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J. Winchester, Hunting Journal

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This story is No. 2 in the series "When It Changes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A companion piece to the DA/SN x-over When It Changes. A collection of hunting trips.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Dark AngelrestiveFR153523,669087,41321 Jan 0725 Feb 12No

Entry: Elgin, Nebraska

Title: J. Winchester, Hunting Journal
Author: Restive Nature
Genre: Crossover
Type: WiP
Shows: Dark Angel and Supernatural
Disclaimer: Neither show represented in this fiction belongs to me. Dark Angel is the product of Cameron/Eglee and Fox, whereas Supernatural is the product of Kripke and The CW. No profits are made from this fiction and it is intended for private enjoyment only.
Story Rating: PG-13
Timeline: These vignettes take place during the story, When It Changes.
Pairing: None

The Diary of John Winchester


Name: Unknown


Classification: Unknown Demon


Description: looked like a tangle of snakes, walked upright on 2 legs, shaped like a human, although head was more shaped like a snake. Color green to brown. Red eyes. Nocturnal (?)


Lore Reference: none at this time


Encountered At: found two near Elgin, Nebraska


Specific Attacks: possible ability to burrow through ground at rapid rates, potentially lethal fangs coated with poison, possible constriction from extremities


Kill By: shotgun blast to the head.


Personal Notes: the things that we hunted seemed to be hunting in pairs. Max believed them to be mated. Evidence supporting this found when examining the larger demon, we found fetal matter in the abdomen. (Note: without support, the fetuses died within minutes.) We think that the snake-demons were able to burrow through the ground, since they came up under the car at an accelerated rate. The disturbance caused a phenomenon similar to an earthquake. Because the pair was hunting together, they were able to distract by offering one as bait while the other snuck up on us. This seems to indicate a level of intelligence on these creatures. Because of the length of time between attacks and the fact that the female was pregnant, we believe that the human deaths were caused to provide sustenance for the fetuses. And because we found such a large number of fetuses within the female demon, I believe that there are more of these creatures out there. Unless as Max says, the mother has a habit of eating her young.
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