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Honey, I'm Alive and Kicking

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy, A Mother?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Wait, I'm Married and a Mother?!" Buffy and Family take names and kick Demon ass.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John WinchesterimmortalwizardelffanFR1833,91011611,55022 Jan 0710 Feb 07Yes

Chapter 3


“Oh, did someone get the name of that demon who ran me over?” Buffy groaned as she sat up from her spot on the bed. Three distinct sets of laughter filled the room as she finally opened her eyes to see her ‘husband’ and ‘sons’ from her previous life. As she got better looks at her ‘family’, who were all sitting nearby in chairs or on the other bed, she remembered what had happened and bit back a curse. “Did Whistler tell me what I think he told me?” she questioned, her voiced laced with an edge as hard as a diamond.

The three Winchester men looked at one another then looked at her and all nodded, along with swallowing the nervous lump in their throats at the harshness in her voice.

Buffy smiled evilly. “That’s what I thought,” she looked up at the ceiling and yelled out, “WHISTLER, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE NOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!”

Dean, Sam and John’s eyes all widened at the way Buffy was acting. They had all heard what Whistler said as well and all were just as surprised. Hell, they wanted answers just as much as she did. But to call down the messenger and head balance demon for the PtB, well let’s just say the thought had never crossed their minds. After all it wouldn’t do to piss off the higher beings on the side of good would it?

Before either of the three men could say anything, the sound of a Bronx accented voice filled the room, “You rang Slay…” he never even got to finish his statement before Buffy had him up against the wall, three feet off the ground, hand wrapped around his throat and scythe ready to slice him in half…just like she had killed the First’s minion Caleb.

“Whistler,” she said her voice in a mock honeyed tone that even John, Dean and Sam, who hadn’t seen her at her most dangerous, knew spelled trouble for the Balance Demon. “Is there something I should know about the little bun in my oven?”

Whistler winced knowing that if he didn’t talk then he was mincemeat. This slayer was just so damned perceptive… and blood thirsty, he added with a weak mental chuckle. But this was not a time to get into a battle of wits with the most successful Slayer in history, or to even act cryptic. So deciding to go against what the PtB suggested, he went with spilling his guts.

“Well, it’s like this,” he began, “over two and half thousand years ago, a seer by the name of Cassandra…” he was interrupted when Sam spoke up and cut him off.

“Wait, Cassandra? As in the Cassandra from the city of Troy, who was taken as a slave by the Grecian King Agamemnon from the Iliad?”

Whistler looked at Sam, impressed that the youngest Winchester knew exactly who he had been talking about. Buffy, John and Dean all looked at him with looks that were a mix of shock, pride, and admiration. “Got it in one kid. Can I continue?” he asked in a joking manner. Sam nodded, not at all disturbed. “Good, anyway, Cassandra had a vision and wrote it down as a prophecy. It said that…

Three Hunters there shall be,
One the father, the other two the sons.
Both the father and a son shall lose someone dear;
The wife of the father, mother of the sons,
And the other the lover of the son.
Both bound by the fates to their men.

Upon the return of the mother,
The third child of the line shall be returned.
She shall be the light of the world,
And rid it of the greatest of the preternatural evils.
She will not stand alone,
But as her mother before her,
She shall be aided by her family and friends

Buffy’s grip on the scythe weakened so dramatically that she let it fall to the ground in shock as Whistler’s words sunk in. Robotically she let Whistler out of her death grip and sank to her knees as tears fell from her eyes. “Goddess, can’t you leave my children alone for once!” she cried out. She then looked up at Whistler who had a compassionate look on his face. “Why?! Why is my family set on this path?!”

Whistler shrugged his shoulders. “I really don’t know sweets. All I can say is that between this family, and the Scoobies as you call yourselves, you have done more good than any other champions before you,” he told her as truthfully as he could. Hell, he didn’t know why they were chosen. But that was the best explanation he could come up with. “I’m sorry this had to happen Slayer. You know that I’m in your corner,” and with that he disappeared leaving the newly reformed Winchester Family to think about what he had told them.

It was a half hour before Buffy or any of the Winchesters were able to speak or even move. When John finally came out of his shock, he looked at Buffy and sighed silently. It seemed that this woman really was the reincarnation of his long dead wife and had all of Mary’s memories as well as those of her current incarnation. Quietly, he rose from where he had been sitting for the last three hours and moved over to where Buffy was still kneeling, letting her silent tears slip down her cheeks, and pulled her into his arms.

Buffy, accepting his offer of comfort, cried into his shoulder. Ever since she had become the Slayer as Buffy Summers she had wished for a normal life with children. She held out hope that she would be able to get married and still have children, even if she was the Slayer and that they wouldn’t be dragged into the battle between good versus evil, however it looked as if her wishes were in vain. The PtB had decided to hijack her previous incarnation’s family, no it was her family now, into this mess and they were continuing to do so.

As her tears dried up, Buffy sat up and looked at her men. Steel, fire and determination shone from her eyes as she spoke, “All right, where’s this colt that we’re looking for supposed to be?”


To be Continued in "Hi, I'll Be Your Slayer Today".

A/N: I know you are all eager to see Buffy and her family fighting the Vampire Clan from the Supernatural Episode 'Dead Man's Blood', but that will be in the sequel, as well as them fighting The Demon, and Buffy telling them of her life as Buffy Summers (meaning Angel, Parker, Riley, etc.)

The End

You have reached the end of "Honey, I'm Alive and Kicking". This story is complete.

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