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One for the Road

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Answered FFA Ficlets & Drabbles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Cordelia was given a second chance to enjoy the life fit for Queen C – and enjoy some of the perks of it too.

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Television > Bones > Cordelia - CenteredPhoenixRaeFR181464012,32820 Jan 0720 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. If they were I’d probably be rich by now. I’m just borrowing for my own amusement purposes only.

Summary: Cordelia was given a second chance to enjoy the life fit for Queen C – and enjoy some of the perks of it too.

Author’s Note: My second FFA attempt. Read & Enjoy. I’ve only seen some episodes of Bones so I might not have a good handle on Booth here. And I haven’t watched BtVS or AtS in a while either so I might not have a good handle on Cordelia either. Nevertheless, read and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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One for the Road
by PhoenixRae
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HEAVY BREATHINGS FOGGED UP THE CLOSED-UP CAR; two bodies were visible but not discernable from the outside. A female silhouette was outlined straddling the other figure in the backseat of the car; whether she was dressed or not was nobody’s guess, but from the way she was moving up and down while sitting astride the person in the car with her people knew what was happening without needing to see beyond the fogged-up windows.

“I can’t believe this is really happening,” Cordelia half-sighed and half-groaned, biting and tugging at the handsome FBI agent’s lower lip.

Agent Seeley Booth groaned and tightened his hands clamped on the vibrant brunette’s trimmed waist while she slowly impaled herself on his stiff pecker. She set his pants and whole body on fire from the moment he first laid eyes on her working as an intern alongside Bones.

“I know, but you’re just one hot firecracker and wouldn’t let me get you out of my mind or my system after the last time,” Booth admitted, reminding her of the first time Cordelia coerced him to having a drink after work and the two of them ended up giving the Kama Sutra a run for its money back at her place.

Cordelia chuckled and enjoyed his tormented groan when she slid up and almost off him. She had no idea what the PTBs had in mind when they yanked her out of her existence in Angel’s life in LA, and she sure as heck knew that after tonight her post as an intern at the Jeffersonian Institution would be over, but at least she’d have her stolen moments with Agent Seeley Booth to remember.

She was given a second chance at life – without the perils of demons attacking poor, unfortunate souls or those mind-numbing vision headaches the PTBs cursed her with – as Cordelia Haden, daughter of a high-rolling real estate mogul and an honest-to-goodness politician, a trait that needed quite a lot of getting used to when she found out what kind of family she was sent to by the Powers. She still sucked at acting, but she never bothered to pursue that career when she got all the bling and ice her parents’ money can buy. And if enjoying a quickie with her past-love-look-alike in the backseat of his car the night before her last day as an intern was part of the package, who was she to complain?

“Just shut up and get back to work,” she growled before impaling herself on his stiff rod, causing Booth to groan louder. Cordelia silenced him with a kiss and began to pick up the pace until they were both crying out in ecstasy.

The End

You have reached the end of "One for the Road". This story is complete.

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