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Key to a Promise

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Summary: AU BTVS (Get it Done) HP (GoF), A spell in Dawn's HP book and an accidental bit of blood allows Willow to keep a promise to Tara. Willow/Snape.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredRivuletFR1335,1200103,44721 Jan 0721 Jan 07Yes

Home Again

"Did you see his face?" Dawn asked.

"I-I can’t believe I did that! You don’t think I got him angry do you?"

"Willow," Dawn told her giving her a look, "he loved every second of it."

"You think? Really?"

"Please, his scowl face was so totally less scowly."

A totally confused Xander chose that time to jump into their conversation by saying, "Anyone care to fill in lost guy?"

Dawn gave him a full grin, "You’ll never believe where we just were."

"What’s all this bloody racket? Can’t I get any sleep around here?" Spike asked as he came in yawning.

"Spike, what are you..."

Spike yawned and eyed Willow as her voice tailed off and he explained, "Demon-girl and I got a present for the Bit, wanted to see her get it."

His explanation had Xander frowning, "You and Anya?"

Spike shrugged, "She found it on the Internet asked me to buy it."

By now Dawn attention had refocused, "A present for me? Where?"

Spike shrugged and yawned again at which point Anya wander into the room and gave Spike a hurt look, "Did you ruin it?"

Spike shrugged, "She'll like it anyway, give it to her already. I want to be done with the screaming and jumping."

"Screaming and jumping," Anya asked her eyes widening, "You didn’t say anything about..."

"In happiness," Spike explained rolling his eyes, "I’m saying she’ll get all excited."

"But only in a good way right?" Anya asked.

"Okay now lets..." Xander interrupted trying to take control of the conversation as Willow cut him off.

"If you two got a present for Dawnie why don’t you give it to her," Willow tried.

"Okay." Anya shrugged and she left the room.

"Now," Xander started as he turned his attention back to Willow and Dawn, "where did you guys go?"

Willow gave Xander a small smile, "Wait till Anya get back."

"I already am," Anya said as she brought a wrapped package out from behind her back and handed it to Dawn. Dawn let out a squeal of joy and grabbed it ripping the paper.

"Oh Spike, Anya," she exclaimed before she started laughing.


"Willow look," Dawn said as she showed the book title to Willow.

"The Sorcerer’s Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter," Willow read slowly laughing slightly before she exclaimed, "Oh! Oh! Dawn did you get to see Ron?"

"Yes! He was so so cute," Dawn exclaimed before giving her a slightly confused look, "and older for some reason, but he was still..."

"Um," Anya interrupt, "What are you two going on about?"

"Yea, what’d we miss?" Spike grumbled.

"You’ll never believe where we just came from," Willow told them.

Dawn smirked, "And you’ll never believe what just happened."

"What? What?" Xander exclaimed, "Enough with the suspense already, what happened?"

"Willow and Snape." At everyone’s confused look Willow and Dawn launched into an excited explanation of their recent adventure. The group settled around the kitchen’s island, over milk and cookie they discussed exactly how they thought the adventure had come to pass, and as they asked Dawn and Willow for details on everything Dawn clutched her new book to her chest and smiled. Maybe, just maybe things weren’t as bad as she had thought they were. Maybe everything would still turn out all right in the end.

The End

You have reached the end of "Key to a Promise". This story is complete.

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