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Destiny’s Calling Harm

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Summary: Somebody mentioned this one time on one of the yahoogroups that Harmony was coming back to Angel no idea if this is true or not but I would like it to happen. And I started to think about how or why she was coming back. And came up with the following

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Destiny’s Calling Harm

Title: Destiny’s Calling Harm

Author: Darklight

Rating: PG-13 to be on the save side.

Pairing: Harmony/Cordy sort off.


Content: Angel

Summary: Somebody mentioned this one time on one of the yahoogroups that Harmony was coming back to Angel no idea if this is true or not but I would like it to happen. And I started to think about how or why she was coming back. And came up with the following reason would have loved for it to happen but it’s to creative and I think Spike will be the one to fill the place one way or other.

Spoilers: Season 4 Angel regarding what happened to Cordy or possible things that are going to happen in the next season. I came across one mentioning that Harmony would return and got to think why and how and came up with this. All seasons before regarding mostly Cordy and Harmony’s appearance on the show.

Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse by Joss Whedon. No infringement is intended, no profit to be made. Only the story idea is mine.

Distribution:, otherwise inform me where my fic goes so I can look it up.

Notes: Not really a writer, but I have some idea’s about things I would like to happen on the show, what could have happened and no one wanted to take such detailed challenges I made out of the ideas, so I started to write them myself and kept on writing. A real slow writer.

Feedback: Send them to me. The more the better.


There’s one lone occupant in this secluded room at the hospital, no expenses were spared, the bed is surrounded by the best kinds of machines that could be bought for money, recording everything and monitor her progress, keeping her alive.

Taking a closer look one can see that Cordelia is laying there, the white sheet making her look even paler as she already was. If she had been awake she would have never allowed herself to face the world without makeup.


Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred and even Lorn have been visiting her regularly, spending some time with her sitting there beside her bed and watch over her or talk to her and give her latest updates, gossips and news. Talking to Cordy in the hope she would hear them and wake up.


It’s midnight, normal visiting hours have ended hours ago and all the fangs have left. The room is deathly still, the only sounds of the machines can be heard.

From the shadow a lone figure detaches itself and emerges into the spare light from the Hall and makes her way over to the front of the bed Cordy is laying in, never letting her eyes of her.

“What happened to you, Cor? You ruled the school.” Can be heard whispered as a figure can be seen standing at corner of the bed.

“We ruled the halls, till Fluffy arrived.” You can hear Harmony saying as she walks slowly to the side of Cordelia's bed and sits herself down. All the while keeping her eyes on Cordy.

Not saying anything, that meant that something major was bothering her. Otherwise nothing could keep Harmony quit.

“Your looking like a corps.” Where the blunt words uttered by Harmony, “with all the money they have they could have made sure you looked your best at least better than this, I'll have to do something about it.” Getting out some accessories from her purse she starts to rectify Cordy’s appearance as she continuous her talk to Cordy.

“Everything went wrong the moment I let that loser Harris talk me into helping them fight the Mayor at Graduation. Should have known that it could only end bad for me, look at what happened to you when you got involved with them, almost dieing from the fall when that clown cheated on you with the geek and having a piece of steel ripped through you.” All the while cleaning Cordy's face and starting to apply makeup.

“Then you lose all your money and can’t even go to college and leave Sunnydale the same night of blowing up the high school, like a thief in the night and head to LA to make your luck. Even that didn’t work and you ended…… you ended up becoming a snack for a big shot vamp. Thinking leaving SD would mean you wouldn’t run into vamps or demons anymore.” Harmony smirks at that thought.

“You should have known better, once you got sucked into the world of the big bimbo blond you’re stuck there for life and became a magnet for all weirdoes.”

“Like the time you started to fall into love with that Doyle guy, after being rescued from the vamp by Angel and start to work for him, a half demon to boot, at least he didn’t know the blond slut. But no, mere association with angel was enough to call down the wrath of the gods and mess it up for you.”

“I thought you knew better than get involved with anybody whose even remotely connected to that blond bimbo slayer, especially men. How could you get yourself involved with one of them again?”

“Then he goes and dies on you, doing something heroic, leaving you with the biggest headaches and Visions. What a gift, slowly killing you bit by bit. You even got yourself turned into a half demon to keep your visions, and it worked no more pain and you got all kind of cool demon powers, you would live. And what happens next they take you upstairs alleviate you to a higher being, to only send you back so you could give birth to the next big bad that ends you up in here.”

“And not to speak of the time you got yourself impregnated with demon spawns, going to give birth to an army of demons. They're not real original using the same thing again on you.”

“And as last thing you made the worst mistake in your whole live, you got yourself pulled through a portal to the green lizards world and got to meet the good looking guy, Gruly. And when he came after you, you had that guy Groo in your palm of your hand, good looking and he loved you and would have done anything you wished for, and the best thing no connection to the bimbo in anyway. He was yours and what did you do go and fall in love with the Poofter. Do you know how much I heard about him from Spike enough to last me for the rest of my unlife.”

“How could you fall for him, so I had the same thing with Spike, we've got the worst taste in men or vamps for that matter, maybe it would be best to go female. What do you think?” Harmony asks Cordy.

Putting the last touches to her face and start with her nails, getting her favored color from her purse as she continuous talking to Cordy.

“The last time I visit you I had enough of Sunnydale and came to LA in search of you and getting something better. Everything I did in Sunnydale went wrong, hooked up with Spike and searched for the gem of Amara, I found it and what did he do he tried to stake me, if it wasn't for the gem I would have been dust. He leaves me to go after the slayer. If he wasn't talking about the Poofter it was about her. Tried it on my own and got myself a gang and went after her myself, even got Dawn her sister, but then they turned on me, my own gang and tried to stake me. Kept to myself for a time being after that till Spike said he wanted back, only used me to get the chip out of his head and even in the end he kidnapped me, Dru and Buffy to show her how much he love her. After that I had enough and simply wanted to get away from it all and them, especially her.”

“And for the first time since I got turned, it was the best time I had it felt like old times, I was happy, the time we spend together before the rest of your gang got involved was the best. You even defended me against them.”

“Why you ever cut your hair I'll never understand.” Finishing her nails she started to brush Cordy's hair.

“After having had to sing karaoke at that bar, the green lizard told me that I had a great future in store for me, I had only to stay at your side. Such a simple task, but no Angel and the others got you to go to fast and send me undercover and I failed and joined the vamp instead. We didn’t really part on good terms after that, with you threatening to dust me if I ever came back.” Harmony crunches her face for a moment before she continuous talking.

“You know, every time you get involved with one of Fluffys men in particular, scoobs or fangs it ended bad for you or anybody else, when you wake up Cordy get away from them as far as you can.

“That's much better.” As she put the finishing touch to Cordy’s makeover, taking a couple of steps back to take a look at her work.

“I still have it.” Harmony grabbed her stuff leaving a figurine unicorn on the nightstand.

“Wake up soon Cordy.” With those words she bends down over Cordy and gives her a soft kiss on he forehead. Time seems to slow down small lightning bolts can be seen to spring from Cordy to Harmony and time speeds up again to normal after when she walked out of the room heading for New Orleans the same city Faith was going and Amy.

If she had waited she would have seen the minor change in Cordy, where there was no emotion showing from her face for all the time she was there, now there appeared a small smile on her face.


Silence and darkness had returned to the room, like there had been no one in the room.

Not long after Harmony left, the peace of the room was disturbed by the appearance of a person out of nowhere in her room. Taking a good look at the stranger, one can see the worst outfit beside what Xander wore. It was Whistler coming from out of nowhere in Cordy’s room. Looking at Cordy like he wasn't really happy about the reason he's there he walks over to her and put both his hands beside her head as a glow can be seen.

“What the hell!” are the first words he utters.

“Where are the visions, I can’t sense them in you anymore, who did you pass them on too. I’m on deadline here kid, you know.” For the first time Whistler didn’t know what was going on. He had a real easy task, go to Cordelia, collect from her the visions and take them to Angels new Seer, William. Real simple. Not so simple anymore.

The Powers had it all planned out, after his role in Sunnydale, Spike would return as his human self, William.

“Damn!” Whistler curses. “The Powers won’t like it that somebody messed with their plan and they’ll blame me for failing to get the visions.” He mutters as he tries to make sense out of the trouble he found himself in.

Making a last look around to see if there would be anything around to give him a clue about who or what took the visions he left the same way he arrived to go and tell the Powers that visions weren’t there anymore and he wasn’t able to get them and pass them to William.

As he disappeared Cordy started to move, giving signs of waking up from her coma, but not yet. How did Whistler overlook the makeover, the freshly painted nails and washed hair and applied makeup to her face?

And the small unicorn figurine on her nightstand, should have been a death give away.

The End


I was going to make Harmony the new seer of Angel and have her drive them bonkers with her chatting, incomplete or even wrong descriptions of her visions. Getting on their last nerve and make them wish to be anywhere else than there. But I liked her too much to put her with the fangs so I’ll have her join someone else, say Faith’s and harm and her have a lot of unfinished business between them her working for the Mayor led to Harm being turned at Graduation.

The End

You have reached the end of "Destiny’s Calling Harm". This story is complete.

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