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Buffy's Gifts

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Summary: Buffy sits in a bar and an Angel interrupts her Brooding and sulking.

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Title: Buffy's Gifts

Author: The man with the beard

Disclaimer: If I would own them why would I be here. Of course I don't own them.

Spoilers: everything from season 6

Time: Season 7 maybe AU

Summery: Buffy sits in the bar and an Angel interrupts her brooding and missery.

A/N: Beta-ed by Miss. Solo.

A/N: Dale if you are reading this. The name is just a coincident. I like names with D.

Buffy's Gifts

Buffy was sitting in a seedy bar nursing a drink. She was nursing the same drink for almost an
hour. The bartender didn't bother her for she was giving him mix signals. One was sad and the
other was 'don't mess with me or you're going to regret it'. He wisely stayed out of her way.
A few of the other patrons tried to talk to her, but she simple ignored them. With the
exception of one who got angry, that she ignored him. As his reward she gave him a light tap.
From then on nobody approached her.

A man dressed in all white sat next to her. The white colour was so bright that it normally
should have hurt your eyes, but it didn't. The man's hair were black and shining, but didn't
look greasy.

He ordered a drink and after the first draught, he bursted out coughing. Buffy looked amused,
but after awhile she felt pity for the man. She hit him lightly on the back. After that he stopped
coughing. The man took a deep breath and composed himself. He looked toward Buffy, who
was nursing her drink as before. There was a mixture of sulking and brooding involved in her

"Thank you. I'm not used to drinking."

There was no reaction from Buffy. She had no intention to talk to somebody tonight and
ignored him. The man looked amused at her behaviour. He kept staring at her for a while.
Buffy felt his stare, but ignored it. She also ignored the strange feeling, she received from him
and kept staring in her full glass.

"I think it is highly unfair of you to be angry at the Higher Beings."

Buffy's body stiffened. When he said Higher Beings, she knew that it wasn't some chitchat.
She focussed on her senses.

"You're not human." Buffy stated in a very calm voice. If he was a demon, she would kick his
ass and relieve some tension.

"No, I'm an Angel. Name is Dale." The man stretched his hand out for greeting.

Buffy looked from the man's face to his hand, then she picked up her drink and tossed it in
one gulp down. She shuddered and made the ritual disgusting face, when gulping down strong
spirits in one draught.

"Oh, great. Did we met in Heaven? I'm sorry, if I don't recognized you, but my time in
Heaven is down to just a feeling." Buffy didn't look at the Angel. She grabbed the bartender's
attention, indicating, that she wanted a refill.

"No, I didn't had the pleasure or honour."

Buffy didn't look at him, but she could feel the bright smile he gave her. She had no doubt,
that if she looked him in the face, that she would smile back. That was one of the reasons she
didn't look at him.

"So, what brings you to Sunnyhell. Don't tell me another Apocalypse. We just prevented one
last Tuesday. I don't think, it is allowed to have two Apocalypses in one week." Buffy said
with a very sarcastic tone.

"Harbinger of Doom is another Angel's job." This small joke brought a response from Buffy.
She snickered. "I'm just a messenger to ask you to stop being angry at them, they know you
have some value issues with them." Buffy huffed. "But after all the gifts they gave you. They
don't deserve your hate."

"Gifts. The only thing they gave me is a short life and no change on a normal or even a semi-normal life." There was a lot of her anger directed at the Angel, who leant back at her fury.

He wasn't afraid, that she would hurt him.

"Being the Slayer is a gift."

"Yeah." Buffy huffed again and turned her attention back to her drink.

"Don't tell me you don't love it to have the Slayer powers and helping people?"

After a few moments Buffy reluctant nodded. "But it still sucks to have died young and to
died young yet again."

"You wouldn't have left LA alive." The Angel said point blank.

"What?" Buffy looked at the Angel with a surprised expression.

"If you weren't the Chosen One. You would have died by the hands of a vampire and he
would have by all probability have turned you." There was a sad, but honest expression on his

Buffy was in a shock. Then it dawned on her. The Higher Beings saved her, but something
else crept also in her mind. "Buffy the Vampire would have destroyed or ruled the world."
Buffy was a little pissed, that they didn't just simple save her from an early grave, but that they
eliminated a potential threat.


Buffy turned back moping over drink. The Angel smiled at her attitude. He knew that it
wouldn't be easy, when he was assigned to this mission.

"The Slayer wasn't your first gift."

He took Buffy by surprise and it got her attention. "Wasn't?"

"No." He smiled brightly. "Our first gift was, that the Watcher's Council didn't find you,
before you were activated as the Slayer."

This brought a smile on Buffy's face. "This one I'll give ya, was a very good gift." Buffy
shifted on her barstool. "You said gifts, as in plural. What were the others?"

"What two aren't enough?" The Angel looked in mock indignant.

Buffy gave him a look, that said 'tell me or I will kick your butt all the way back to heaven'. She
was in no mood for games. Dale saw it.


There were mixed emotions running through Buffy, happy and anger. Anger won and she
glared at him. "And look how that turned out."

The Angel put up his hands in innocent gesture. "That wasn't our fault. Xander is to blame for

Buffy's anger flared up. "Hey, Xander is a good man."

"Yes, he is." The Angel replied quickly. "But if he didn't save your life ..."

"I would never have slept with Angel." Buffy felt a little anger toward Xander now, but she
quickly suppressed it. She couldn't blame him for saving her life. The Angel let her have a
moment to let it sink in for her.

"I'm sure you had no problem with our third gift." Dale gave her a bright smile.

It looked very suspicious to Buffy. "Pray tell."


A bright smile appeared on Buffy's face. Yes, Giles was really a Heaven's Gift. Even when he
drugged her and was responsible for being involved in other moments of betraying her trust.
Buffy gave the Angel her full attention. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I think the Watcher, Travers was intentionally planning to send to you, you
would have send him to the hospital in the first week."

Buffy laughed. The Angel thought that it was a truly musical laugh.

"The next gift you might not like."

Buffy thought about it and came to a conclusion. "Angel's Soul."

"We made a mistake there."

Buffy got angry. "You made me send him with his soul to Hell."

"Oh, that wasn't the mistake." The Angel looked serious. "How were you suppose to bring
him back without a soul? And we thought, that hell would have cured him from brooding and
all the guilt."

Buffy looked sad. "Yeah, he felt guilty for things he didn't do. You should think being
punished in Hell should cure you from that." Buffy expression changed. "I brought him back?"

"No, your love did." The Angel kept smiling at her.

Buffy was happy, that it was her, who has pulled him out of Hell. Her expression changed
again. "But he still left me."

"That wasn't our fault. I still think he was an idiot to do it."

Buffy smirked. "For leaving me?"

"No, his destiny was in LA. He was an idiot for leaving your heart behind. He should have
stayed in contact with you." Buffy nodded in consent. "Slayers aren't suppose to have normal
lives, not even semi-normal. Okay, maybe quarter-normal life."

Buffy laughed, but then she remembered something. "What was the mistake?"

The Angel didn't need to be told the specific mistake. "Willow."

Buffy thought about it for a moment. "You guys helped with the spell and the power stuck
with her."

"We aren't sure about the specifics, but something like that. We either gave her power or we
altered her so that she could control and absorb more power. That was too much power for
her to handle at the moment."

"Another mess you have me clean up."

"We are very sorry about that. Something like this hasn't happened in millennia." He looked
apologetic. "But your friends, Willow and Xander aren't making it easy on us."

Buffy brightened a little. "Good for them." The Angel frowned at her, which made her laugh.
"So what made them such troublemakers?"


Buffy laughed. "I should have guessed. Could you be more specific?"

"You know, that you aren't one of our easiest Champion."

Buffy laughed. "Yeah, I guess, but at least I'm worth the trouble. Look the world is still here."
Buffy waved around.

"Yes, you are." Dale gave her a smile. "But back to your friends. They don't really have a
destiny like you do. Especially not in the Good versus Evil way. Not even a small destiny."

"Then why are my friends helping me save the world so many times." Buffy wondered out

"They are sharing yours, by piggybacking."

Buffy's face fell. "So, it is all my fault, with what has happened with them."

"No, people are responsible for their own decision, even teenagers. You tried to keep them
out of it."

Buffy nodded, but not with conviction. The Angel saw it and thought that the next gift would
brighten her up.

"I bet you liked the White Christmas."

Buffy's face brightened up with a big grin.

"Yeah, you not only saved Angel, but also made a wish come true I had, since I was a little
kid. How did you guys do it? Didn't it mess up the whole weather system?"

"Technically it was very simple. How many children, and grownups do you think wished for a
White Christmas? Plus it was Christmas. It's a day of hope. Plus Hellmouth." The Angel was

Buffy was smiling and thinking at the same time. "So was Dawn my next gift."

"No, you skipped a gift."

"I can't remember anything special, between Christmas and Dawn."


"What?" Buffy stood up and knocking the barstool over. "Don't tell me you made him fall in
love with me."

Buffy was attracting attention. She looked embarrassed and picked the barstool up, before
sitting down again. When she had her composure back, she gave Dale a look, that told him
better to spill.

"No, we don't really have that power. We made sure he received the chip. He was a gamble.
We knew he would cause trouble."

"Spike is very good at causing trouble." Buffy glared at him.

"We thought it would outweighed his helpfulness and I think in the over all it was a good
decision, with the exception of him trying to rape you."

Buffy thought it over with a frown. But came to the same conclusion, that in the over all Spike
could be considered as a gift. She laughed about how she would tell this to Xander. He would
probably have a heart attack.

"I hope you liked the 'Dawn' gift even if she is a brat."

Buffy smiled. "Yes, Dawn was a real gift. Even for my mother."

"We were glad, that you understood the message of 'Death is your Gift', so that you didn't
have to sacrifice your sister and receive you last gift."

"Do you guys always have to be so cryptic? How about a straight forward answers? That
would be a lot less trouble."

"No, we can't. Freewill and all. We can't just tell people what to do." The Angel looked
sympathetic at her.

"It has it's advantages to work for evil. Somebody always tells you what to do and I bet the
instructions are way clearer."


"Last gift? Those that mean no more gifts anymore?" Dale nodded. "Wait a minute, does that
mean I won't go to Heaven anymore?" Buffy sounding panicky.

"No, you still have a place in Heaven. You have a free pass. You have to do something really
evil to not get in."

"So using and sleeping with the undead hasn't ruin my chance?" Buffy had a mischievous glint
in her eyes.

The Angel laughed. "No, you redeemed yourself by acknowledging you were using him and
stop the relationship."

"So no gifts anymore." Buffy asked again.

"No." He looked apologetic.

"Good." Buffy didn't really need any more 'gifts'. They probably would backfire anyway.

The Angel stood up and straightened his clothes. "Well, my work is done. It was a pleasure
meeting you, Ms. Summers. I have no doubt we'll see each other again, when you return to
Heaven. But there is no hurry. You still have great things to do."

"Great Things means more trouble and pain."

"Yes that is unavoidable, but we have faith in you." He nodded his head. "Good day, Ms.

Buffy waved back and Dale left the bar. Buffy directed her attention back on her drink. She
picked it up and toasted to nobody special. "To the Higher Beings."

She took a draught and shuddered. "They just sent him so that I stop ranting at them."

Buffy grinned, paid her bill and left the bar to go home, where Dawn would waiting for her.


The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy's Gifts". This story is complete.

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