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Just Another Rift or is it?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Enter The Rift". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander and a few Friends wind up in Rifts Earth. Book I

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-Centered
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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of this. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and RIFTS belongs to Palladium and Spiderman belongs to Marvel Comics.

Chapter 1.
Just Another Rift or is it?

Xander Harris -------------Watcher
James Cord-----------------Watcher
Leila Khoury ----------------Slayer
Melinda Thorpe -------------Slayer

Philani -(To be alive)-----Shaman
Lindani -(Wait/Be Patient)-Shaman in training

"So.That's it then. This is as ready as we're going to get. Let's go …we have a visitor to meet and greet."

At these words, twelve people got up and did a final check on their equipment. The weapons ranged from the simple, but trusty stake to the RPG -7 rocket grenade launcher, Xander's slayers and watchers all had the same basic kit to start with. The ever present stake, a combat knife with inlaid silver and a katana; which rounded out the basic kit. From there, the weapons load varied greatly.

Melinda Thorpe the oldest slayer present, at twenty six years old, was also the most experienced. She had the most lethal short range combination and assortment of weapons of anyone in the camp. Starting with the matched South African produced MAG-7, a pump action shotgun that mixes the concept of the compact submachine gun and the concept of the pump shotgun. In general the MAG-7 appears much like an enlarged UZI submachine gun. With her Slayer gifts she preferred to wield both shotguns, at the same time. Her pet peeve was not enough ammo. Her Watcher, James Cord, was pretty much cut from the same cloth.

Nomsa or Faith in Zulu, seventeen years old, (the irony was not lost on Xander) was at the other end of the weapons spectrum. Armed with her preferred weapon; A spear, which was 7 feet in length, without the blue glowing ivory blade. She preferred to rely on the weapons gifted by her village shaman, and like her the Watcher she was assigned matched her as well. Lindani, Be Patient in Zulu, a shaman in training, came from the same village she did. His weapons while traditional had the added touch of the modern as well. Xander's philosophy for all Watchers was that a combat shotgun during an apocalypse will help more than hinder.

Leila Khoury, at twelve years old, was the youngest Slayer in Africa and she shouldn't have been here to begin with, but her unwillingness to leave Xander's side from the moment he saved her life in Egypt left no choice but to bring her along. Besides the normal kit she carried an RPG-7V2 for the longer range punch it carried.

The other notable of the group was the shaman whose visions gathered everyone. From Nomsa's village. Philani or To be alive in Zulu was Lindani's elder. Aside from his herbal pouch he carried the traditional spear of his people and the sacred ritual knife he used in his casting.. His escort consisted of five of the village veteran warriors who were equipped with the normal assortment of weapons that the bush rangers they were are usually equipped with.

All the weapons and ammunition in the party was blessed by the shamans. As everyone got in their land rovers they set out to the holy places of the village. A few minutes later everyone got out and the shaman placed everyone in their place according to his visions.

They didn't have long to wait as the hour approached midnight everyone could see the power lines in the sky light up and the magic built a rift began to form and the snout of a great beast started to squeeze through.

"Fire!" At Xander's command everyone with a weapon opened up targeting the sensitive points on the beast's head. Concentrating on the eyes and moving on the other sensory organs. Xander's instructions were very clear on that. If you can't decapitate it right away, blind it and take away its obvious ability to sense you. Never fight fair with any demon and there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to anything larger than a house.

As the fire poured on more of the beast started to get through the blue white rift." Leila, target the head!" Xander shouted over the deafening shotgun fire. Due to the size of the beast she didn't even have to use the UP-7V sighting device. As Xander glanced at Liela to make sure everything was alright on that front he noticed she was using a thermobaric warhead.

"Oh Shit!! Everyone duck!" As he put his words to action, he pulled Leila with him. As the fuel air explosion hit the beast, dead center in the head, night turned to day from the flash of the explosion. Everyone felt the heat from the blast and as soon as that was over they jumped back up and resumed fire. As more and more of the beast emerged a skeletal hand on top of the beast could be seen.

The shaman was casting for all he was worth trying to slow the Beast's advance, but it was having little effect as was, the combined fire, from everyone. While the damage was being done against the sensory organs, the blasted the beast, was regenerating the damage too fast, for them to take full advantage of the situation. Until Liela hit the beast with the thermobaric rocket at the same time the shamans cast their spells and the resulting explosion from the combined energies left a crater three hundred feet from the epicenter of the explosion where the rift was centered.

As the energies were combined, everyone was enveloped in white blue energy, as they were going through the roller coaster ride, the rough passage poured enough energy into everyone present, to combine and connect everyone with each other. For a split second, everyone was linked, to everyone else until the connection was severed as the energy was dissipated. The beast and his rider were driven back by the force of the explosion. The force field, from the Shaman, was used to push back and contain the emergence of the beast helping to cushion the effect on the Watchers team.

In the distance, they could see explosions, spells and energy from different sources enveloping the beast. It seems they were not alone in this, for all around them, figures could be seen through the smoke and the explosions engaging the demonic creatures. It looked like a scene from a science fiction movie as flying Power Armor and Giant Robots shot the demonic creatures with missiles, energy and ballistic weapons while above a dragon blasted it with fire from the sky and witches and mages were flinging spells from further behind.

While the battle raged, the Watcher team started to get, its bearings together and added their own efforts into the mix. By the time it was over everyone was too exhausted and stunned to say anything that's when an older woman, on a robot horse, approached them slowly.

After looking at everyone for a moment she noted the state of their dress and equipment. "Thank you for your help, my name is Erin Tarn welcome to Rifts Earth.

End Chapter 1.
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