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Summary: A collection of uber minis based on a first line challenge posted on my livejournal.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherechoFR1571,821043,54023 Jan 0727 Jan 07No

So This Is What Lust Smells Like

fandom: HP/Torchwood
disclaimer: Not mine.
summary: Some of Owen's pheromone spray victims might not have been as unfamiliar as we thought.
line: There were trousers on the ceiling fan, knickers on the floor, and a red dress hanging limply from the corner of the closet door.
contributor: Jinni


There were trousers on the ceiling fan, knickers on the floor, and a red dress hanging limply from the corner of the closet door. Hmmm, that had a bit of a rhythm to it. Damn. He was so hung over that he was rhyming. Bloody hell.

Draco blinked and rubbed his eyes. A body snuggled into his side. He couldn't recall. Damn that fellow with his odd spray. Draco knew it had something to do with that. The second after that bloke had sprayed it, he'd become awfully attractive. Before that Draco had been thinking how much like a monkey the fellow looked in the face.

He'd seen... oh bloody everlasting hell... he'd seen the littlest Weasley slinking off with... Owen, was it? Well, he'd call him Owen for this whole thought process. He'd seen the lovely Miss Ginny Weasley slinking off with this Owen muggle. Draco had went to say something when he got whammied. Had to be some sort of pheromone potion or something. This is what comes of being a good guy. He should have just let Potter's little fiancé sneak off with the freaky muggle. No, no, Draco Malfoy has to become overcome with uncharacteristic nobility and play knight. This is what he gets. Some sort of lust dousing.

And not only had Owen of the chimp face become irresistible, so had Freckles Weasley. Shagged and Merlin knows what else by the fiancé of his rival and a damned muggle. Draco groaned. He was so screwed, no pun intended. He decided he hoped Ginny was the body snuggled against his. Yes, definitely the lesser of the two evils.

A horrified feminine gasp let him know it was, in fact, her. A quick glance around showed Draco that Owen had ducked out before his victims awoke, and lucky for him. If that fellow was still about, Draco might have had to hex said fellow's balls right on off.

Draco looked down at Ginny and was struck by the fact that she looked lovely hung over and horrified first thing in the morning.

"Well. " Draco said in a more cheerful tone than was called for. "This certainly complicates things, doesn't it?"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Snippets" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jan 07.

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