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The Slayer and the Wizard

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Summary: Buffy is at Hogwart to teach to get away from Slayage and Spike. She took Dawn with her.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Hogwarts TeacherWhiteWolfFR749,2293148,85313 Jun 0318 Jun 03No

"She Exist" "No she doesn't"

Title: The Slayer and the Wizard
disclaimer: I don't own them and you know it. Why do I have to keep telling you guys this.
Summury:Buffy /Harry crossover. Slayer is the boogeyman of the demonworld, what if she is the boogeyman for bad children in
the Wizarddry world. Buffy goes to teach for a year as a break form slayerduty and Spike. And Dawn’s going with her.
Author: You want to know who I am? I'm the lover of death. She can stop your heart with one kiss.
spoiler: Buffy, beginning of 6th season. Harry, book 1,2 and 3.
Timeframe: Buffy,beginning 6th season. The things that happened in the beginning of the 6th season.
Happend all before school started again.
Harry 4th year.

The Slayer and the Wizard


It was summer at the Burrow, the home of the Weasley's. It was a quiet evening. Ups, wrong
house. In the summer when the Weasleys were back from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and
Wizardry. It was never quiet, if the four youngest siblings were home. Especially with the
twins, Fred and George.

At this moment they were planning to torture their little sister, Ginny. It was the last week
before school started. Harry and Hermione were staying at the Burrow until school started
again. They were all in the living room. Hermione was reading a book as usual. Ron and Harry
were playing wizard chess and Ginny was watching them.

Fred and George were sitting on the sofa arguing. "She exist!" "No she doesn't!" "She killed a
100 witches in the states and turned one into a rat." "If she killed that many witches she would
have been in the Wizard Prophet. Front page." "She didn't kill them all at once. She killed
them over a long period. And they were claimed to be killed by Death Eaters." "They were
killed by Death Eaters." "But most of them were Death Eaters themself." "Maybe they were
renegades and You Know Who killed them for disobeying him." They went on and on.

Hermione was beginning to get fed up with the twins. "Fred, George! What are you two
arguing about?" Hermione put her book on her lap and gave them both a stern look.

The twin were waiting for someone to take the bait. They had hoped that it would be their
little sister, but Hermione would do fine. "We are discussing about the existence of the Slayer.
I say she does exit." "And I say she doesn't." "Which I rejected of course."

Hermione interrupted them again. "Who or what is a Slayer."

"It's 'The' Slayer not a Slayer. There is only one at a time." "When one dies another one is
rising from her ashes." "They are alway girls." "They are nine feet tall" "Ten" "She kills
vampires and demons" "And any evil creature that crawls into the night." "Even dark wizards
and witches." "And she is a muggle."

"No she isn't." Interrupt Ron. "She is a magical creature. She can't be a muggle. She has
magic, but she doesn't use it for spells."

"But she is born form a muggle."

"So is Hermione. And she isn't a muggle." Ron argued.

"So what you guys are telling me is, that there is a girl, who might or might not exist, who
fights evil, called the Slayer." Hermione asked confused.

The Weasley's boys nodded simultaneous. This was the point where the twin were going with
their prank. One of the twins made his move. "She also goes after wizards and witches who
done bad things." "Yeah like letting a Basilisk free in school." Both boys were now behind
Ginny and trying to frighten her. But it didn't work. Ginny just giggle at their antics. So the
boys had to go for plan B. Tickling! Harry looked at Ron and he looked back and nodded.
They had the same thought. They both took a pillow and attacked the older boys. In no time
they had the upper hand with the help of Ginny.

Hermione was sitting on the sideline and normally she was a serious girl, but the scene that
played out in front of her made her laugh. That didn't go unnoticed by all participants of the
fight. They stopped for a moment and looked at each other and one of the twins yelled.
"Attack her!" They launched themself on Hermione. It was a pile up with Ginny on the top.
The pile crumbled and they all laughed and giggled.

"Children!" Her voice sounded angry, but Molly's eyes were full of amusement. She was the
mother of Weasley's siblings. "Dinner will be ready in an half an hour. And I expect this place
to be clean and tidy before dinner."

Ron and Ginny both said. "Yes, Mom." and began to clean up.

"Ah, Ma." One of the twins tried to provoke her, but Mrs. Weasley silenced him with a look.
"Okay Ma. See I'm already cleaning up." He used an imaginary broom to sweep the floor. The
other twin followed his brother example.

Mrs. Weasley put her arms in the air. "What did I do to deserve those two?"

"That's what we want to know, Ma." One of the twins replied. The other twin finished. "What
did you do in your misspend youth."

"Boys to work." The twin gave her a fake salute and picked things up. Molly turned her back
and went back to her kitchen.

Hermione thought about something and went after her. "Mrs. Weasley?" She turned back to
Hermione and she gave her a look. "Eh, Molly."

Molly smiled. "Yes, dear?"

"I was thinking if you have any books on the Slayer."

Molly thought a moment about it. "There is a fairytale book in the bookcase in the livingroom.

"Fred and George were trying to frighten Ginny with the Slayer. That started the pillow fight."

Molly gave her a big smile. "I still remember how I used the Slayer to make the boys behave.
Didn't work very well."

Hermione smiled. "They were discussing if she was real or not." Hermione left the unspoke
question out.

Molly understood where she was going. "There were always rumours about girls fighting
monsters. But no proof that they were just very brave muggles or witches. You could ask
Arthur tonight if he knows more."

"Thanks." Hermione turned back to the livingroom, where the Weasleys and Harry were
almost finished. She went to the bookcase and took the fairytale book and sat down reading it.
The other asked what she was reading and she showed them the cover and continued reading.
The others knew it was pointless to talk to her, now that she was in her study-mode. After
dinner Hermione asked Arthur, what he knew of the Slayer. He worked for the Ministry of
Magic and he told her everything he knew and promised to see if he could bring some books
from work tomorrow.

What he knew was that there were a lot of sightings , but most were obvious fake ones. The
Muggle world had bigfoot sightings, who were most of the time woodtrolls. And the Wizardry
world had Slayer sightings. Arthur brought copies, so that Hermione could keep them. The
same week when they went to Diagon Alley for school supplies, Hermione bought also book
called 'The history of the Slayer'.

Next day they went to King's Cross to catch the Hogwarts Express to School. Hermione
couldn't put down the book. She even missed the lady with the trolley. It was good that Harry
and Ron bought something for her, because she was getting hungry.

They arrived at Hogwards train station without incidents. They greeted Hagrid, who was
showing the first-years to the boats. They took the carriages to get to the castle and wandered
into the Great Hall. Hermione was still reading and bumped into Harry, who was staring at the
teacher's table. Hermione followed his stare and saw two girls. No, one was a young woman
barely in her twenties. They were pretty. Boys, though Hermione.

"Stop staring Harry, before they notice." Hermione warned Harry. But it was to late. The
youngest one saw him staring and smiled back, then she poked the other one to get her
attention. She whispered something and the young woman smiled and said something back.
They were whispering something more and their faces changed into one of horror and the
other into concern.

The young woman pointed to Harry and waved her to come to the teacher's table. Harry
walked to her as in trance. Leaving Hermione and Ron behind to go to the Gryffindor table.

End Prologue.
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