in time, about to be squashed by Lothor’s latest monster. “Hurry, Cam,” he muttered under his breath and as if in answer to his plea, a flash of light appeared in the corner of the room and his two bickering children stepped through the portal and into their time.

“You can’t be mad at me and you can’t be mad at Dad,” Dawn’s shrill voice berated her older brother, “It’s not like you didn’t get something cool, too. And you got it from Mom.”

Kanoi’s heart clenched when he heard the voice of his little girl break over the last word. Miko, they had seen Miko. He looked at his son who was clenching a fist around something at his neck and all the memories resurfaced. His son, his son Cam had retrieved the amulet from his mother.

“It’s not that you got powers or I got powers, Dawn. It’s the fact that Dad had been training you in an element when he wouldn’t train me,” Cam spoke through clenched teeth, “And I’m not mad at Dad for that. I’m more upset about the whole Uncle Kai thing.”

Dawn looked down at the power coin in her hand, “Yeah, that was kind of bad,” she admitted. She looked up and the frozen monitor caught her eye, “Cam! Look, the rangers!”

“Yes, my children,” Kanoi’s voice, saddened by what he had heard, yet knowing that this moment of pain would pass, “there are more important things right now. Time will only be halted for a few moments more. Cam, the morpher, please.”

Cam moved quickly to the Japanese style shelf where a small box was kept. He had wondered about the fourth morpher that he made, he had thought it might have been for him. He opened the box and offered it to his sister.

Dawn reached out hesitantly to take the morpher and instead did something that both shocked Kanoi and Cam. “Take the coin.” It lay in her hand, inscribed with a dragon head and green flames.


“He can not,” Kanoi said.

“He deserves to be a ranger. He wants it more than me. He’s older. He keeps this place running. I don’t need this,” Dawn said with a sad tilt of her head.

“No, my daughter,” Kanoi said hopping up onto the railing so that he was more on an even height with his offspring. “The power of fire is yours. Yes, I trained her, Cam, I had to. Her ability to manipulate her element developed early and if she hadn’t been able to control them. Well, we live in houses made of paper and wood. The reason I didn’t train you was because I knew that would go to you.” He nodded at the necklace around his son’s neck. “It is not of an element. It is of the Samurai.”

He hopped to the table and looked at his children. “Dawn, take the morpher. Your call is like the others.” He nodded in approval as Dawn slipped the power coin into the slot and strapped the morpher onto her wrist. “Cam yours is different. Hold the amulet. Your call is Samurai Storm, Ranger Form.”

In a flash of light, two green rangers stood in front of their father. He looked at the screen where Madtropolis was starting to move. Time would resume. “You need to go.” As his two children ran out of ops, Cam to man the Samurai Star Copter and Dawn to take the Dragon Force Vehicle, Kanoi looked at the picture of their family taken right after Dawn was born. He held a four year old Cam in his arms while Miko held a little girl wrapped in Cam’s old green blanket, his first gift to his little sister. Kanoi sighed. Something had happened during Cam’s journey into the past. Someone had placed Dawn into their lives. As Kanoi closed his eyes, the picture shifted to where he and Miko held a single child, their only child, Cam. Kanoi did not know what the future held, but he would hold tight to his children, both of them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Children and the Past" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jan 07.

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