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Summary: [Buffy x Xenosaga] Wilhelm offers Buffy Summers a new direction.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > XenosagaOdjnFR1815120276515 Jan 0715 Jan 07Yes
Notes: The characters and concepts belong to their respective owners. This is a crossover with Xenosaga. It takes place in the summer between seasons two and three, obviously many thousands of years prior to the events of Xenosaga.


The sun was just beginning to climb over the horizon, painting the morning sky in glorious shades of pink, and orange, and yellow. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Seventeen-year-old Buffy Summers didn’t notice. She sat on the beach, lost in thought.

“May I sit down?”

Buffy scooted over without looking up. “Be my guest.”

The guy sat down next to her. For a long moment, they sat in silence. “There is something wrong with this world, isn’t there?”

Buffy looked over at the young man sitting next to her. He could’ve been anywhere between sixteen and twenty years old, and definitely wasn’t human. Not if the white hair and red eyes were anything to go by.

He looked out of place, wearing a suit and tie to the beach. Then again, she didn’t exactly fit in with her ensemble either.

“Who’re you supposed to be?” Buffy asked.

“My name is Wilhelm,” he said.

“I’m Buffy---” She started.

“---Summers. Yes, I know,” Wilhelm said, smiling slightly.

“So, not a chance meeting then.” Buffy breathed a sigh. She just wanted some alone time, some time to figure out where the hell everything had gone so wrong. It looked like that was out of the question. “What do you want with me?”

“Just to talk.”

“So talk,” Buffy said. Her attention wandered back to the water, to the shimmering waves rolling in and out.

“Because of a certain phenomenon, our world is on the path to destruction,” Wilhelm said.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Buffy asked her voice a mixture of frustration and fatigue.

Hadn’t she done enough? Hadn’t she given up enough? She’d murdered her boyfriend to save the world! She’d murdered her own heart...

“Human beings are too fragile,” Wilhelm said, almost as if he was reading her mind. “Even if you had the power of God, there’s nothing you could do.”

“So why tell me then?”

“There is a way out,” Wilhelm said. Buffy looked over at him. He smiled. “Eternal Recurrence.”

Buffy frowned, confused. “Come again?”

“If we are fated to die, then we shall stop our history at a certain point and restart it,” Wilhelm said. “And we shall repeat that process over and over again, eternally.”

“Like a universal reset button?” Buffy asked. That'd be handy. She could go back and fix all her mistakes.

“Something like that.” Wilhelm smiled, amused. He looked at her, and for a moment she could see the weight of ages in his eyes. “What do think of that?”

Buffy leaned back, for a moment letting her mind wander. “If it’s the only way to save the world, I guess I’m all for it.”

“That’s a good answer,” Wilhelm said.

“But... Is something like that even possible?” Buffy asked.

Wilhelm just stood up. He offered her his hand. Buffy understood the gesture; he was offering her the opportunity to find out. After a moment’s hesitation, she took his hand.

It was a moment, that would define the rest of her existence, she later realised.

The End

You have reached the end of "Testament". This story is complete.

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