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Original of the Species 2A, The Mayor & the Saiyan

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ and SG-1, some minor Eddingsverse) The ongoing adventures of our depressive Saiyan drunk, the Scoobs as the SGC comes to town.

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Author's notes: Finally some remarks and info fluff regarding this story. Plus a taster of the raw unedited prologue of the next part. Feel free to leave any suggestions or things you might like to see, if I like them they still might make it into the next part.

OK, as has been stated before, I never intended to chop part 2 into two, but since the SG-1 chapter grew so big I felt I had to. It was already approaching three quarters of my previous story and I felt not even half way. Also, after posting part 1 to better then expected reviews I was anxious to keep up the pressure and also sorely tempted to start posting chapters as I more or less finished them. But that is not my style. I hate it when authors make you wait endlessly for the next installment. Which wouldn't be half so bad if most of them didn't stop posting them for whatever reason. And I'm an ad hoc kind of writer. I generally have a story arc in mind but the details often change as I write. Often forcing a rewrite of earlier chapters. Which would be kind a hard when already posted. Also I like to hop and work on chapters as I see fit.

For instance the Buffy/Belmo conflict originally ended by chapter two. But as I posted part 1 I realized that A: it would be pointless to have gone to all that trouble in the first place to introduce it and then resolve it so easily. And B: the betrayal of trust issue could not be so easily resolved. So I made it a major theme of this part and probably part 2B as well.

For those wondering why Belmovekk would foist a religion on a group of Jaffa who just lost their God, one that we know is just as false, he didn't know what Daniel and Amün learned. To him its still a perfectly good religion. And Daniel no longer remembers. Amün might though. Or maybe he won't.

I have to say, I quite enjoyed writing Faith. Whole Eliza Dushku is a hot goddess, I've always felt the whole Faith going bad deal a little to contrived in the series. Her reasons for going to the dark side seemed way to angsty and whiny to my taste. I thought let's give her a real reason to embrace the dark side. Muahahaha!

Oh, and no, the whole Amün in the head is not inspired by BSG. All hail Harvey, the first denizen inside somebody's screwed up head. With Scorpius and Creighton hopping around in a easter bunny suit my absolute favorite Farscape scene.

The 6 styles of Saiyan martial arts:

• Ozar'itsu 'way of the ozaru'. Main focus on taming the inner beast and utilizing its power.
• Radi'itsu 'way of the Saiyan snakehunter'. Strong defense, the emphasis on seeking weaknesses, with sudden strikes to exploit them.
• Mal'ki'itsu 'way of the Saiyan mountain tiger'. Aggressive, dominant, reckless. Keep your opponent off balance by seizing the initiative.
• Lokta'itsu 'way of the Saiyan eagle'. Concentrating heavily on aerial combat.
• Cumbri'itsu 'way of the Saiyan scorpion'. Deadly, secretive, calculating. The Saiyan ninja assassin style. Style of choice for infiltrators.
• Aisni'itsu 'way of the 'soul'. Inward looking, much focus on one's powerlevel, strong emphasis on chi attacks.


There can be no Dragonball Z without powerlevels. So here are mine.

Now there are two kinds of powerlevels, the ones used for the real DBZ and the ones I make up for this story. I used the DBZ ones from the now defunct Planet Namek site. Note for those a little less familiar with DBZ, it's creator Toriyama rarely gave powerlevels. The last he actually gave was Trunks measuring 5 prior to his battle with Freeza. After that he stopped using them and it all became guesswork. Which means that most sites usually offer different levels, sometimes into the absurd.

Part 1 'The Slayer and the Saiyan'

My story starts shortly after Trunks' battle, which although I didn't use it was about this.

King Cold 13.000.000
Freeza 12.500.000
Trunks (suppressed) 5
Trunks SSJ 17.000.000
Goku SSJ 20.000.000
Belmovekk SSJ 35.000.000

As you can see I've scaled Belmovekk in a bit higher then the other Saiyans. The reason is twofold. Firstly he has been around for longer so had more time to get himself to such a level. Secondly he's not a naturally gifted fighter like Goku or Vegeta. These are Saiyans who can increase their power at ridiculous rates. I didn't want to have a third Saiyan be like that, it would be boring. So I wanted him to have a head start on the others and as things moved on he would be overtaken. But just not from the start. So I gave him quite a head start as it were.

Planet Namek never gave any powerlevels to the rest of the Z-fighters at this stage. Which would be hard since they didn't do anything that could give an indication. Piccolo and Vegeta were probably around the million, the other Z-fighters I estimate between the 20.000 and 60.000. Gohan could be the strongest of them, or not. Depending on how much studying his mother made him do in the time after Namek. Which was probably insanely much.

Now, the Scoobies themselves.

At the start:

Buffy 120 120
Xander 8 8
Willow 21 21
Giles 18 18
Kendra 98 98
Average Vamp/Demon 50 50

The average human was measured by Radditz at 5 at the beginning of DBZ. Xander is not your average human so he gets a whoppin' 8. Buffy is the Slayer and as such is blessed with extra power. Since I placed the average Vamp at 50 the Slayer needs to be more then that. One of you suggested that the Slayer would have a Saiyan like ability to get better from near death experience. That would be overkill but it does seem that, the longer they live, the better Slayers get at what they are doing. And not just skillwise. Against Glory and the First's ubervamp Buffy took some tremendous punishment and lived to tell the tale. While that wasn't the reason I scaled Kendra lower then Buffy it does tie in nicely.

Xander prior to Halloween 11
Xander the Saiyan 2500
Xander post Halloween 48

Training his ass off for several weeks gave Xander only a mild increase in power, henceforth still his buttmonkeyness. Whatever power he had during the possession is not really that important, but it is a good average for Saiyans in general. Besides a bucket load of skills and experience Xander did get a fourfold increase in power. Give or take.

Buffy vs. Vegeta 210

The Prince himself estimated her at that level. This is after months of regular training so she is bound to have shown an increase.

Angel prior to turning 62

If the average vamp is 50 then Angel as a former master vampire is probably a bit low. But Angel didn't do much of the fighting in the beginning. And he had been living an appalling lifestyle for a long time, living of rats in New York, before coming to Sunnydale. And he doesn't drink human blood. So I guess he would be more in the average range by the time Buffy started to whip him into shape.

Buffy towards the end 600
Xander towards the end 220
Oz towards the end 24
Kendra towards the end 200
Belmovekk post Judge Fluctuating between 200 and below 100

It stands to reason that by using the gravity gym and by pouring her heart and soul into training to compensate for losing Angel, Buffy would show a nice increase. As would Xander. There is still a big gap between them though, for which Xander needs to use his bag of Saiyan tricks to keep up. Like 3D Master's Buffy Z stories I tend to agree that skill matters more then power. And Xander just has more at this point in time. Oz is scaled at 24 because he only started training relatively late and then dropped out of the picture for a long time. Which is why I decided to send him and his band on their world wide southern California tour. Kendra scales in at 200. She got the training manual but she and her Watcher had to make do without a constant Saiyan instructor, or a gravity gym.

Angelus 650
Spike 500
Drusilla 580
Average vamp minion 500
The Judge vs. Belmovekk ± 1000

Ethan's spell gave the vamps a ten-fold increase. Since he's bound to show some additional increase from training that would put him above Buffy. But since he stopped training under Belmovekk he and the other vamps are more limited in their knowledge of chi fighting. So Buffy could still fight them one on one. Xander using his Saiyan bag of tricks could still take on an average vamp minion, but Drusilla on the other hand was just to much overkill even for him. Yes, in the story I have a scene where Buffy spars with Xander at full power and he keeps up. But that is still a friendly fight. When your opponent is out to kill you things are inevitably different. Spike having been in a wheelchair and not being able to train much gets to be lower then the other vamps. The Judge had been fed plenty of life force so he gets a nice high number, but his skill was in draining life, not actual fighting.

Part 2A 'The Mayor and the Saiyan: the Goa'uld'

The Scoobs at the start of this part.

Buffy 580
Xander 280
Oz 95
Willow 25
Faith 85
Giles 25

For having done almost no training during her stay in LA Buffy has dropped a bit. Xander has been training his butt off with Kame Senin during the summer and gained a nice increase. Likewise Oz has also been training. Willow meanwhile having made her first steps on the road to magic goes from 21 to 25. Magic and sorcery being more about willpower, not physical strength. Faith gets an initial low score because unlike Kendra she hasn't been trained from an early age and she's a new Slayer.

Amün-Ra in Belmovekk's body 5.000
During the Anubis assault 100.000

At first Amün-Ra lacks the control over Belmovekk's body and keeps it at a relatively low power. During the Anubis assault however he digs deeper into the body and as a result brings forth more power. But by doing so he becomes more susceptible to Saiyan like moods and desires. Henceforth his growing obstinence and contempt for his own men. I have no powerlevels for the fight inside Belmo’s mind. It being a lucid dream it can be anything you ant, although Amün-Ra noticed he didn’t hace access to his full powers. So any combat would take place in the hundreds.

Buffy 610
The Xandman 290
Faith 90
Oz 100
Teal'c 30
Trick 55
Tricks minions, each 180

At this point Faith has only had a few weeks training. I estimate Teal'c at 30 because he's the big strong Jaffa martial artists. Trick is just barely above average, the thinking vampire for the new age. The minions the Mayor gave him have trained for months, but their teacher was of course nowhere near as good as Angelus and Drusilla were.

Original of the Species

Part 2B The Mayor and the Saiyan: Wilkins


AN: Still the uncut version, with most of 2B still under construction, but to give you guys an idea of the ideas I've been toying with. It may be possible that the final version and story ideas will be completely different.

It all began with a girl.

A special girl, a Chosen girl.

She came to this town a few years ago. Whenever a new player comes to town I keep tabs on them. She was no different. Normally I wouldn't condone having a Slayer in this town. I'm a kill or be killed kinda guy. But I was facing the possible emergence of a certain Vampire master.

He was called the Master. Terribly pretentious asshole. A master vampire of great age and power. A bit like your former boss, Kakistos. He tried opening the Hellmouth once and instead he got trapped himself. Served him right. Nobody opens the Hellmouth in this place as long as it does not benefit me.

He could have seriously derailed my plans, Mr. Trick. So I used her to derail his plans. It took me some maneuvering, but once I learned that a certain vampire with a soul gave her information, I made damn sure that the information he passed on to her was mine. So she thwarted all of his schemes to escape. And even found time to fall in love with that vampire. Can you imagine? A Vampire Slayer and a vampire, together in love? I've heard of it happening before, but not often. And it usually gets the girl killed by her own employers very quickly.

There was also a prophecy. Yeah, I know, it's not very modern is it? But if it ain't broke.... Anyway, that prophecy foretold that on her final battle with the Master she would die and the Master would get free. So I prepared to meet the Master and finish off that bloodsucker the moment he got out.

Imagine my surprise when she didn't die? Well, she died, for a few minutes at least, until a boy came to her rescue and revived her using CPR. And they say kids don't learn anything in school! That day I learned two things. First, that when a Slayer dies and is revived there are now suddenly two Slayers. So the day another Slayer died in my town I gave immediate orders to destroy the body, incinerate her and scatter the ashes. Cause I sure don't want three of them, now do we?.

Secondly, even the most dependable and inevitable prophecy can be subverted. I have to say, Mr. Trick, that scared me more then a whole army of Slayers. Cause I've been using certain prophecies myself and I'd hate it for somebody to derail those. Things must progress as I want them to go. Suffice to say I've kept an keen eye on that boy ever since. No one can subvert a prophecy of that magnitude, unless they are very special or have some pretty big connections. And since the kid isn't that special it therefore falls to learn who is connected to that kid.

That is why I didn't take steps against the Slayer and her friend after she defeated the Master. They present an enigma to me. And as the saying goes, keep your friends close, your enemies closer and never ever leave an enigma out of your sight. Besides, having her around kept the various malcontents in order. While I had to allow a certain level of chaos in my town in order to advance my interests, it was starting to get way above that level. And while she was focused on the various vampires, demons and what else, she didn't really interfere with my plans. Plus the decrease in attacks and violence proved beneficial to my voters. It never hurts to keep the voters happy.

It would seem that she was going strong in this town. But pride always comes before the fall. And her fall was love. Love for that vampire with a soul. Then he lost his soul after they had sex together. And some people wonder why I always make such a big issue about teen sex in my campaigns. Nothing good comes of it, Mr. Trick. Her vampire lover turned evil turned out to be more evil then the Master ever could. At least he was only interested in supplanting me. Angelus wished to truly end the world. I couldn't have that now, could I?

Lucky for me he had arrived. He is one of the last of his kind. A survivor of a race of warriors which just stuns the mind. From what I learned he is an alien of a another world, one that has been destroyed. His power just staggers the mind. You have heard about the Tarakans, Mr. Trick? How they never give up on an assignment, no matter the cost? Ever wondered what it takes to scare a Tarakan, Mr. Trick? He does. Not only has he managed to scare them off a mission to kill her, there is not enough money in the world for them to take him on again. They are that scared of him.

One day he came by this town and met her. Besides being incredible warriors, it would seem that these Saiyans, that is their name, are also incredibly emotional beings, for he took pity on her in an instant. He offered to help her. In less then a year he trained that girl and that interesting boy to such levels that there is practically little in this world that could kill them. It would have been a crushing defeat for my ambitions, if it weren't for that edict.

They thought they were so damn clever issuing it. And it probably saved many of my constituents lives. But they also surrendered intelligence gathering to the underworld. By making demons responsible for giving them information they basically gave up on getting their own. By applying the age old magician's tactic of misdirection I easily covered up my own tracks.

And kept vigil on to theirs. He has been a busy little boy, Mr. Trick. He's looking for something. I'm not sure what. Or where. I'd pay a great deal to know what it is. You'd never know when it comes in handy. I know he is connected to the US Airforce. As you may have found out to our cost. We must be very careful that your recent setback hasn't caused them to be alerted to my plans. Luckily the weakest links have been eliminated. Now if only I knew what he was after!

I do know, that like her, his greatest weakness however is love. He loves her dearly. It's not a sexual thing, Or maybe it is. After all, you've been around, haven't you? You know what depravity lies in the hearts of men. But I think its fatherly love. It would be very much out of character for our boy, otherwise. I'm usually a pretty good judge of character you know..

Where she loved her lover so much that she couldn't kill him when he turned evil, he loved her so much he sought to eliminate him from her life at every cost. Ruthlessness seems to be at the core of his kind. If she can't have her lover, then its better for her to never see him again. Of course she didn't take kindly to that when she found out. Such is the impetuousness of youth. So after they stopped her former lover from ending the world she ran away. And he turned to alcohol. Unfortunately they seem to be together again. Be it still only cordially.

Why I didn't finish off either of them when I had the chance, you ask? Two reasons, my dear Mr. Trick. First, I said he he was one of the last of his kind. I didn't say he was the last of his kind. There are at least two others. Once I learned of that little fact, all bets were off. Wouldn't do me any good to have his fellows tear off my head in vengeance now would it? And killing her would mean risking his vengeance. I'm not ready for that yet. Nor are you.

Secondly, why would I? They serve my purposes more then ever. This will be the year of my ascension, Mr. Trick. Once I've ascended you can take over and rule what remains as you see fit. But until then nothing will get in my way. I have many enemies and I fully expect that when they try to stop me, they will come to a violent stop against the Slayer and the Saiyan.

The next day, two men sat outside an Irish pub near the Bay Area of San Francisco. One of them, looked like some white trash reject wearing nothing but trousers and a vest to cover his upper body. A baseball cap on top of a very white trash mullet finished his look. The other man looked like a body builder, whose I  San Francisco T-shirt looked like it was about to tear itself apart any time he moved. As White Trash sipped a pint of beer contently, the bodybuilder looked around bored as the streets were full of shoppers and tourists walking by.

They had been sitting there for a while now and Bodybuilder in particular was starting to look very bored. He had his arms folded across his chest and one finger was tapping impatiently.

“Easy, Big Guy,” White Trash said as he put his pint back on the table.

“Where is, he,” Bodybuilder growled, “he's been gone for hours!”

“He'll come when he comes,” White Trash shrugged indifferent. Truth be told his big friend was getting on his nerves. If he could he would probably leave him to stew in his own juices. But he also shuddered to think what Bodybuilder would do without him keeping an eye on things. So he sucked up and stayed. After all, in the end all that counted was the mission.

“I think I'm going to order another pint,” White Trash said, “sure you don't want something?”

“What's the point,” Bodybuilder muttered. White Trash beckoned for a waitress. A waitress came by, a teenage girl.

“What can I get you,” she asked.

“How about a refill,” White Trash smiled at her and held up his empty glass.

“And your friend,” she asked as she accepted the empty glass and put it on her tray.

“He's not having anything,” White Trash smiled, then leaned over towards her and whispered, “nor is he any good company.”

“Hey,” Bodybuilder objected, “I heard that!”

“You see what I have to be put up with,” White Trash sighed, then he spotted something, “oh, and better add a whiskey , in fact, make it a double.”

The waitress nodded and went to get the drinks. She had just gone inside when a immaculately dressed, be it very small black man joined the duo.”

“Finally,” Bodybuilder said annoyed, “you took your sweet time! What took you so long, idiot!”

“Oh, shut up,” the black man said as he sat down, “if you think it's so easy, why don't you do it!”

“Maybe I should,” Bodybuilder replied, “Ass clown!”

The little black man sighed deeply and shook his head.

“I'm totally unappreciated,” he sighed.

“Did you get what you were looking for,” White Trash asked.

“In a way,” Little Black Man said, “the contact was legit.”

“Did you beat him up,” Bodybuilder asked, causing Little Black Man to sigh.

“Of course not, you idiot,” he said disapprovingly, “why does everything revolve first and foremost around violence with you?”

“What else is there,” Bodybuilder shrugged, “don;t be afraid to be the first to resort to violence.”



“He's right,” White Trash said, “violence is not the answer. We have to keep a low profile, remember? Money is silent, violence has a habit of getting noticed.”

“I don't get to kill anything these days,” Bodybuilder snorted, “and we only have so much of it and the way you keep sucking down those pints means were soon out of it.”

“There's plenty left,” White Trash smiled. As if on cue the waitress returned with the order. As she put the drinks down, White Trash smiled at her.

“Thanks, baby,” he said and gave her some money, “we'll be off after this. So keep the change.”

“Thanks,” she said and gave White Trash a smile. He may not have been her type, but a decent tip always deserved a smile. As White Trash saw her leave he sighed. Then he turned to Little Black Man.

“I took the liberty of ordering you something,” he said.

“Thanks, Little Black Man said as he took the glass holding the whiskey and downed it in one big gulp, “just what the doctor ordered!”

“Bah,” Bodybuilder snorted in disgust as Little Black Man put the empty glass on the table.

“So what did you learn,” White Trash asked.

“It is true, Vegeta is on this planet,” Little Black Man said. Causing White Trash to look shocked and even Bodybuilder to look up.

“That.... is unfortunate,” White Trash eventually said.

“Ha, looks like I do get to kill something after all,” Bodybuilder grinned.

“Shut it,” White Trash said as he started thinking, then he looked at Little Black Man, ”was he the one?”

“Could be,” Little Black Man said, “the contact did say he was absent that day.”

“That means job done, right,” Bodybuilder said looking around.

“Goku was also absent that day,” White Trash said, “I find it hard to think they worked together. They were supposed to be enemies.”

“Enemies, schmenemies,” Bodybuilder said, “we can't touch Goku, the orders didn't say anything about Vegeta.”

White Trash didn't speak, just cupped his right elbow with his left hand and used his right hand to support his chin while he thought.

“There's more,” Little Black Man said.

“There is,” White Trash asked looking at Little Black Man.

“There is another Saiyan,” he said, dropping the bombshell.

“I guess this means I still don't get to kill anything,” Bodybuilder said.

“This is getting weirder by the moment,” White Trash finally said.

“Well, how do you think I felt,” Little Black Man said, “I had to use every ounce of my cool to prevent my jaw from hitting the floor.”

Bodybuilder let out a loud snort.

“Shut up,” Little Black Man said angry.

“Make me,” Bodybuilder said defiantly.

“I'll do it,” Little Black Man said.

“For petesakes,” White Trash said, “will you two knock it off? We have a job to do!”

The bickering duo looked at White Trash.

“This isn't over,” Little Black Man said to Bodybuilder.

“Any time, little man,” Bodybuilder said softly.

“What have I done to deserve you two,” White Trash sighed as he shook his head, then he looked at Little Black Man, “did you learn anything of this mystery Saiyan?”

Shooting one quick look of anger at Bodybuilder Little Black Man continued.

“According to my contact his name is Belmovekk.”

“That don't sound very Saiyan,” Bodybuilder said, “I thought Saiyan names sounded like vege...”

White trash signaled Bodybuilder to shut up.

“Anything else? Like a place of residence?”

Little Black Man shook his head.

“The contact didn't know. He knew this Saiyan is connected to Capsule Corp. and that they have work done for him. But that went through their skunk works division.”

“Bulma,” White Trash huffed.

“Indeed, “ agreed Little Black Man, “it won't be easy getting that information. She'll have good security.”

“The best,” White Trash agreed while thinking it over..

“It will take time,” Little Black Man said, “I can't just hack into her systems without her noticing it. It has to be handled with care, finesse. And above all stealth.”

“You do that,” White Trash agreed. This was not to the likings of Bodybuilder.

“You're letting him do it,” he said angry, “the little shit'll take forever! I'm not going to wait forever!”

“Easy, big guy,” White Trash said, holding up a hand, “we're not going to wait here.”

“We aren't,” Bodybuilder said surprised.

“Who ever destroyed the good doctor's old lab knew where to find it,” White Trash said, “I think we should visit our old brother #8 again. I think he lied to us.”

“If #8 lied to us he'll be long gone,” Bodybuilder, a.k.a. android #14 said.

“We'll find him,” White Trash, a.k.a. Android #13 said confidently, “I think we can torture his new whereabouts from those villagers. And in the meanwhile #15 here can hack into Capsule Corp.'s secure files network. So when we're all finished we can find out this Belmovekk and see if he had anything to do with the destruction of doctor Gero's old Lab.”

“Finally, decisive action,” the huge #14 grinned.

The End

You have reached the end of "Original of the Species 2A, The Mayor & the Saiyan". This story is complete.

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