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Rough Neighborhood

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Summary: Some neighborhoods are hard for even a Scooby to put up with.

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Movies > Mr. & Mrs. SmithRedJennFR131479043,32116 Jan 0716 Jan 07Yes
Standard disclaimer, no one is mine. The BtVS girls belong to Joss, Mr. and Mrs. Smith belong to each other, etc. This isn't my 'ship, but it's what came to mind.
A one-shot that came to mind after watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith at 4 a.m. and snickering at the neighborhood watch crew.

When the noises first started, Willow thought they were fireworks. In fact, until Kennedy dragged her off the bed, Willow was halfway into a fine snit at whatever jerk who’d decided that far-too-early-in-the-morning was a great time for an impromptu fireworks display. Once she had landed partly on Kennedy and mostly on the floor, her growing ire switched to confusion.

“Gunfire, baby.”

“Oh!” Willow’s comprehension dawned. “But - where - what?”

“Next door, you know, the Smith’s.” Kennedy explained as she pulled her toward the bathroom.

Once she had placed Willow in the bathtub and was lying on top of her, protecting her as much as possible from any stray bullets, she giggled. When Willow looked up in confusion, she explained.

“I bet they’ve finally figured out the reason that they each keep coming home smelling of guns and explosives, moving like soldiers and sneaking around.”

“Uh, honey, I doubt they’re smelling things on each other.”

“Something’s been figured out. Or is in the process of being figured out, anyway. With as much violence as possible, from the sounds of things” Kennedy shrugged.

“I guess they are a little off for this neighborhood, but so are we! If I wasn’t writing valuable programs left and right and your folks hadn’t helped with the down, we’d never be able to afford to live here, and we stick out way more than they do! We didn’t get invited to that get-together last month and they did, and hello! Lesbian witch living in happily unwedded bliss with hot Slayer girl fits in way less than they do, but we don’t go shooting up the neighborhood on a weeknight! I have a meeting tomorrow and -“

The flow of words was abruptly stopped as Kennedy pressed a gentle kiss to her mouth. She pulled back and smiled as Willow sheepishly shrugged and mimed zipping shut her mouth.

When the sounds of destruction from next door finally ceased, Kennedy easily picked up the dozing redhead and carried her back to bed.

“Is everything alright now?” Came her sleepy question as Kennedy climbed in next to her.

“Sounds like they’ve gotten to the making up part now.” Was her reply as she snuggled close and rearranged the comforter.


When the neighboring house blew up the next morning, Willow gave up on sleep and decided to start looking for a neighborhood where they would be the only ones with pyromaniacal tendencies. Even if Kennedy thought it was cute that they took off together, Willow just couldn’t handle neighbors like the Smiths.

The End

You have reached the end of "Rough Neighborhood". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking