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Anya's Revenge

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Summary: Never piss off your emplyees. They might strike back with a vengance.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralWhiteWolfFR717001121,80313 Jun 0313 Jun 03Yes
Title: Anya's Revenge
Author: I'm just me and nobody else.
Disclaimer: Do you really think they belong to me. Only Fred
Summery: Anya's revenge for Halfrek's Death. D'Hoffnyr, poor guy never knew what hit him.

Anya's Revenge

Anya was preparing herself for some kind of ritual. She was in the Magic Box and had closed
it for the day. Normally somebody would think that it was a sign of the Armageddon. But it
wasn't. To day was the day of Vengeance or Justice. It's how you look at it. Anya was
planning to perform the ritual in the back room; Buffy's training room. Buffy didn't come
often to train their anymore. So Anya wasn't afraid that Buffy would interrupt her.

Anya started to chant. "Oh Mighty Frediora I heed you to come for my call of Vengeance."

Anya repeated it twice more and in a puff off smoke a demon appeared. It was a short demon
and it was hovering 2 feet above the ground to compensate for his lack of height.

"Who dares to call on the Mighth ... Anyanka? Why are you calling me?" The demon looked
very annoyed. "You know that I have a busy schedule and I have no time for social calls."

"Hi Fred." Anya was grinning at him with a fake smile, a real fake smile. "This is business.
Please sit down. I have to call a few more people before we can start." She pointed to one of
the five chairs that where encircling her.

The demon shrugged his shoulders. "Oh if it is business." And sat down.

Anya continued summoning 4 more vengeance demons. She let them sit two chair to the left
of each next demon that appeared. When the last demon was seated, the main event could
begin. The demons were talking among each other until Anya shushed them.

Anya started to chant again. "Beatum sit in nomine D'Hoffrynis. Fiat hoc spatium porta ad
mundum Arashmaharris."

A bright flash of light, then D'Hoffryn appeared, facing away from Anya.

D'Hoffryn started to speaking in a low voice. "Behold, D'Hoffryn. Lord of Arashmahar. He
that turns the air to blood and rains." He turned around and saw his subject sitting around him
in a circle. Until he saw Anya. "Anyanka. What is the meaning of this and why did you
summon my vengeance demons? You want to be back in my good grace? I'm afraid you don't
have what it takes to be a vengeance demon anymore."

Anya's face went blank and her voice was rid of every emotion. "I wish for D'Hoffryn to
become human and rid of all his power."

D'Hoffryn laughed. "Anya, my dear. They don't have the power to do that."

Anya didn't let him distract her. "No wisdom shall he have to use or learn magic. No demon
shall hear his plead for help or power. No harm shall he do to those he hates or their love

D'Hoffryn was still smiling.

"Please grant me this wish to avenge your sister vengeance demon Halfrek."

Fred stood first up. "Granted." The second demon followed suit. Then the third. The demons
stood up in the same way as they were seated. When the last demons uttered 'Granted', a flash
appeared around D'Hoffryn and a second later a human stood in his place.

"How is this possible?" D'Hoffryn looked horrified with disbelieve.

Fred approached Anya as first and shook her hand. "Excellent vengeance, Anya. Knew you
didn't lost your touch." He turned to D'Hoffryn. "Sorry old man. Business is business."

He disappeared and the other demons followed him until only Anya and D'Hoffryn were left
behind. Anya turned her back and walked to the wall and picked up a backpack.

"How was possible? They don't have the power to do this." D'Hoffryn was in a shock.

"Their order of seating was in a pentagram and the vengeance was done in Hallie's name. Plus
I don't think many of your followers liked it that you sacrificed one of your demons just to
punish me." Anya handed him the backpack.

"What is this?"

"Some money, clothes, food, a key to an apartment, the directions are chained at the key and
an uniform for your new job."

"What new job?"

"At the Double Meat Palace." Anya smiled brightly.



The End

You have reached the end of "Anya's Revenge". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking