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Evil Plastic

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Summary: Some things are just WRONG and must be destroyed.

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echoFR151436072,39518 Jan 0718 Jan 07Yes
disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke. The icky-creepy plastic thing belongs to Playstation 3.
shout: For Jinni... because we agreed on the EVIL.
AN: This will make WAY more sense if you have seen the Playstation 3 commercial with the baby.


Dean groaned a bit and opened his eyes. They'd been tracking this thing, and it had put the whammy on him. Damn, he was so never living this down.


His only answer was an eerie and gurgly baby noise. The hair on the back of Dean's neck stood on end. This was not good. He reached for his gun only to find it gone. He patted himself down frantically. Nope, definitely not there. This REALLY was not good.

"Son of a bitch." He hissed.

Dean rolled onto his stomach and looked up. It was right in front of him. Not even a foot away. Naked plastic baby doll complete with creepy clicky eyes. Dean sucked in hair through his nostrils sharply and tried to get to his feet. He could not. It must have been affecting his motor functions somehow. No matter how desperately he tried, he could not get to his feet. Yep, not good.

It laughed at him. It mocked his dilemma! Not a cute baby giggle either. No, this was creepy-old-man laughing. It was evil. Its creepy plastic arms reached out for him. Dean almost screamed, but managed to reign himself in. Its eyes blinked with a clacking sound. Dean swallowed, his mouth nervously dry. Where in the hell was Sam? He couldn't waste this creepy little bitch with no weapon.

It made this disturbing gasping sound right before tears seeped from its plastic eyes. The tears nearly fell from the face, but then they sucked back up into the eyes. Eyes that started changing colors.

That was just about enough of that creepy crap.

"Sam!" Dean shouted.

The door was kicked in, and Sam burst in with... a flame-thrower?


Dean rolled out of the line of literal fire. That little plastic bitch melted like butter. Dean, no longer under its evil mind control, jumped to his feet.

"That'll teach you to Obi Wan me, you little bitch!" He cackled with laughter and hopped a bit. "Ha ha! Burn, bitch, burn!"

Sam was looking at him oddly as the obviously-possessed plastic became a stinky puddle of goo. "You have issues."

"Hey... I'm not the one who came to this hunt packing a flame-thrower."

"Hey, Sam, thanks for saving my ungrateful ass from the dolly." Sam snapped.

"Hey! That little bitch was creepy."

"It must have been. I can't believe a naked doll got the drop on you."

"Shut up." Dean snapped as they headed out.

"It was only a foot tall too."

"Shut up."





The End

You have reached the end of "Evil Plastic". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking