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Key to a Promise

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Summary: AU BTVS (Get it Done) HP (GoF), A spell in Dawn's HP book and an accidental bit of blood allows Willow to keep a promise to Tara. Willow/Snape.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredRivuletFR1335,1200103,44721 Jan 0721 Jan 07Yes

Promise Kept

Dawn finally managed to let out a shriek as the spinning around her slowed and the world snapped back into focus. The air was slightly chilled, the walls were stone and she was near a desk. She realized she must be in a classroom of sorts.

A girl’s voice rose behind her in a know-it-all tone, "That isn’t possible, one cannot Apparte within the castle."

The girl’ss voice startled Dawn and with another shriek she dropped Xander’s bag of carefully whittled stakes. A hand grabbed her and spun her to face him as his voice bellowed, "Who are you? Where did you come from?"

Black eyes, the man had black eyes. They weren’t the opaque all encompassing blackness Willow’s had gotten when she had gone evil but the fact that they were black elicited a scream from her as she jerked away from him and backpedaled.

"G-G-Get away from me!" she stuttered in full panic mode.

The man seemed startled by the fear in her tone and remained rooted where he stood. That’s when she got a good look at him and the class behind him. The man in front of her was intimating to say the least. He had greasy black hair, with those frighteningly black eyes, a large nose and a scowl that looked like it never left his face. He was wearing black robes...wait a moment...robes? So were the students behind him. With slight horror she realized the color of the ties: Gryffindor and Slytherin colors. She had landed herself in Snape’s Double Potions class, oh joy.

Her quick assessment of the students made her realize exactly what class she had landed herself in. There was Malfoy in Slytherin colors looking for all the world like someone had slapped him with a Spike stick. There was Hermione with her bushy hair seated next to a pudgy faced boy who looked miserable, had to be Neville. The dark haired boy with the emerald eyes and round glasses had to be Harry. The tall fiery red head seated next to him looking good enough to eat had to be Ron. As her eyes took him in Dawn felt a goofy smile begin to spread her face and she was unable to stop the dreamy sigh that escaped her. Ron looked startled, as if he didn’t know how to react to this.

Though the whole exchange had only taken a few seconds it was more then enough to get Snape worked up.

"Blaise Zabini, watch the class! I want a report on who misbehaved as soon as I get back. I will not hesitate to take points from Gryffindor ," he snapped as he grabbed Dawn roughly and began to drag her out of the class.

As they passed Draco Dawn cried, "Wait! I really really have to ask him something."

Snape stopped and gave her a disgruntled angry scowl as Draco started to smirk.

"Is your coloring natural or do you bleach?"

Draco blinked and his smirk faltered.

"Cause it looks natural to me and Spike so totally bleaches his hair. You so do not have his cheekbones though. Oh, and he these metallic blue eyes while yours are just gray. Other than that you could so totally pass for him, if you wanted to dress up like him or something ...for like Halloween or something."

"And who is Spike?" Draco asked looking both insulted and confused.

"William the Bloody?" Dawn tried.

"William the who?"

"Bloody. He likes to call himself the big bad? He’s a bad ass vampire. It’s a whole big thing with a chi...Hey!" Dawn was cut off as Snape who’d clearly had enough interruptions of his class for one day finished dragging her out of his room. He had no idea what was going on or who this girl was but he was going directly to the Headmaster.

The Headmaster was everything Dawn had envisioned him to be. He was cool, collected and managed to look slightly amused as Snape snapped out his entire story. Snape had drug her into Dumbledore’s office and exploded, going on and on and on about how there had been this green swirling light and then this girl show’s up. And oh she was also obviously crazy because she had actually sighed at ‘Potter’s sidekick Weasley’ and had then proceeded to bombard Draco Malfoy with petty questions and comments. Dawn couldn’t believe one person could have so many complaints about the few moments she had actually spent in his presence. What Willow saw in him was beyond Dawn’s comprehension. She settled for sitting in a chair, crossing her arms and giving him evil stares as she waited for him to conclude so she could have her turn to talk to the Headmaster. He was so totally getting in trouble when she was though.

Finally he shut up and the Headmaster turned to her looking amused, "That certainly is an interesting tale, perhaps the young lady can shed some light on how she came to be here."

"I-I-I," Dawn stopped and frowned. She herself had only a vague idea on how she had landed herself at Hogworts. Someone had obviously put a spell in her book and her blood had triggered it.

She took a deep breath.

"Well, I’m a key see and somehow I put myself in the lock and gave a little twist. It's hard to even believe I'm here, where I'm from this, all of this is part of a book series and I'm totally here by accident. I mean if I had chosen to come here his class would be the last I’d be landing myself in," Dawn told him slowly, pointing at Snape to emphasis her point. Then she stuck out her tongue at him.

"S-She...Did you see what she just did?" Snape demanded with indigence.

"Act like a child and get treated like one," she shot back.This caused Snape to growl and start towards her.

"You wouldn’t dare hurt me, my sister would have you head," Dawn hissed at him.

This cause Snape to stop and scowl as he asked in disbelief, "You’re defending yourself by threatening me with your sister?"

"She’s a Slayer and she could so totally kick your ass."

Before Dumbledore could stop them from arguing further and get them to the process of figuring out how to send Dawn home a flash of red light entered the room and disappeared to reveal Willow who was clutching Dawn’s Harry Potter book.

"Dawnie?" she asked looking freaked.

"Willow!" Dawn cried as she rushed over to hug her,"Your here to save me...and...and you used magic?"

"I couldn’t leave you here, by the way where is whoa...Dawn how did you do this?"

"It so wasn’t me. I didn’t put that spell in my book..." Dawn told her then froze backing away with a suspiciously look, "I ended up in Snape ’s class and and..."

Willow gave her a hurt look.

" obviously wasn’t you." Dawn concluded, “Especially since how wacked out that spell to bring Buffy back went.”

"Darn tootin." Willow agreed with a nod, "Wait, Snape’s class? You actually met..."

Dawn moved back to Willow and turned her to look at the Potions Master , "He’s right there. He’s the one looking like I totally ruined his day because I interrupted his class and he can’t take points from anyone for it."

"Dawn!" Willow scolded.

"What? He started it."

"We should go home right now," Willow told her as she latched her hand onto Dawn’s wrist and pulled a bag out of her pocket, "before we make this situation any worse."

"Wait," Dawn told her, "Your promise to Tara."

"My...that...what about Ken..."

"But you promised Tara," Dawn pouted.

Both the Headmaster and Professor Snape had remained quiet throughout the entire conversation because it was well rather odd and neither could think of a good time to jump in and say something. After Dawn’s pout the redhead had given a pout before both girl’s turned to regard Snape. Snape found himself instinctively taking a step back.

The red head, Willow, handed the book she’d been holding to Dawn and began to move towards him fidgeting nervously as she told him, "Hi... my names Willow probably don’t need my last name huh? Um your sorta my um well there are these books...and I probably shouldn’t go into that, but I um made a promise that if I ever met you I’d..."

She effectively cut off her own prattling by soundly kissing Snape. After his initial shock Snape found himself kissing her back. The both of them became so lost in each other that they quickly forgot the other occupants of the room until Dawn said, "Um Willow you promised Tara a kiss big emphasis on a kiss and um..."

Startled Willow came to her sense, "Oops. Not suppose to be making with the big smoochies, huh?"

Dawn nodded.

Willow gave Snape a big nervous smile as she once again pulled Dawn to her and picked up the bag she had taken out of her pocket, "Okay, we’ll just be going now."

As Willow began to raise her hand to throw the bag down Dawn once again called out, "Wait!"

Willow froze and gave Dawn a pleading look.

With an impish grin Dawn looked directly at the Headmaster and said, "Please tell Ginny Weasley that William the Bloody sends his love."

Then she held on tightly to Willow and said, "We can go now."

Willow rolled her eyes and threw the bag on the floor. The two girls disappeared in a shower of light leaving behind one smirking Head of Slytherin House and one very amused Headmaster.
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