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Save Me T

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Summary: When her doppelganger turns up in the morgue after being stabbed and left for dead on the back of a truck, Tru has to stop history repeating itself (Buffy s3, Tru Calling s1)

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer:I don't own Tru Calling or Buffy the Vampire slayer


Tru dashed around her room, gathering up items of clothing whilst trying to clumsily balance her cell phone between her ear and shoulder. “Pick up, pick up,” the brunette urged, silently counting the muted rings as she waited. One, two, three, fou—

“City morgue.”

“Davis,” Tru said as she shrugged on a shirt, nearly dropping the phone as she fumbled with the buttons. “I need your help.”

“Day rewind?” The coroner asked.

“Yeah, a Jane Doe, stabbing murder.”

“What else do you know?”

“Well she looked just like me,” Tru said as she sat down on her bed, beginning to pull on her shoes.

“Just like you?” the man sounded skeptical.

“Davis, you called in my family to ID the body.” Tru said in an annoyed voice.

“Ah… well that’s… that’s amazing, did you know there’s no concrete evidence of the existence of doppelgangers, if—”

“Not the time Davis,” Tru cut him off. “She’s from Sunnydale, or was killed in Sunnydale anyway.” The brunette frowned as she tried to remember other details about the girl. “Oh, and she had a key with her, one of those swipe ones. It had some birds and pine trees on the logo.”

“That’s not much to go on but I’ll work on it.”

“Thanks,” Tru said as she grabbed her bag and stood up.

“She really looked just like you?” Davis asked.

“Exactly like me, a little bit younger though, maybe high school age.”

“You should check the schools for her then.” Davis suggested, and Tru could hear the tapping sound of his keyboard. “This makes it easy, there’s only one high school in the town. Sunnydale High.”

“Got it, thanks Davis. Call me if you find anything else.” Tru snapped her phone shut as she stepped out of her apartment, nearly colliding with her neighbor.

“Tru,” he greeted, hefting the box he was carrying.

“Hey,” The brunette’s eyes tracked nervously between the man’s face and the box, which was filled with tools. She had a flash of the day before it rewound, the stench of fire and the thick black smoke filling her apartment and her neighbor swearing he’d just drilled one small hole in the wall. “Doing some repairs?”

“Yeah,” The man grinned.

“Uh huh… Well be careful alright?”

“I know what I’m doing,” he said confidently.

Tru winced visibly as she watched the man awkwardly try to get into his apartment, dropping a drill and a wrench from the box as he did so. A voice in her brain was screaming for her to stay and try to stop him, but right now she knew he wasn’t her priority. She had a life to save. Turning away she flipped open her phone again and dialed quickly, placing it to her ear. “Harrison? I need a favor…”


Tru wandered aimlessly through the corridors of Sunnydale high, eyes roaming across the throngs of students. There had been no sign of her body double and so far nobody had even given her a second glance. If the girl went to this school wouldn’t somebody recognize her? Or acknowledge her? Letting out a frustrated sigh Tru pushed her way into the ladies bathroom. Crossing to the sink she leant against it, staring thoughtfully at her reflection in the mirror. She hadn’t realized how hard it would be to try and find someone who looked exactly like her.


Tru raised her eyes, and caught a glimpse of the reflection of an elegant brunette who was glaring directly at her. She had definitely been talking to her, so now the Jane Doe had a name. Faith. Turning around slowly Tru tried not to cringe under the look of loathing and distain the girl shot her. “Hey… you,” she greeted with a weak smile.

The brunette sniffed disdainfully in Tru’s direction and took a place beside her in front of the mirror, resting her bag on the sink. “You know, unlike the ‘Scoobies,’” the girl made air quotes, “I’m not scared of you.”

Tru’s brow wrinkled as she processed this piece of information. “Um… that’s good.”

The girl nodded confidently. “The way I see it psycho slayer, you won’t try anything because if you did, Buffy would kick your ass.”


“Uh hello, Cordelia to Faith… Buffy Summers. Saint Buffy, the vampire slayer. Your nemesis or whatever.” Tru stared blankly back at her. Cordelia sighed and rolled her eyes. “What did going evil fry your brain cells?”

Tru’s frown deepened. What the hell? “Uh—”

“What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you and the mayor have the ascension to…” she trailed off, eyes widening. “Oh god is that why you’re here? Is this a surprise attack? Because if it is I am so not going to history.”

“No…” Tru said, and Cordelia looked slightly disappointed. “Look I’m gonna go.” She said after a few awkward moments pause, casting one last worried look in the brunette’s direction before swiftly moving towards the door.

“And don’t come back!” Cordelia called smugly after her.

Tru pushed her way out of the bathroom, quickening her pace to get as far away from the brunette as possible. Vampires, slayers, an ascension? The girl had to be truly crazy. She was startled out of her thoughts by a whirring sound. Reaching into her bag Tru grabbed her vibrating phone. Flicking it open she felt relieved as she stared at the familiar caller ID. Hitting the talk button she placed it to her ear. “Davis, please tell me you’ve found something.”

“I’ve got a lead on the key you told me about. It’s for the Bella Vida apartments near the center of town,” he said.

“Sounds classy,” Tru commented as she wove through the hallway.

“It is. I have the residents list here, any chance you’ve found our Jane Doe’s name?”


“Faith…” Davis paused, and then let out a frustrated sigh. “There’s no apartment under the name of Faith. That’s one lead gone. Do you have anything else for me?”

“Well the people here are crazy.” Tru said seriously. “I met a girl who started raving about vampires and vampire slayers…” the coroner cleared his throat nervously and Tru slowed her pace. “Davis, tell me this girl was crazy.”

There was silence on the end of the line.

“Oh god,” Tru ran a hand through her hair, shutting her eyes for a moment as she silently tried to process the revelation. As if talking to dead people and having her days rewind hadn’t made life crazy enough.


“I’m still here Davis,” Tru reassured, shaking off her shock and pressing on. “What I do know for sure is that she works for the mayor, and I think—”

“Wait,” Davis cut her off. “She works for the mayor?”

“Apparently,” Tru said.

“There’s an apartment in that building rented under his name. Maybe it’s hers.”

“I’ll check it out,” Tru said. “Can you run a name for me? Buffy Summers. I think that’s the person who’s going to kill her.”

“Alright… Tru?” the coroner’s nervous voice crackled across the line.


“All your day rewinds are dangerous, but this time there’s someone out there who wants to murder a person who looks exactly like you.”

“I know Davis.” Tru said grimly. The possibility had definitely crossed her mind, and after her run in with Cordelia it had been joined by another thought. The girl had painted a fairly clear picture of Faith, and apparently her ‘twin’ wasn’t one of the good guys. What if Faith ended up hurting her? “I’ll stay safe alright. Call me when you find something.” Tru shut her phone, placing it back in her bag as she strode out of Sunnydale high, steeling herself for the day to come.

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