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New Horizons

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Summary: Response to Challenge #2124 - At the end of "Chosen", Willow tries to save Spike - with unexpected results...

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredAlyssaraFR152025,749821982,56824 Jan 0718 Jan 08No

Prologue - Part 1

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even my three cats (they own me); all attempts to sue me will be summarily snickered at, followed by me handing over vast quantities of the nothing that I possess.
All the characters portrayed here belong to other people who are both more clever and more creative than myself. I am only borrowing them temporarily and will return them unharmed after the story.

Willow raced through the halls of Sunnydale High, skidding slightly around corners. The spell to activate the Potentials had gone off perfectly. Although the sudden in-rush of white magic had taken her by surprise, it certainly didn’t do anything to mess things up; if anything, it increased her power dramatically and left her feeling like she could accomplish anything. After a few moments of recovery she was up and moving towards the Hellmouth to see if she could do anything to help Buffy and the gang.

She passed a couple of demons -and managed to blast them easily with a few bursts of pure power- before reaching the top of the stairs to the basement. At that point Buffy burst through them and nearly ran her over.

Buffy recovered quickly and grabbed Willow’s shoulder. “Will, we need to get out of here! Spike is activating the amulet and things are going to get very ugly, very quickly.”

Willow could feel her “resolve face” forming. “You go ahead; I can teleport myself. I’ll see if I can get Spike out, too.”

Buffy searched Willow’s eyes briefly, and then squeezed her shoulder before letting go; a look of relief and gratitude crossing her features “Thanks”, she said softly before sprinting on down the hallway towards the exit.

Willow wasted no time in starting down the stairs. As she rounded the last turn to the entrance of the Hellmouth she was greeted by the sight of Spike screaming as bright rays pierced out from his glowing body. The Turok-Hans were crumbling into dust under the rays and the cavern was collapsing into itself. A second glance showed that Spike was also beginning to disintegrate within the glow.

Working quickly, Willow began weaving a teleportation spell that would encompass both herself and Spike and remove them to safety. But before she could complete it, one of the rays struck her full on and she could do nothing as the magic within her mingled with the ancient magic of the amulet and twisted the teleportation spell. It rebounded and twined like a living thing around both her and Spike, pulling them together and dissolving the world around them in a burst of golden light.

Her last thought before the darkness of unconsciousness claimed her was, “oops!”.
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