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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Summary: BtVS/Charmed xover. The Elders have request for the sisters; not quite what they had in mind for their retirement - will it lead to a new mission? Set post season 7 BtVS/season 8 Charmed. First ever story be nice - please!

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The following few days found Willow and Faith gradually falling into a familiar routine at the Manor. Willow spent most of her time with her nose stuck in the ‘Book of Shadows’ and relentlessly quizzing the sisters and Leo about their magic and family history. Faith meanwhile had made a friend out of Henry by helping him track down some of his more elusive charges, as well as sparring as often as possible with Phoebe.

“Hey Red,” Faith called as she walked into the attic “time to take a break.”

“I just want to finish this,” said Willow “is it lunch time already?” she asked

“It’s dinner time” replied Faith “and you’ve got 5 minutes before I drag you out of here” she finished grinning at her.

“You wouldn’t” said Willow

“I would and I’m able” said Faith. “You’ve not eaten since breakfast, so get a move on lady.”

“Okay, Okay, I’m finished” said Willow flashing a pouty face at Faith.

‘God damn I just wanna kiss her when she does that’ thought Faith

“Come on let’s go, Piper’s cooking up a storm downstairs” she continued out loud.

Neither Faith nor Willow had spoken to each other about their recent encounter at the club or how they were feeling. They had become noticeably closer to each other the last week and it was obvious to Coop and Phoebe how they felt about each other.

“Why can’t we just give them a nudge?” asked Phoebe

“Because they’re not ready yet Phoebe” replied Coop. “They seem to feel scared of admitting it to each other.”

“It’s just frustrating, we can see it why can’t they?” Phoebe asked

At this Coop just looked at his wife amused and before he could comment Phoebe stated

“Okay fine, I get it. I know I can hardly talk, we’ll just have to leave them to it” she finished grumbling.

Coop was still laughing as Willow and Faith got downstairs.

“Hey, you guys eating?” Faith asked “I’m starved.”

“What’s funny?” asked Willow

“Just Phoebe” replied Coop smiling.

“You’re always hungry” snorted Phoebe “I don’t know how you do it.”

“Slayer metabolism” said Faith “just one of perks.”

When they were all settled at the table Piper asked Willow,

“Mom and Grams should be back tomorrow, do you feel ready?”

“I never feel ready before exams,” began Willow

“Even though you’re an over achiever and never think you’re ready even when you are” interrupted Faith.

“But I think I’m ready” continued Willow poking her tongue out at Faith.

“Pop quiz!” exclaimed Paige smiling while Piper rolled her eyes at her youngest sister.

“Who was the start of our family line?” questioned Phoebe

“Melinda Warren” answered Willow.

“What was in our basement?” asked Piper

“Could be various things,” mused Willow “but I’ll say the Nexus.”

As Piper nodded at Willows correct answer Paige asked

“Who tried to steal it?”

“Zanku” replied Willow.

“You’ll do fine” said Piper smiling.

Later that evening…………………………………….

“Er, Piper could I talk to you and Leo for a minute?” asked Willow walking into the lounge.

“Sure” said Leo

“Let’s go into the sun room” added Piper as her and Leo got up and followed Willow.

“What did you need to talk about?” asked Leo

“Well I’ve been studying as you know,” started Willow nervously “and I read that I’m supposed to be ‘given’ or ‘brought forward’ to be blessed, by my parents” she continued, Willow then paused nibbling her lip.

“That’s true Willow” said Piper “I take it your parents don’t know or can’t make it?” she asked

At this Willow snorted shaken out of her nerves temporarily,

“You could say that,” she replied “I haven’t seen or really spoken to my parents since Sunnydale; just long enough to tell them I was alive and for them to wire me some money and let me know they were at some conference in Florida.”

“But wouldn’t they want to be here?” asked Leo interrupting

“The only time they knew about the witchcraft my Mother tried to burn me at the stake,” Willow continued by answering “she was under the influence of a demon at the time, but ever since then she is a master at repressing anything out of the ordinary.”

“Okay and I thought my parental relationships were troubled” commented Piper.

“I’m sorry Willow” said Leo sympathetically

“It’s okay, I got past that a long time ago” said Willow. “What I wanted to know was whether you and Leo would be my wiccan parents?” she asked.

At this Willow was met with two shocked faces and total silence. She immediately started to back track

“Forget I asked, it’s okay that you don’t want to, I mean why would you? You barely know me, just forget I ever brought it up and we’ll just leave it out of the ceremony or something and….”

Piper had put her hand over Willow’s mouth to stop her from babbling,

“Relax Willow, breathe” she said gently.

“You just surprised us, is all” said Leo.

Piper took her hand from Willow and sat her back down.

“You mean you’re not saying no?” Willow asked quietly

“No Willow, we just needed a minute” replied Piper looking at her husband.

“We would be honored to be your parents” said Leo smiling

“You’re sure?” asked Willow hesitantly

“Definitely” replied Piper taking Willows hand

“Thank you” said Willow simply, feeling the happiest she had for a while.

After her talk with Piper and Leo, Willow just couldn’t sit still, she felt she had an abundance of energy. She needed to tell Faith the news so with that she went in search for her.

Willow almost walked into her coming out of the kitchen as she’d been downstairs in the basement training with Phoebe.

“Whoa there Red,” said Faith “what’s your hurry?” she asked

“I have something to tell you” Willow replied smiling “but not here, ‘cause the others don’t know yet” she continued grabbing Faith’s hand and leading her upstairs to their room.

“Who doesn’t know what yet?” asked Faith puzzled

Willow didn’t answer just kept walking until they were both in the room and she had shut the door.

“Phoebe and Paige” said Willow.

“Huh?” responded Faith

Rolling her eyes at Faith Willow started again,

“I have some news for you, but I needed to tell you away from the others ‘cause Phoebe and Paige don’t know yet” she finished grinning.

“Oh,” Faith said “I get it; okay spill” she said to Willow.

“Well you know I’ve been studying for the wiccaning?” Willow asked

Faith nodded and motioned for her to go on,

“In the ceremony I’m supposed to be ‘given’ or ‘brought forward’ by my parents” Willow continued. “As you know that would never happen” she said sarcastically

“Yep,” retorted Faith “all our parental units except for Joyce were duds.”

“Anyway” said Willow more excitedly “I asked Piper and Leo if they would be my wiccan parents and they said yes!” she finished exclaiming.

“That’s great Red” said Faith a sad smile on her face “I’m happy for you.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Willow sitting down next to Faith on the bed

“Nothing, I’m 5 by 5” replied Faith trying to shrug it off.

“Hey!” said Willow pointing to herself “Resolve face here, ‘fess up.”

“I’m just,” started Faith “I don’t know, I guess I’m a little jealous” she admitted.

“You just seem happy here and fitting in with the magic and all,” Faith continued going into her own version of babble mode “and I just worry that you’re not gonna need me soon and ummph….” She was cut off mid rant by Willows hand.

“Now you stop that right now” scolded Willow.

“I am happy here and it’s fun learning all these new things, but you mean more to me than all of it” she finished taking her hand away from Faith’s mouth.

“You mean that?” asked Faith quietly

Sitting there looking at her Faith so dejected Willow felt the need to comfort her.

‘Wait a minute, HER Faith? When did I start thinking of her like that?’ Willow asked herself.

‘Be honest with yourself Rosenberg, you’ve felt something more than friends with Faith for a while – you just haven’t acted on it.’

In that moment Willow decided to act and closed the distance between them, her hand coming up to touch Faith’s face while she leaned in and kissed her, like she’d been wanting to for weeks.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Be Careful What You Wish For" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 May 11.

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