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Save Me T

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Summary: When her doppelganger turns up in the morgue after being stabbed and left for dead on the back of a truck, Tru has to stop history repeating itself (Buffy s3, Tru Calling s1)

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Tru Calling, and Buffy the Vampire slayer belong to their respective owners. That is, not me. I’m just borrowing.
Timeline: Set at the end of Buffy season 3, during the episode Graduation Day Part One and part way through season 1 of Tru Calling, pre Jack, but after Davis tells Tru he knows about her.
Other Alterations: In this AU Tru’s world isn’t in Boston, she lives in a town next to Sunnydale. So everything’s the same, except for the location


Tru jogged down the corridor towards the morgue, a carton of donuts clutched in one hand and her bag in the other. She was late. Her neighbor had decided to do some repairs, and whilst drilling into the wall had shorted out some cables and the resulting electrical fire had burnt its way right through their adjoining wall. In the resulting blackout and chaos Tru had completely lost track of time. She just hoped that the donuts she’d picked up would be enough to appease her boss.

Pushing through the office doors the apology she had been rehearsing in her head died on her lips. Her siblings were standing in the small office, Meredith wrapped tightly in Harrison’s arms as she sobbed softly. Dumping the donuts and her bag Tru crossed the room. “What happened?”

Harrison looked up, his eyes going wide as he saw Tru. “Oh god.”

“Tru!” Meredith exclaimed as she barreled forward, pulling her sister into a hug.

“Uh, Mer?” Tru said as she cautiously patted her sister on the back. Last time she checked they were definitely not on hugging terms. “What’s going on?” Her words dissolved into a grunt as Harrison joined the already suffocating hug.

“We thought you we’re dead!”

“No, I’m just a bit late for work Harrison,” Tru frowned. Davis had some strange habits but notifying her next of kin because she didn’t turn up on time for her shift was ridiculous. At this point Davis stepped into the office. His face looked grey and his eyes were red. Had he been crying? Tru’s frown deepened. “Davis what the hell is going on?”

“Tru,” he sagged with relief and moved forward to join the crushing group hug. Tru was sick of this. Squirming free she fixed the coroner with a questioning glare. “Will someone please tell me what’s happened?”

There was a shocked silence. Finally Davis cleared his throat and spoke up. “A body came in a little while ago, it- she looks just like you.”

“Just like me?” Tru echoed disbelievingly.

“She could be you,” Harrison said as he leant casually back against the desk. “Maybe you have a long lost twin. Mer is Tru a twin?”

Meredith rolled her eyes. “No Harrison.”

“Are you sure? I mean…”

Tru ignored the squabble that broke out between her siblings as she stepped into the morgue. The body was resting on one of the cold steel tables, a sheet pulled over its head. Cautiously she stepped forward, her hand brushing against a stray lock of brown hair as she pulled the sheet down. Familiar dark brown eyes stared unseeingly back at her. Dropping the sheet she let out an involuntary gasp as she took a step back.

“Uncanny isn’t it.”

Tru nodded mutely, regaining some of her composure as she slid the sheet down further to reveal a bloody shirt, torn neatly where a knife had slid through. “What happened to you,” Tru whispered.

“They found her on the back of a truck that came from Sunnydale.” Davis supplied. “It looks like she was in a fight,” he said as he indicated the bruising and contusions that covered the girls body. He reached forward, carefully tipping the body onto its side. The skin on the girls back was almost completely dark with bruising. “It looks like she may have taken a fall.”

“Is that what killed her?”

“Surprisingly, no,” Davis said as he lowered the body back onto the slab. “Judging by the amount of blood found in the truck, cause of death was probably exsanguination.”

“What’s her name?” Tru asked.

“Up until five minutes ago, it was Tru,” Davis said sadly. “All she was found with was some candy wrappers and this key,” he indicated the tin beside the body.

Tru nodded slowly as she stared down at the body. It looked just like her. The hair and makeup was a little darker and the face was younger but apart from that it could be her. She’d heard of doppelgangers before but she’d never believed it. Not until now. Through the haze of her shock she could hear the shuffling footsteps of Davis as he walked away, saying something about giving her some time. There was a soft click as the door was pulled shut and the morgue was plunged into silence.

Slowly Tru pulled the sheet down further, frowning at the leather pants and combat boots. Reaching up she gently touched the girl’s hand, her fingers running over the bruised and bloodied knuckles. “You went down fighting didn’t you,” she said softly. Suddenly the hand shot out, gripping hers tightly. The girls head snapped around to face Tru, her dead eyes suddenly alive with fear and desperation. “Help me T!”

Tru wrenched her hand free and stumbled backwards, feeling the familiar dizziness and nausea as the world around her began to blur and fade to black.

Beep, beep, beep

Tru sat bolt upright in her bed, breathing hard.

To be Continued?
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