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Unlikely Allies

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Answered FFA Ficlets & Drabbles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: They have nothing in common except for their love for the little bits.

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenteredPhoenixRaeFR1311,008012,74821 Jan 0721 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. I only lay claim on the plot idea.

Summary: They have nothing in common except for their love for the little bits.

PhoenixRae’s Note: Disregard the BtVS seasons and the HP book timelines for this. Thanks!

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Unlikely Allies
by PhoenixRae
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SPIKE WAS CUSSING UP a storm as he trudged around the dark and musky Forbidden Forest in search of those blasted bits that he’d so love to sink his teeth in too – literally!

“Will you stop cussing and start looking,” snapped his very annoyed companion, a newly reinstated professor at Hogwarts and a very close friend of the boy’s parents who took it upon himself to watch out for the famous Boy Who Bloody Well Lived.

Spike growled at the man wearing tatty robes and a messed up hair. He noticed the gashes on the man’s face and snorted. He recognized his scent, alerting Spike of what he was aside from the obvious fact that he was a wizard on the side of good.

“I am looking, dammit. But those bloody kids could be anywhere by now,” he snapped at his companion.

Remus Lupin turned around to face his unlikely companion in their search for Harry and Dawn, along with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, and Draco who all took off to find solace in the forest after an unfortunate exploding mishap in the castle, distracting the teachers and allowing the others to escape from their watchful eyes.

“You have a keener sense of sight than I do, so use them or I’ll blast you back to the castle if you don’t quit your whining,” Remus threatened and pointed his wand at the bleach blond haired vampire.

Spike looked affronted. He was about ready to pounce on the other man when a movement beyond Remus’ shoulder caught his eye. Using his vampiric agility he ran to where he saw the movements and reached behind the tall bushes and caught a couple of squirming students hiding behind it.

Remus was right behind spike with his wand out and the tip lighted, illuminating the two students Spike found.

“Ron!” Remus looked at the redhead boy then to the bushy haired brunette. “Hermione!” Once he was assured that it was indeed them, he took a quick look at the state of their clothing and closed his eyes, sending a silent prayer. “What in bloody blazes are you two doing in the bushes?” he demanded after he knew he has calmed his nerves down.

Spike cocked an eyebrow and gave the werewolf a cocky grin. “Isn’t it obvious? These two are doing some snogging in the bushes,” he sounded quite jolly that didn’t sound too pleasing to Remus’ ears.

Remus ignored his jab and continued glaring at the two teenagers. “Where are the others?”

“W-we split up after w-we ran here,” stammered Ron, his face as red as his trademark Weasley red hair.

“Do you know where they might’ve run to?” Remus asked gritting his teeth.

“Uuhhh…” Ron seemed to hesitate and darted a look at Hermione pleading with her to help him out.

“They probably found a bush to hide at as well,” was Hermione’s weak suggestion.

“Bush to…bloody fucking hell!” Spike dropped the two teenagers and dashed about the forest in search of Dawn. He knew the brainy witch’s words were coded, meaning Dawn took off with that Potter boy and searched for a place to snog. Well he wouldn’t let Dawn and Prophecy Boy get frisky with each other.

He sniffed the air, searching vainly for that familiar Dawn scent and once he honed in on it he darted towards the direction where the two teenagers were hidden.

“Dawn!” He didn’t mean to yell, surprising the two frisky teenagers who were petting rather heavily against the bark of an old tree, but he couldn’t help himself.

Remus rounded up the other four missing teenagers and caught up with Spike. He stopped dead on his tracks when he saw the almost state of undress Harry and Dawn were and did everything in his power to reign in his apparent disappointment at his best friend’s only child for letting his hormones get the better of him.

“Harry.” Remus’ said levelly, his tone bordering somewhere between relief and annoyance.

Dawn and Harry straightened up themselves and pulled away from each other.

“The six of you head back to the castle. Ten points each from your houses and a detention,” Remus didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty for taking fifty points off Gryffindor. He was in a right foul mood to be reasonable at the moment.

A collective groan of disapproval echoed around the forest, but Remus would hear none of it. He looked at Spike, his substitute Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher whenever there was a full moon, and confer with him without speaking if it was a just punishment. He knew the vampire had a soft spot for the dark haired Slytherin girl.

“Professor Lupin and I will speak to your House Heads,” Spike said darkly, his eyes carefully scanning each student standing before them. “We’ll figure out who concocted that exploding potion and whoever the culprit is will be in far deeper sh—crap than he or she is now.” He quickly corrected himself before letting an expletive escape his lips. He knew Remus tolerated his potty mouth when he wasn’t around the students, but now he knew he had to act like the grown up and deter from cussing.

The six students filed back to the castle ahead of the two Dark Arts professor. Spike and Remus fell back at least ten steps behind the students. For the first time since the beginning of the school year the two agreed on something.

“I love Dawn, but sometimes the bit needs to be taught a lesson,” mused Spike.

“Same with Harry. Just because we have a soft spot for them, even for that Malfoy kid, doesn’t mean they can get away pulling a prank like this,” nodded Remus.

“Any ideas on who set off the explosions?”



“The brainiest witch out of them—with a little help from her friends of course,” grinned Remus and walked away.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unlikely Allies". This story is complete.

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