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Meeting The Family

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Summary: Willow's found out that unknown to her she has a whole other huge family out there

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredPushingUpDaisiesFR1318420133,29227 Jan 0727 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.But they are owned by Joss Whedon & JK Rowling, I'm only borrowing them. I get no money from this & no copyright infringement is intended.

A/N-This came to me one night and so I decided to put it here.This is also my very first attempt at writing anything so consider this a warning.


Buffy stood in the bedroom's doorway and couldn't fight the smile that spread across her face as she watched her red headed best friend scurry back and forth across the room with a speed that could have matched any supernaturally enhanced demon.

"Needing any help there Will?" Buffy asked after watching Willow cram more clothes them possible into her already over flowing suitcase and there for making it difficult for her to shut and fasten it

"What?!" Willow's head shot up and for the first time she noticed that Buffy was in the room with her "Oh hey Buffy.Uhh no,no thank you I'm doing fine...yep no troubles here...Yes sirree bob I'm A-ok!"

But fate proved her wrong for when Willow went to swing the suitcase up and off her bed the over packed object burst open spewing clothing, toiletries and other items all over the bedroom floor.

Willow stared down at the many of her belongings strolled across the floor and stomped her foot.


Snickering Buffy bent down to help her friend repack her bag.

"You just need to try and relax Willow.Take a few deep breaths to calm down." said Buffy as she folded up a blouse and laid it in the suitcase.

"That's a little easier said than done Buffy." Willow frowned as she placed a pair of her jeans into the suitcase "I mean it's not everyday you found out that your father has been lying to you for all these years.Not to mention that you've got this whole other family out there that you've never met and now are about too!"

"It'll be ok Willow." Forgetting about the suitcase for a moment Buffy took the very nervous Willow by the hand and lead her over to the bed. Sitting down Buffy gave Willow a big smile in hopes of relaxing her "You have nothing to worry about Will. This new family of yours you're about to meet will love you. Trust me there's no way they can't."

"Thanks Buffy." Willow returned Buffy's smile and hugged her friend "Actually that does make me feel a little better."

"I don't want to pry into personal family business or anything." Buffy hesitantly started but continued when Willow gave her an 'it's ok' nod "But when you talked to your dad last night did he tell you why he kept his family and his past hidden from you and your mother for all these years?"

Willow let out a little sigh "Yeah,he tried to explain it some to me.He said years ago he and his family had a huge,emphasis on the word HUGE, fallen out because he apparently chose a side opposite to theirs during a very dangerous and difficult time."

"Yep that can be harsh." Buffy nodded knowing how difficult that could be as she thought back to the time when her family and friends chose a side against her and threw her out of her house right before the big battle with the First Evil.

"He than said when it came down to the end his family had been right the whole time and he had been completely one hundred percent into the wrong. But by than he was to embarrassed and humiliated to ever face his family again. So he decided to change his name and move here to America and start a whole new life.

"Wow." Buffy shook her head in wonderment.

"Yeah I know." Willow's voice echoed Buffy's wonderment "He than said a year or two after he got here he met mom in one of the college classes they were both taking. He said they quickly fell in love,got married and....well here I am."

"But if he chose to run off and hide all those years ago why did he choose to get into contact with his family now?" asked a confused Buffy.

"Actually it was them who tracked him down some how and got in contact with him." smiled Willow "They some how got a message sent to him saying everything was forgiven, all was in the past and how the whole family wanted to see him again and meet his new family."

"You know this kind of has a whole Lifetime Channel Movie feel to it doesn't it? Except for the fact that those movies are usually about a woman and your dad is...well is a guy. "

"A little." Willow's smile got bigger as she got back off the bed and she and Buffy went back to trying to pack Willow's suitcase.

"Oh by the way did you ever find out what your dad's name was before he changed it and moved here." asked Buffy

"Yeah" Willow nodded as she never looked up from her refolding of clothes "He said his name used to be Percy, Percy Weasley."


The End

You have reached the end of "Meeting The Family". This story is complete.

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