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Almost Run Over

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Summary: Chloe picked up an unconscious stranger who appeared out of nowhere...

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PhoenixRaeFR1312,109081,65626 Jan 0726 Jan 07Yes
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Artwork Manip by PhoenixRae

DISCLAIMER: Not mine! I am just borrowing this character to answer a challenge.

PhoenixRae's Notes: This is for the ithurtsmybrain community multi-fandom pair challenge. If the characters are slightly out of character, please pardon me. I am just on a roll here following my muse’s advice.

PhoenixRae's Notes Part Deux: This was written way back in April 2006. I almost forgot about it until I visited the LJ community again. I contemplated on adding more to this, but for now this fic will remain a one-shot.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Chloe Sullivan slammed hard on her brakes at the sound of something hitting metal – or hard plastic rubber since that was what the front bumper of her car was made of.  She definitely felt the front of her trusty four-door Sunfire hit something or someone, she just didn’t know what it was she hit.  It was already late and she was driving home after pulling in long hours at the Daily Planet for yet another groundbreaking news.

Ground breaking indeed, Chloe couldn’t help herself from snarling as she remembered how her slave driver of an editor never threw her a good bone to chew on.  Instead she wanted Chloe to write up a story about super-sized crops growing in a farm located a couple of miles outside Smallville, which was where she was headed right now if it hadn’t been for this slight hiccup.

She knew the weather condition was poor for her to drive from Metropolis to Smallville, but she had no choice.  Either she take this story or she was back to brownnosing for a bit of a by-line in the paper.

Pushing open her car door, Chloe stepped out of her vehicle and rounded her car to inspect what caused that sound.  She was about to chalk it off as a figment of her imagination until she saw a man with long dark hair pulled back in a semi-ponytail lying flat on his back in the middle of the road.  She was told often times it was crazy to take the back roads back to Smallville, especially when it was as dark as tonight, but Chloe grew up in this small Kansas town and knew her way around.  She has driven back and forth these back roads and never stumbled upon anyone – let alone run over anyone…until now.

Just my luck, she thought miserably and walked closer to inspect the person she just run over.  He looked to be still breathing, she thought after a much closer inspection.

“Hello?  Are you okay?”  She called tentatively to the downed man on the road.  Tough as nails she might be, she hasn’t completely lost her marbles yet.  It was a dark night and she was on a dark back road with an almost unconscious stranger lying on the ground.  Who was she to know if this man deliberately threw himself on to her oncoming vehicle as a ploy to kidnap, rape or do whatever nasty things some lowlife these days were up to?

She heard a moan from the man.  It wasn’t the aroused kind of moan.  He sounded more in pain than aroused, which was a good thing in a morbid kind of way; at least she knew he was still alive.

Hedging closer to the semi-unconscious man, Chloe crouched down beside him.  The light from her headlights was enough to illuminate the man’s features.  He was a handsome, older man.  He has a dark, chiseled feature that gave off both a menacing and boyish good looks to him.

“Okay, I know you’re still alive and I can’t very well leave you here and be on my way,” she said out loud, her eyes assessing the sprawled figure.  “OK, Buddy, in as much as I am a firm believer that hitchhikers are dangerous, you’re unconscious and pose as non-threatening for now.  I’d be beating myself up with guilt if I leave you here alone to die – or worse, get mugged or something.”  She deduced he wasn’t a homeless man based on the expensive khaki pants and overcoat he was wearing and the shirt underneath was screaming signature line.

Making up her mind, Chloe figured out how to lug the semi-unconscious man to her car without pulling a muscle or two.  Times like this she wished Clark was nearby; her best friend would just be able to hoist this stranger up without breaking a sweat!

* * *


Duncan MacLeod was having a smooth-bumpy ride dream; he just doesn’t know what he was riding on.  There was a soft hum of an engine, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint what kind of engine it was.  Also in the deep recesses of his mind he was hearing…

“Damn I wish I was your lover I'd rock you till the daylight comes Make sure you are smiling and warm I am everything…”

Sophie B. Hawkins?  He was back in 1992?

No, no, no.  He was just dreaming.  But dreaming of 1992 and that blasted song?  What the…he paused his train of thought when he heard another voice, a female voice, singing along to the song.  And this voice sounded real; the woman singing was with him.

Duncan rolled from where he was slumped against his uncomfortable bed.  His head was propped against something hard and it keeps on bumping the side of his head whenever the road was bumpy.

The woman was still singing with Sophie.

Duncan tried to relax.  But he found it difficult to relax when his body felt awake.  Wide awake in fact, and very much aware of what was going on.

He cracked open one eye.  He was met with nothing but darkness.  No.  Wait.  There was some bit of light coming from the dashboard panel.  He was in a car.  A car being driven by a woman who was singing along to Sophie B. Hawkins’ hit 1992 song.

What the hell was going on?

Duncan was fully awake now.  He straightened up from where he was crouched in his seat and turned to the blond haired woman driving the car down a dark back road.

Stop the car!” he demanded in panic, bracing his hand on the dashboard.  He thought he’d be locking lips with the windshield when the blond did what he demanded and slammed on the brake so hard at 75 miles per hour down to zero.  Her car’s tires screeched and left burn marks on the road. 

He braced his hands on the dashboard before he ended up smack-dab on the windshield.

“What in the effing hell is your problem, buddy?” demanded the blond after she came over the shock of the both of them nearly locking lips with the windshield.  “You do know that we’re on a highway, right?  We are just taking a detour and traveling on a back road at the moment, but the speed limit is still that of a highway speed limit.”

“If what I saw was correct, you weren’t actually following the speed limit,” Duncan answered casually, removing his hands from the dashboard and sat back to look at the blond driver.  “You were five miles over the speed limit.”

“I’m in a hurry and you were obviously busy sleeping off the effects of being almost run over.”

Almost run over?” he echoed.  What was this woman talking about?

“Yeah,” she nodded.

“I don’t recall…”

“You jumped out of nowhere.  I was driving back to Smallville when you appeared and ran out in the open highway when you obviously knew it wasn’t safe to do so,” she reprimanded.

“Smallville?”  Where in the world was Smallville?

Chloe saw a flash of confusion cross the odd, yet still oozing with older man hotness, stranger’s face when she told him where he was.

“You’re in Kansas if Smallville doesn’t sound familiar to you.  But I’m sure you’ve heard of Metropolis,” she explained a bit further in case he was having a really tough time pinpointing where Smallville exactly was.

“I was in Metropolis,” Duncan answered, a part of his brain still a bit foggy.  “What am I doing heading for Smallville?”

Chloe cocked an eyebrow and stared at the man in the passenger seat.  “Your guess is as good as mine, Buddy.  All I know is I am on my way back to my childhood small town when you decided to put a dent on my travel plan.”

Duncan was about to tell her it wasn’t his fault he caused a slight dent on her agenda when he heard it.  He looked back and saw an eighteen-wheel trailer truck coming towards them with its headlight in high beam and its speed clocking at 80 miles per hour was his guess.  The driver was honking the truck’s horn, but it wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

“Dammit,” he hissed and quickly unbuckled his belt.  He was out of the car in a flash and rounded the vehicle to get to the driver’s side.

“What…where…oh shit!” She threw a quick look behind them and saw the trailer coming.  She scrambled to get the car going.  Panic took over and she was mixing her gears; she put it on PARK then stepped on the accelerator at first then when she tried again she braked and shifted to DRIVE.  The truck was coming towards them at full speed ahead and she couldn’t remember a simple thing as DRIVE and GO!

“Forget your car.  Let’s go,” hissed Duncan after he slammed open the driver’s door and unbuckled her belt and pulled the panicking blond from the driver’s seat just seconds before the trailer smashed into her vehicle.

She rolled on to the side road pressed against the hard contours of a full grown man’s body.  Her face was securely cradled against his chest while her temperamental savior held on to her tight, making sure not to crush her as they both rolled off the road while the trailer plowed her car off.  Her car’s explosion was muffled by the truck’s blaring horn, her scream and her unwilling comrade’s wide variety of expletives he released once they came to a stop on the semi-grassy/pebbled side road.

Chloe pushed herself from her savior’s chest and looked down to meet his gaze.  Her shocked blue eyes had nothing to do with what justalmost happened to them.  She was impressed at his fluidity to cuss in different languages.

“You must be stinking rich to afford learning all these languages you’re using to cuss the hell out of the trucker that just ran over my car.”

Duncan opened his eyes and met the blond woman’s shocked stare.  He didn’t know whether to laugh at the absurdity of what she just said or shake her until her teeth clattered.  She just nearly lost her life if he hadn’t been quick enough to get her out of the car.

“You do realize that we’re both stuck in the middle of nowhere now, right?” he reminded her.

It seemed to dawn on Chloe just then their current situation.  She pushed herself up to a kneeling position on the road beside him and looked over to the other side of the road a few yards down where her car was pushed to.  It caught on fire after the truck hit it and now it was a burning piece of…“Oh crap!” Chloe scrambled to her feet and ran towards the car.

Duncan sprang to his feet too and ran after the blond headed for her burning car.  He stopped a couple of feet where the blond woman stood.  Heat radiating from the burning car was scalding even from their distance. “What’s wrong?” Duncan followed the direction she was looking at, one hand planted gently on her shoulder.

“My laptop’s in there,” Chloe gave a forlorn look at the wreckage before her, “as well as a few other personal effects I brought with me for this trip.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new one,” Duncan offered without thinking twice about what he was saying.

Chloe pulled her head back and looked at him, “Excuse me?  Did…did you just say you’re going to replace my laptop?”

It was too late to back out now.  Besides if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be stuck in this predicament in the first place.

“Once we get to town it’ll be first on my agenda,” he promised her.

“I see,” Chloe didn’t know whether to think him loony or what.  “That is if we get to Smallville.”  She looked forlornly at her wrecked car and sighed.

Right.  Their only means of transportation at the moment was currently a pile of burning metal and rubber.

The End

You have reached the end of "Almost Run Over". This story is complete.

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