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The Slayer and the Wizard

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Summary: Buffy is at Hogwart to teach to get away from Slayage and Spike. She took Dawn with her.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Hogwarts TeacherWhiteWolfFR749,2293148,81413 Jun 0318 Jun 03No


The Slayer and the Wizard

Title: The Slayer and the Wizard
Author:I'm a man who doesn't cry. I'm a man who sheds tears.
Discaimer:Where is my army. I thought we were planning on rescuing the Prinsess Buffy form castle Joss.

Seamus Finnigan:
"Come all and see, the next big fight..
In the red corner. Is the challanger and the ruling champ. Professor Sev 'Crankey Pants' Snape. He has only been defeated once.
And in the blue corner. Is the challangee Dawn 'Hair Puller'Summers. Snape is the favourite. He has the years of experians. But he might
underestemate her like he did with her sister, who flattered him is seconds. Dawn has her sister in her corner. She also has the blood of
the Slayer running through her vains and the same potential as her sister, plus she is mean hair puller
Angela_M I take your 50 bucks on Snape.
Alian I take 20 on Dawn.
Angel of the Dance 10 on Dawn
jacy anothor 25 on Dawn
Stone Coope 35 on Snape
X-lander 15 on Snape
BtVSLover 30 on Snape
Bettin is still open until story is read.

A/N: before I started writing the story I had to shed some tears. But the tearing part isn't going to be in
this chapter. I hope to put in the next.

Chapter 3:

Next morning Dawn entered the Great Hall late with swollen eyes. She was holding a book close to
her chest. Buffy walked toward her. Concern for her sister. "Dawnie, what's wrong?"

"I'm fine. I just finished reading this book. It's a very sad and happy story." Dawn's eyes were
shining from the unshed tears and gave her sister a big smile. Buffy knew that these were happy
tears. She gave her sister a quick hug. "You should read it." Dawn handed her the book.

Buffy read the cover. The Slayer : the fairytale. Buffy looked confused. "You love it." Dawn walked
away to the Gryffinor's table leaving a confused Buffy behind. Buffy walked back to the teacher's
table. She sat between Duncan, her assistant and Snape.

"Is everything alright with the Little Miss?" Duncan asked.

"Yeah, she read this book and she loved it. It made her cry." She showed him the book.

Duncan read the cover and smiled. "It is a popular children book. I read it as a child. Twice."

"Dawn wants me to read it." Buffy took another look at the cover. "I think I'll start after classes

"Shouldn't you spent your time more efficiently, than reading a children book." Snape commented
next to her.

"Nobody asked you. Sev. Plus I have an assistant, who can do the paperwork." She gave Duncan
a wink. He pretended to be outraged. They already divided their work and she wasn't planning to
give him all the paperwork even if it was tempting. "And why am I sitting next to you?" She rebuked
at him and he snarled at her. They ignored each other the rest of breakfast.

When Dawn arrived at the Gryffinor's table, the twins kept an empty seat between them. She
blushed a little, when Hermione and Ginny gave her the look. The Weasley's twins noticed her

"Did you cry?" "Are you in pain?""Did somebody hurt you?" "Do you want us to beat him up?"

This made Dawn laugh and soon the two girls followed her. "No, I just read a book and it made me
cry. It is the most wonderful book I ever read."

"The ending is 'so' romantic." Ginny added.

"I admire her bravery." Hermione added her piece of mind. The boys looked confused. "I lend her
the book. The Slayer: the fairytale."

An 'Oh' went through the boys. The twins stood up. "We like the action." One of the twin attacked
the other with an invisible stake. "Die vampire." And the other enacted a dramatic deathscene. They
got an applause from their fellow students, with the exception from the Slytherin's table.

Dumbledore thought that this was a good moment for his announcement. "Quite, please. We thank
the Weasley's twin for their performance of a vampire staking." The Weasley's bowed to their
fellow students (even the Slytherins) and the teachers. "I'm sure the Professor Summers will give
them some pointer in DADA class." There went a laughter through the student body and Buffy
made a slight nod. She smiled, but it didn't reach her eye. Nobody noticed that. "I have a little
announcement. After yesterday Professor Summers is willing to take another class on Friday after
dinner in the Great Hall. It is mandatory to all Slytherins."

Through the Slytherin's table went shock and protests. The other tables laughed. The Weasley's
twins couldn't keep the mouth shut. "Shouldn't have insulted the Professor's sister." "Shouldn't
have pissed off the DADA teacher." The other Weasley add.

Buffy stood up and the hall went quiet. "A few Gryffinors will also have the honour to follow this
class. I'll put a list on Friday before dinner." She gave the Wealsley a knowingly glance.

Dawn put a hand on both the Weasley's shoulders in fake comfort. "I think you boys just
volunteered for extra class." There went a laughter through the Gryffinor's table.

At the Slytherin's table mini-Spike stood up. "What kind of class is it?"

"Come Friday and see." Buffy gave him a warm smile. This confused him even more. He looked to
his Potion teacher. But the look he gave him was that he didn't know either. He sat down again.

Ron saw the smile. "Why did she smile at Malfoy?"

"She thinks it's funny how much he looks like Spike." Dawn answered.

"Spike?" Ron asked.

"You called him mini-Spike yesterday." Harry added.

The Weasley's twin saw an opportunity to make fun. "Who is Spike?" "And how are we going to
use it against Malfoy."

Dawn laughed. "Spike. How do we picture Spike. For one he is the 'Big Bad' in town."

"Not helping." "That will only flatter him."

Dawn smiled. "You know he is a friend of mine. So I can't put him in a bad light."

"You could try." "Look at us we're doing it all the time."

"Okay, come closer." They huddled their head together. "Buffy didn't forbid me to talk about
Spike. But she might not like it, if the whole school knows about him. At least not for now. Okay?"

They all nodded or agreed vocally. "First hands on your mouth. You gonna be shocked." They
obeyed and giggled. "He is a vampire." Don't have to tell the shock was great.

Harry was the first one to recover. "You have a vampire as a friend. Aren't they suppose to be

"Well, you couldn't call him exactly evil. Neither good. But he fought along side Buffy and helped
her save the world twice, no three times. Plus he is harmless."

"Harmless?" Hermione asked.

"Saved the world?" "Three times?" The Twins asked.

"Buffy saved the world three times?" Came Ron's respond.

"No bloody wonder she doesn't fear Voldemort. Confronting him would be like a walk through the
park for her."

Ginny just had her mouth wide open.

Dawn grinned. "He has a chip, an amulet in his head that makes him harmless to humans."

She turned to the twins. "He likes the world how it is. With all the lovely walking bloodbags. The
first time he did it to piss off another vampire. The second time he did it to save his own life or Buffy
would have staked him. The third times." Dawn was getting watery eyes. "The third time he just did
it." The others saw that there was more, but didn't want to push her.

Now it was Ron's turn. Dawn grinned. "More like 6 time."

"Merlin's Ghost."

"She had help offcourse, but she was the ringleader."

Dawn turned to Harry with proud in her voice. "Her specialties are demons and Apocalyptic, but
she isn't afraid of any vampire, demon, wizard or even hellgod."

"I'm in love." Ron uttered.

After the shock passed. Harry lightly told Ron. "Watch out Ron. You know what happened last
time, when one of us had a crush on a teacher."

Hermione and Ginny both blushed.

"I don't have a crush on her and you can't compare her to that twit of a Lockhart." Ron blushed a

"Who is Lockhart?" Dawn asked.

"I tell you later, we have to go to our first class. Potions with Slytherins." Hermione stood up. "Lets
go, before Professor Snape deducts points. He didn't like it, that his House already lost 50 points.
We at least going to lose half of it."

Dawn stood up. "Bye guys."

"Bye, Dawn." The Weasley's twin said simultaneous.

Harry and Ron followed the girls.

"So do we have a plan of operation?" Dawn asked.

"Plan of operation?" Harry repeated.

"A strategy to minimize him from taking points away from us. This is your fourth year. He knows
your weakness and he 'will' use it against you." Dawn explained.

"Neville." Harry understood it. "He get nervous and he isn't very good. He'll use Hermione
eagerness and Ron's temper."

"Hey." Ron respond.

"Okay, here is the plan. Hermione keep a low profile. Ron keep smiling even if he takes points
away. He'll hate it and it will unnerve him. Harry warn the rest to behave. And I'll sit next to Neville
and give him moral support. And try to be a buffer between Snap and him."

"He'll take points away from you, if you protect him." Hermione stated.

Dawn grinned. "Just leave that to me. I have a plan."

"Maybe you should sit next to me. Potion is a very difficult class." Hermione stated.

"Don't worry I had chemistry, plus I helped Willow and Tara make a few potions and I worked in
a magic shop." Dawn said confident.

"You worked in magic shop, that's cool, what did they sell." Hermione was thrilled.

"Books, potions ingredients, magical amulets and artifacts and other things magical or that looked
magical. Not every objects are magical. Some are just presumed magical by muggles."

"Wow, they almost sell everything as in Diagon Alley." Ron was impressed.

"My sister's friend owns it. So everybody knows what to do?"

They all nodded. When they arrived at the dungeon, there were already a few students. They were
lucky, Nevill was there too. He was nervous looking for his stuff. Harry went to speak with the
other Gryffinors and Dawn went to sit next to Neville.

"Hi, Neville." He almost got a heart attack. "Sorry."

"Nnno, it's my fault. I'm to nervous . We're go-oing to lose points, be-because of me."

"We know." Neville looked scared. "Don't worry. That's why I'm here. For moral support." She
gave him one of the famous Summers's smiles. It brightened Neville's face up.

"I know that I'm a bad student." Dawn stopped his confession.

"No, you aren't." She gave him her resolve-face, one Willow taught her. "We muggles have a
saying. There are no bad students, only bad teachers." Neville smiled. "You are in Gryffinor, this
means that you are brave, it doesn't mean you are fearless." She stopped for a moment to let it sink
in with Neville. "It means that you will stand up to fear. In this case being a bad student and losing
point for your House." Neville nodded. "First you have to remember is, Snape isn't going to eat you
alive if you make a mistake." Neville giggled. "Second. You need air. Don't forget to breath."
Dawn took some deep breaths. Neville followed her example. "Third try to ignore him, if he tries
intimidate you. And fourth. I'm here for moral support and try to act as a buffer between you and
Snape. In an emergency you can take my hand for strength." Dawn stretched her hand out and
Neville took it blushing. "We ready?"

Neville took a deep breath. "Yes."

Harry spoke with every Gryffinor, who entered the room. They were all present. Before Professor
Snape entered. The Slytherins weren't looking happy at Dawn. The next class was DADA and they
didn't want to lose any more points by messing with the Professor's sister, the extra class they got
frightened them. Even Draco wasn't calling her names or a Mudblood. He just stared at her with
malice. She ignored him.

Professor Snape entered the room. "Sit down and be quiet." Professor Snape went to sit behind his
desk. "This is fourth year Potions and no waving wands is needed." Snape looked at Dawn and
snarled. "So it won't be any problem for a Muggle to follow this class. Miss. Summers."

Dawn stood up. "I have some experience with making potions, sir. And I took chemistry, muggle's
potion at highschool, sir." She sat down again.

"So you thing you are an expert. Miss. Summers?"

"No, sir."

"5 points from Gryffinor for speaking out of turn." None of the Gryffinor made a sound of protest
and Dawn just smiled. This unnerved Snape. He went on with the lesson. After the class was half
over he took another 20 points from Dawn, but none from the other Gryffinors. None of them made
a mistake, plus Snape was concentrating of Dawn.

Snape hated to admit it, but Dawn had potential for potion making and with her help Neville wasn't
his clumsy self. It was time to mess with Neville to take some more points form Gryffinor.

"Well, well. Mr. Longbottom is doing well today. Let see how well he is doing without any help
from Miss. Summers." Snape eyes were sparkling.

Neville swallowed hard. Dawn took his hand and squeezed it lightly. "Breath." Neville took a deep
breath, smiled to Dawn and tried to show no fear toward Professor Snape. He didn't do a bad job
either. Professor Snape ignored it.

"I want you to make a hair potion. The instruction you find on page 56. When you are finished
correctly a small explosion and a jade green smoke will appear."

Neville took a deep breath before opening his book to page 56. He read the instructions twice
before starting. Just like Dawn told him. Dawn was holding her thumbs for luck. He was working
slow but at a steady pace. When he came to the last ingredient, he started to panic. He couldn't find
the last ingredient. He looked with horror in his eyes at Dawn.

Dawn took his hand. "Breath." He calmed down. "Think logical. Read the instruction for the last
ingredient. Does it say something special about it."

"No. It only says, add 5 eyes of newt. Nothing else." Dawn remembered something about newt
eyes. She looked at the ingredients and saw something.

"Look at the ingredient you didn't use. Put them aside." Neville separated five items from the rest.
A jar of snake eyes, raven claws, brimstone, saltpetre and salamander eyes.

"I probable need to use one of these eyes." He put the two jars in front of him. He was talking out
loud to himself. "Which one?"

"Maybe you should look it up in your book?" Dawn offered.

Neville took his book and tried to find the information on newt eyes. It took him awhile, but he
found it. "Ah." He read out loud. " 'salamander eyes can be a substitution for newt eyes and vise
versa.' " Neville dropped 5 salamander eyes in his potion. He stirred it and then with a small
explosion that produced a jade green smoke it finished.

"I did it. I did it." Neville in his enthusiasm hugged Dawn, but quickly stepped back and blushed.
Congratulation came from the other Gryffinors.

"5 points for Gryffinor for completing the potion." Snape snarled. "10 points from Gryffinor for

The Gryffinor's were about to protest, but Dawn put her hand up to stop them. "You really going to
take points away form me, because I pointed him in the right direction?"

"The assignment was to do it without your help. 5 point for talking back." A blood vain was pulsing
on his forehead.

"You knew he didn't know about the substitution. You wanted him to fail." Dawn was calm, but the
anger was clearly there.

"10 more points."

Hermione saw, that Dawn wasn't going to stop. She wanted to say something, but Harry stopped
her. He remembered Dawn saying something about a plan and he knew that this was worth losing
points over.

"Are you really that small minded and childish, that you will take points away form a rival House,
because your house lost point and mind I say they deserved to lose."

"20 points."

"Or is it just your way to vent you frustration, because my sister is better at scaring the students
without losing their respect and they still like her."

"40 points." Snape was yelling it out.

Dawn stayed calm, but she was as furious as Snape was. And as on command the bell ring to
announce the end of the class. Dawn smiled and was packing her stuff. This confused Snape.

"You know those 110 points you took away form me. You can't take them away form Gryffinor,
because I'm not a Gryffinor. I'm their guest."

Snape was in shock. The others didn't dare to say anything and left as fast and quietly as possible.
Dawn stopped at the doorway with her back to Professor Snape. "Neville isn't a bad student.
There are no bad students only bad teachers."

Outside the gang and Neville were waiting for her and also Draco and his goons. He walked
toward Dawn. "Very impressive. I never saw somebody talk to Snape like that, less a student. You
would have done well in Slytherin, if you were a witch." He left with his goons on his tail.

"Did he just gave me an compliment?" Dawn asked confused.

"I think so." Harry responded.

"You think you were right about you being a guest and we won't be deducted those points?"
Hermione asked.

"Even if we lose 110 bloody points, Blood Hell. It was worth it. And I for one will back her up."
Ron said with a passion. With a 'don't swear' Hermione nodded in agreement with Harry and

"And I'll beat everyone up who tries to make you feel bad about it." Neville had a serious face, that
made Dawn laugh. She leaned over and kissed Neville on the cheek. Neville blushed.

"I think Fred and George will also beat everybody up for a kiss." Ron smiled, Harry laughed and
Hermione giggled.

Dawn stumped him in the upper arm. "Lets get to our next class and see how good Buffy teaches."

End Chapter 3.

A/N: That was a clear K.O.
Those who don't pay their debt will be hunted down like dogs. *grin*
I put some of Buffy's leadership and protection in Dawn. I think Dawn has a lot potential, but because of
Buffy overprotection and living in her shadow. She doesn't get a chance. Plus she can be a spoiled brat at
It seems like I'm making Dawn the leader of the gang, but no. Harry is. I might make her co-leader or second in
A/N 2: How many blowing defeats can our beloved Potion Master handle. I realy hope those two girls aren't going
to drive him to suicide. I think it was harsh for Dawn to call him a bad teacher even if it is the truth.
I don't thin he hates students, he just hate it if they don't get it right away what he is teaching.
A/N: Angela_M
You own be 50 bucks and don't forget bill the CAT scan. *grin*
Did you like the respect Dawn got from Draco. Just that you know I'm resiting any D/D 'ship.
A/N: BtVSLover
It is an honour. I like your stuff. Are you going to finish The Silver Dragon of Pern? I got some great ideas for
that fic if you have a writer's block. email me if you want to know them. Do you know that the webpage you refer to
doesn't work?

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Slayer and the Wizard" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jun 03.

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