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Believe It or Not, It's the Truth

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Answered FFA Ficlets & Drabbles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Bruce Wayne realizes that there’s more lurking in the dark in Gotham City than the usual thugs…

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DC Universe > BatmanPhoenixRaeFR71708023,58720 Jan 0720 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. If there are any other characters you don’t recognize, those I lay claim on.

Summary: Bruce Wayne realizes that there’s more lurking in the dark in Gotham City than the usual thugs…

Author’s Note: 3rd FFA fic. This little plot bunny idea kept on circling my head wanting to be written, so here it is. I hope you like. Also please disregard the Angel seasons for this fic. And thanks to BluMisterie for beta-reading this for me.

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Believe It or Not, It’s the Truth
by PhoenixRae
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IF YOU DON’T MIND ME BEING blunt here, but I believe you are in far more danger against those thugs you crossed paths with the night before,” Wesley Wyndham-Price spoke to the young man half dressed in only black sweats and walking around the mansion’s carpeted library barefooted.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne looked up from the tome he was reading and frowned at Alfred’s cousin, who came highly recommended by his trusted butler and sole confidant, up until Alfred’s cousin showed up at Wayne Manor and knew about his two faces.

“What are you saying, Wesley? Those thugs were on some sort of drug. Hallucinogens or something or other that distorted their facial features.” Clearly Bruce Wayne wasn’t used to encountering vampires, but Wesley knew what those thugs were as soon as his cousin’s employer arrived back from one of his ‘hunts’ in Gotham City.

“They are not drugs,” Wesley corrected and went to one of the tall bookshelves on the far wall by the spiral staircase leading to the second floor of the room. He knew exactly what he was looking for since he, along with the rest of the AI team, were after the same thing. It was the sole reason why they were uprooted from their LA branch and traveled east to Gotham.

Bruce frowned and closed the heavy tome in his hands. He watched the rugged Englishman’s back while he searched for something. He didn’t really know Alfred’s cousin very well; they were third or fourth cousins on their mothers’ side and haven’t been in touch in years and until recently when Wesley and his eclectic collection of associates from some sleuth business out west, Bruce didn’t know Alfred had relatives living in America.

“You know something that I don’t know,” Bruce accused.

“Of course,” was Wesley’s reply and exclaimed a soft ‘aha!’ when he found the book he was looking for. He pulled it from the shelf and quickly flipped the pages. He walked to the nearest table and sat down.

Bruce walked up to where he was and stood over his shoulder. His eyes bugged out when he saw the page Wesley stopped at.

“This is what you encountered the other night,” Wesley pointed at the face of a creature baring a pair of pointy fangs and menacing eyes. The sketch in the old book of the creature was hideous at best, but Bruce didn’t need a genius to figure out what it was that Wesley pointed out to him.

“A vampire?” He looked at Wesley incredulously then back at the picture on the open text. “In Gotham?” He was having a hard time believing it.

Wesley nodded and closed the book.

“Impossible,” Bruce was in denial. Vampires, lycans and the like were nothing but a myth created by people to entertain.

“Oh it’s possible,” came the reply hidden within the shadows of the library.

Wesley and Bruce looked up at the direction where the voice came from. Angel appeared from the shadow, his dark eyes trained on the young billionaire.

“And how is that possible?” Bruce challenged.

“Because,” Angel paused for dramatic effect and put on his game face. “I am one,” he announced.

Bruce stepped back from the shadow and stood by the window where the mid-afternoon sunlight spilled in to.

“Jesus, what are you people really?” he darted one weary glance at Wesley then to the vampire, Angel, then back at Wesley again, “You claimed to be sleuths, but somehow I doubt that.”

“But we are investigators,” insisted Wesley who seemed to act nonplussed that Angel showed his game face. “We are after the supernatural thugs,” he shrugged making his line of work sound like it was an ordinary occupation.

“You hunt law breakers, and so do we. But these law breakers we’re after tend to decapitate and drain their victims off their very life source,” Angel hid his game face and leaned against the book shelf.

Bruce was beginning to piece things together. The first time he encountered the said creatures in a back alley after saving a poor homeless woman and her small child from near-death was the same night Wesley and his gang showed up.

The End

You have reached the end of "Believe It or Not, It's the Truth". This story is complete.

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