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Sunnydale's Angels

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Summary: Syl from Dark Angel is found by Joyce Summers after the escape and becomes the sister of Buffy. This is the story of their adventures on the hellmouth. Buffy/Angel, Syl/Oz, Jesse/Cordy, Willow/Xander. Please read and review

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Sunnydale's Angels

Disclaimer: I own nothing pertaining to Dark Angel, Angel, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so please Joss and Mr. Cameron, please don't sue.

Chapter 1: Foundations

February 20th, 2009 Wyoming

Joyce Summers was on her way back from a four day-long art expo in Montana. She was currently in Wyoming and was about to cross the state line into Utah, when a young girl of about ten years of age with short-cropped blonde hair ran out of the woods and into the road and stopping about fifteen feet in front of Joyce’s car, staring at the headlights with immense fear reflecting in her eyes. Joyce slammed on the brakes and screeched to a halt about seven feet in front of the terrified girl who was clad only in what appeared to be a hospital issue gown. The girl remained unmoving, as Joyce slowly opened the car door and got out of the car, trying her best not to scare the girl anymore than she already was.

“Are you lost?” Joyce called out to the girl. “Do you need a ride somewhere?”

The girl looked at her for a moment, considering and then nodded her head and began to cautiously approach Joyce. She walked with her back strangely stiff, as if it had been trained into her even at her young age. When she was only two feet away from Joyce, the older woman could see that the girl was underfed and was as white as a sheet, her head shaved to a crew cut, military style and Joyce felt a wave of fury wash over her.

Who would do this to such an innocent child She seethed vehemently.

“What is your name?” Joyce asked soothingly.

The girl hesitated for a few moments before answering. “My name is Syl.”

Joyce gave Syl an encouraging smile. “Where are your parents?”

Syl frowned in confusion. “Parents? I do not understand that concept.”

What! Joyce thought enraged. “Where did you come from?”

Syl looked at her feet, unsure of what to say, with tears brimming in her eyes. She couldn’t tell this woman where she had really come from and risk getting turned back into Manticore. So she came up with a lie that was as close as she could get to the truth without actually telling the truth.

“I ran away” Syl said slowly. “Please don’t make me go back there, they hurt me there.” Syl cried in fear.

“Don’t worry.” Joyce said as sweetly as she could without letting her intense anger at whoever had done this to this girl seep through. “I won’t send you back wherever there is. How would you like to come with me? I have a daughter that is about your age and you will be safe with us.”

Syl looked at Joyce for a few long minute, searching her eyes and finding only genuine sincerity. Syl decided that the woman could be trusted.

“Okay, I’ll come with you.” Syl answered, knowing that anyplace was safer than this place right now. Joyce grinned and opened the passenger door for Syl, who quickly got in and settled into the seat. Joyce pulled a blanket out from the backseat and draped it over Syl before driving off.


Joyce pulled into the driveway of the small house that she shared with her daughter Buffy, and turned off the car. She turned towards Syl, who was sleeping lightly and mumbling incoherently. Joyce smiled and nudged the girl gently. Syl stirred and slowly opened her eyes. She stretched and after a deep yawn, she looked at Joyce, wondering why she had woken her up so abruptly.

"We're here." Joyce informed the young girl as she opened her door and got out of the car. Syl slowly did the same and followed Joyce up the staircase to the porch and into the house.

When they were inside the house, Joyce called out to her daughter. "Buffy, are you home yet?"

Her call was soon answered as the pair in the front hall soon heard loud footsteps running across the floor above them and then they saw Buffy come running down the stairs. Buffy jumped into her mothers outstretched arms and wrapped her in a strong hug. Joyce returned the hug for a moment before remembering about Syl. Smiling gently she pulled away from her daughter and Buffy noticed the other girl. Syl was still standing in the doorway, unsure of what to make of her current situation. She looked at Joyce questioningly.

"Come on in, Syl." Joyce instructed her.

Not wanting to anger Joyce, Syl did as she was told and walked into the hall. Joyce took a quick glance from Buffy to Syl and back again. Neither girl seemed like she was going to introduce herself so Joyce to the liberty for them. "Syl this is my daughter Buffy. Buffy this is Syl."

What is this strange girl doing here? Buffy wondered, slightly annoyed at the obvious affection in her mom's voice when she addressed the stranger. That tone of affection was reserved for her and her alone.

As if reading Buffy's mind, Joyce continued "Syl is going to be staying with us for awhile."

At this statement, Buffy relaxed visibly. "Like sisters?" she asked sweetly.

Joyce considered this for a moment before answering. "It's up to Syl." She said and turned to Syl. "Would you like to join our family? You will be safe."

Syl's face lit up with delight at the invitation, but darkened just as quickly.

"Why are you being so nice to me? Nobody's ever be nice to me before." Syl asked.

"Why wouldn't we be nice to you, no child deserves to go unloved." Joyce replied.

Syl decided that Joyce was telling the truth and that she and Buffy wanted her to stay. So Syl slowly nodded her head affirmatively. "I would very much like to stay."

Joyce and Buffy both beamed and drew Syl into a firm hug. Syl stiffened for a moment, not quite sure what to make of the embrace, but decided it would be tactically advantageous to return the hug.

And so it began.


JUNE 2009

Syl and Buffy were sleeping peacefully in the room they shared, when a huge crash echoed throughout the small house. Both girls snapped awake and jumped out of bed. Reverting to her inner-soldier, Syl ran to the window. Crouching out of sight she cautiously peered out, praying that the noise was not Manticore related. What she saw could easily be considered much worse. Hundreds of people were roaming the streets and a large group of them had just knocked over an empty city bus. Others were wielding sighs saying that the end had come, or were holding torches above their heads, waving them around like raving lunatics. Syl shrugged and turned to a frightened Buffy.

"People are acting crazy, we should go make sure mom is alright." Syl said, and moved to turn the light on. She flicked the switch but nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. She quickly strode over to the bedside lamp and tried that. It was dead too. Personally, she didn't care, she could see just fine, but Buffy needed it.

"The power is out." Syl deducted and quickly grasped Buffy's hand, quickly leading her downstairs to find Joyce. They found her in the den, trying to get the radio to work with no success whatsoever. Realizing the girls had come down, she turned to face them with a horrified look on her face.

"What is it mom?" Syl asked, Joyce had insisted that Syl call her mom saying that it would give her a sense of true belonging in the family.

"Something terrible has happened." Joyce answered solemnly and gathered her two daughters in a mournful hug.


MARCH 2015

Buffy and Syl, now both fifteen, had about another three months of their freshman year of high school before the summer break. Buffy who had recently begun to have bizarre dreams about death and strange beasts. She told Syl, who had become her confidant about everything, about them and Syl had repied that she had been having dreams like that for years. Buffy remained unconvinced, however, and was positive that Syl was telling only half the truth. Yeah Buffy was sure Syl had dreams like that, but Buffy was also positive that there was a story behind the nightmares that obviously plagued Syl. Buffy had tried to ask Syl about one time years ago, but Syl simply brushed it off.



Buffy was lying in bed slowly drifting to sleep when Syl began to cry in her slumber. After a few moments, she began to mumble softly and got louder until Buffy was able to understand what she was saying.

"I'd rather die than fight for you. You will never own me. I will never be one of them again. You killed Eva! If Zack doesn't kill you then I swear to the Blue Lady that I will." Syl spat out in a vicious tone that Buffy never thought her capable of and Buffy, scared beyond belief went to her sister's side to comfort her when her eyes snapped open and she started to bawl as Buffy held her protectively in her arms. Buffy rocked Syl until Syl's tears subsided and she fell back asleep.


About halfway through March, Buffy was sitting on the steps to the main school building, waiting for Syl so that they could leave, when she was approached by a middle aged Englishman who introduced himself as Harold Merrick.

"Are you Buffy Summers?" Merrick inquired

"Yeah, that's me." Buffy answered quirkily. "What can I do for you?"

"I represent the Watcher's Council in Britain and I have been sent to inform you of your destiny and to begin your training as a vampire slayer." Merrick explained.

Buffy looked at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. "There must be some mistake, I don't have a destiny. I'm destiny free Buffy." She quipped.

"Ms. Summers, there is no time to joke around. The world is in great danger." Merrick said seriously and Buffy knew he wasn't fooling around in the slightest.

"Uh huh."


Syl sat perched on the roof of the Summer's house, concealed in the shadows, and was looking out towards the city. She liked to come out on the roof ever so often to reflect on her life and her long lost siblings, who she missed so much. She thought about leader Zack, she thought about athletic Brin, she thought about Zane and Krit, Max and Jondy, Ben the storyteller, little Jace and big sister Tinga. She wondered if any of the others had made it that night. Zack had made them split up into pairs and she had been with Krit. She had figured they would always have eachother but she lost her Krit and it deeply saddened her. She had been so sure that he was right behind her, now she didn't know if he was dead or alive, free or back at Manticore. She desperately hoped that he and the others had all made it and they would be reunited someday. She was just about to head in for the night when she saw Buffy come out the window and jump from the edge of the roof into a tree about seven and a half feet away. Syl's mouth dropped in shock.

How was she able to do that? And without a running start. No it's impossible. Could Buffy be another transgenic, escaped from some other facility?" Syl thought rapidly as she tried to figure out how Buffy had just done what she had done. Deeply intrigued by this new development, Syl decided to follow and see where Buffy was heading. She waited a few moments until Buffy was far enough away that see wouldn't see or hear her and leapt off the roof, landing smoothly on the ground. Syl tailed her sister as she jogged to the local cemetary. There was an Englishman waiting and he and Buffy exchanged a few words between one another before going in. syl jumped the iron fence with practiced ease and continue tailing Buffy through the graveyard.

Buffy, what the hell have you gotten yourself into? A freaking cult?Syl seethed as her sister stopped in front of a fresh burial mound. Oh please tell me you're not digging that up. That's just wrong.

As Syl watched,she realized that the dead person didn't need to be dug up, he was perfectly fine doing it on his own. The horrifying beast pulled it self out of the ground and looked around for a few moments, as if confused. Then it spotted Buffy and snarled. The creature charged Buffy and although she tried to sidestep the assault, the vamp was able to tackle her and the two crashed to the ground. The vampire quickly overpowered Buffy and Syl felt a wave of the infamous Summer's rage build up inside of her. Without thinking, she blurred into the open, dive bombing the vampire and knocking it off of Buffy.

"Stay the hell off of my sister!" Syl screamed and gave the vamp's arm a quick twist and then kicked it, effectively breaking it. The vampire howled in pain and charged Syl but Buffy quickly staked the enraged demon. The demon exploded into a cloud of dust, and then at the exact same time Syl and Buffy both turned to eachother and said "What are You?"

Merrick couldn’t believe his eyes. Two slayers? No that would mean one of them would have to be dead. He had been informed that Buffy was the slayer. There was no knowledge on the second girl, whom Buffy seemed to know. The two were currently arguing and Merrick decided it would be best if he took control of the situation before the two came to blows. This other girl could be a potential slayer or at the very least a worthy ally.

“Both of you need to calm down.” Merrick instructed and the two girls reluctantly obliged and Merrick continued “I can explain what Buffy is, but you are an unknown factor to this story.”

“And I plan to keep it that way, so I would greatly appreciate it if you kept our little encounter to yourself and not repeat it. Ever.” Syl said and turned to Buffy, “I’ll explain later, when he’s not around.”

Buffy nodded, knowing full well that Syl would stick to her word and tell her the truth later. She motioned for Merrick to continue.

“in every generation there is one girl born with the power to protect the world from the plague of evil that constantly threatens the continued survival of the human race. She is known as the slayer. The current slayer is Buffy.” Merrick informed Syl. “It is my job to be her guide and train her in battle. I’m what’s called a watcher.”

“Riiight. And I’m a looker, Please.” Syl quipped sarcastically.

“It’s true Syl.” Buffy told her. “That creature you just ripped the arm off of was a vampire.

Syl gaped in surprise, “That would explain the stench., oh and the extreme ugliness.”

Merrick glanced at his watch, it was nearly dawn.

“The two of you should go home now, the sun will be up soon and it looks like you too have some serious issues to work out.”

Buffy and Syl nodded a silent agreement and headed home.

Buffy and Syl’s room

“So what exactly are you?” Buffy demanded firmly “You’ve been lying to mom and me for going on six years now. I’ve known that there was more to you then you let on, but this? I jus don’t know what to believe anymore.”

She looked at Syl, who had tears brimming in her eyes.

“I am so sorry, I just always thought that if I told you the truth then mom would turn me into them again.” Syl choked out.

“well what is the truth? What are you hiding?” Buffy inquired, “The fact that you’re not normal?”

Syl looked at Buffy for a long moment of silence before replying.

“The fact is...I’m not human.” Syl cried out and burst into tears.

“What?” Buffy exclaimed. She hadn’t expected that answer. “Sit down on the bed, Syl.”

Syl wiped away some of her tears and sat down next to her sister.

“Tell me exactly who you are, I promise I won’t let anyone turn you in.” Buffy assured her.

Syl looked at Buffy, searching her eyes for truth. She saw a deep guilt that was surrounded by love for her family and the need to protect them, including Syl.

Taking a chance Syl started, “I wasn’t born, I was created by a government agency called Project Manticore. They designated me X5-701 and all the cared about was creating an elite force of genetically engineered super-soldiers. We were nothing but meat to them, endlessly replicable and discard able just as easily. They wanted us to be their mindless killing machines and for nine years that’s what we were. They didn’t love us, they made us do really bad things, and they tortured us, for the good of science.”

“Us? Who is us?” Buffy asked.

“Me and my bothers and sisters. Sixteen of us tried to escape the night your mom found me on the road. I don’t know if anyone else made it. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth but I couldn’t risk the danger of being exposed, I’d rather die than go back there. I love my freedom too much. I’ll be gone by dawn and you wont be bothered by me again, just don’t turn me in, please.” Syl pleaded, with a deep sadness in her voice. “At least with me gone, they wont come after you if I get discovered.”

Syl looked at her feet sadly and Buffy came to a decision.

“You’re not leaving.” Buffy declared

“You still want me around?” Syl questioned, not wanting to get her hopes up.

“Yeah, it’s cool having a sister, wouldn’t trade it for the world. Besides, it’ll be good to have an ally in fighting these damn Vamps I have to protect the world from.’ Buffy said, a smile creeping onto her face. Syl looked up and grinned through her tears. The two hugged like there was no tomorrow.

August 2015

Joyce walked into the living room of her home and found her two daughters watching Tv. She smiled at the sight, if she hadn’t known Syl was adopted, then she would have thought that the two were twins. Snapping out back into reality, she cleared her throat loudly to get the girls attention. The both looked over at their mother immediately.

“Uh, I’m not sure how to say this, but I’ve been offered a job as director of an art gallery in Sunnydale and I’ve decided to take it. We’re moving by the end of the month. I need you both to start packing.”

Joyce had exected hours upon hours of angry protests and argument, but was stunned when the two girls looked at each other momentarily and nodded. They stood up and left the room to pack.

Syl stared out the window of her mother’s blue Honda minivan as Joyce drove down the highway that led to Sunnydale. She casually glanced at Buffy, who was reading a book about demons that Merrick had given her as a parting gift. Smiling, Syl looked back out the window.

“This is all going to work out right.” Syl thought, “Every thing is gonna be just fine.”
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