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Baby It's Cold On The Floor

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Summary: Buffy's given shelter to a Winchester hunter, and woken up with him in her bed.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterDemongirlFR1531,5931146,89020 Jan 072 Jun 07Yes

Chapter One

Title: Baby It's Cold On The Floor
Author: Demongirl
Disclaimer: Everything Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural belongs to their respective creators, not me.


A stream of sunlight shining through a window on the second story of a house in Sunnydale shone on the forms of two entwined figures lying in a bed, unaware of how very intimate and dear they looked, completely unlike the hardened warriors they truly were.

Buffy yawned, annoyance already descending on her thoughts, and her arm shot out to destroy the alarm clock that had interrupted her blissful rest. However, her hand did not hit the snooze button, instead it made contact with something that felt suspiciously like a human face. Buffy frowned at the alarmed shout emitted, and rolled over, wanting to see just why her alarm clock had transformed into a human.

There, awake in her bed, was one of the greatest examples of masculinity she had ever seen. Rugged looks, a strong jaw, an elegant nose, clear green eyes surrounded by thick lashes, full, pouty lips, and muscles Buffy wouldn't have been against exploring, had she not been so confused.

The man blinked, and Buffy suddenly remembered. The man in her bed was Dean Winchester, a demon hunter she had given shelter to the night before, when he had come stumbling into the bar she was sitting in, soaking wet, claiming he had information about the demon he'd heard she was hunting, saying that he was hunting it as well.

"Damn it, woman! What the hell did I do now?" Those beautiful green eyes were now clouded with anger, and a touch of amusement.

"Well if you hadn't crept into my bed in the middle of the night, then I probably wouldn't have mistaken you for my alarm clock!"

"You, sweetheart, are your own alarm clock. You snore."

"Hey, this is not endearing me to your case, and don't call me sweetheart!"

"Well, I could call you-", but Dean was interrupted by Buffy, working herself into a righteous rage.

"And I do not snore! Don't you dare just sneak into my bed and insult the way I breathe!"

Dean prodded at his nose gently, and scowled at her, "It's a good thing my nose doesn't seem broken, or you'd have hell to pay," he suddenly leered, eyeing her lips with the air of a man starving, "although you still might. It was cold, princess, and like it or not, you did tell me to 'make myself at home'."

Buffy glared at him, "How was I supposed to know that you'd take making yourself at home to another level?"

He grinned suddenly, and Buffy hoped that he had not heard her sharp intake of breath, "I made myself as much at home as I could on the floor with a bunch of blankets, but think about it, if you were me, and you'd seen a gorgeous woman in a wonderfully comfy-lookin' bed right next to you, would you have stayed on the cold, lonely floor?"

Buffy was trying in vain not to melt into a puddle of slayer right there, but Dean's carefree smile was doing funny things to her heart that induced a light-headed feeling and made it jump. She was finding it difficult not to forget why she was angry in the first place, and was attempting to stop what her body seemed to want: to jump Dean Winchester.

"Okay, out, out, out!" Buffy made shooing motions with her hands, and not-so-gently gave Dean a push. Dean, taken by surprise, toppled out of the bed and onto the floor. Buffy seized the moment, albeit not in the way the little voice at the back of her head was telling her to do, and jumped out of the bed herself and, grabbing Dean's arm, dragged him out of her room and into the hallway.

"I need to take a shower now, so you either stay here, or go downstairs, or whatever, just.. stay out of my way, and stop giving me those sexy looks!" And she shut the door in Dean's amused face.

Dean shook his head and gave in to the urge to pump his fist in the air, "I can't help if you want to jump my bones, sweetheart!"

Buffy giggled softly, and, still annoyed, grabbed a towel, and then peeked her head around the door. Seeing that Dean had listened to her and gone downstairs, and that the coast was clear, she made her way to the bathroom to take a nice, relaxing shower.


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