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A Hero

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Summary: Buffy dreams of a warning, but she’s not really sure what she’s meant to do about it.

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Television > Heroes > Buffy-CenteredGreySerenitatisFR71783051,83224 Jan 0724 Jan 07Yes
Author: GreySerenitatis
Email: Go fish… no one emails me anyways.
A Hero

Summary: Buffy dreams of a warning, but she’s not really sure what she’s meant to do about it.

Timeline and Spoilers: Buffy- Three years after Season 7 “Chosen”. Heroes – Current episodes. Possible spoilers if you haven’t seen the show.

Disclaimer: I own no rights to Heroes or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Author notes: So, this is a one-shot. If there’s interest, perhaps I’ll continue, but I’ll leave this open-ended just in case you want to let your mind fill in the rest. (and in case I do continue)


When Buffy had gone to bed that comfortable autumn night, the last thing she expected was to have one of her prophetic dreams. But then again, she never knew when to expect those.

She felt her eyes open in her dream world, but everything was still dark around her. There was no light, no indication of anything; she just felt hot like she was suffocating slowly.

She got to her feet and tried to feel around in the eerily still world she found herself in. Then there was a sudden flash of light and Buffy drew her arms across her eyes. When she dared to look, she could finally see her surroundings. She was in a city, probably San Francisco or New York because of the tall skyscrapers all around her. Traffic was at a stop and the air still felt hot and suffocating. The thing that bothered Buffy out the most was the fact that everything she looked at seemed muted. The sky was gray, the buildings reflected a muted sun, and everything around her seemed to lose life. It was a dead feeling that she recognized and it made her slightly sad that she could sense it.

The Slayer then heard muffled footsteps and turned to her left just as a figure ran past her; a blonde girl in a cheerleader outfit. She turned away from the girl and was startled to see a short Asian man in front of her. She took in his appearance as he spoke; a sword on his back, a small goatee and his black hair slicked back.

“Save the cheerleader, save the world.”

Buffy looked back to the retreating form of the cheerleader and almost wanted to ask why that girl was so special. In fact, she very much reminded Buffy of herself, in looks only at the very least.

Other people started to appear after that. A police officer with a kind face; a blonde woman holding a small boy and a black man; a man with wavy curly hair and an elegant looking woman with long dark hair; and two Asian men, one looking like the twin of the first Asian man she saw.

There was a man in a suit walking out of a building and Buffy instantly thought he looked important, like a Politian. And finally a younger looking man who stopped right near her.

“Save the cheerleader, save the world.” His words echoed in her ears, but instead of a foretelling tone like the Asian man had, he seemed defeated and sad. He brought his hands to his face and panic washed over him as his hands began to glow a bright red.

He looked around at all of the other people for help, but they scrambled to leave the area as quick as possible.

He screamed, “Nooo!” as his entire body glowed. His eyes became fire and when there was too much of a buildup of power he exploded.

Though Buffy knew she died then, she found herself becoming an outside viewer and she watched as the explosion from the man destroyed the city, flattened the eastern coast of the United States, and ultimately destroyed the world.

The words once more echoed in her ears, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.”

Buffy’s eyes opened slowly in the real world, the effect of her dream showing on her face. She was confused, worried, and sad. What could possibly happen to the world if no one saved a cheerleader?

She shook her head and tried to think of more pleasant thoughts like coffee and sugar, but the nagging feeling that she had to do something wouldn’t go away. Buffy pulled on some jeans and a sweater, at the very least she’d let Giles know she had a dream.

Who knows, maybe it had to do with that day when she blacked out? She had been feeling weird ever since. But still, she couldn’t help but feel that if she did have some responsibility in whatever this was that there was someone else trying to help. The image of the young man with the glowing hands entered her mind. Buffy smiled just a little.


I was really unsure of the ending when I wrote this, so I hope you like it. Please review. =]

The End

You have reached the end of "A Hero". This story is complete.

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