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Triple X-treme

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Xtreme Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: She was an unusual choice for a position given mostly to men…

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Movies > XXXPhoenixRaeFR131346033,46128 Jan 0728 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. I’m just borrowing these characters from their respective creators. I only lay claim on the plot and probably any new characters that doesn’t belong in either world.

Summary: She was an unusual choice for a position given mostly to men…

PhoenixRae’s Notes: Just satisfying this little plot bunny thought that entered my mind as soon as I read this FFA pairing…will probably morph into a full-pledged fic – but with a different male interest for our heroine.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

GIBBONS WATCHED THE petite dark haired young woman kick some ass from the black and white monitor at the back of the fake clothing store randomly selected to place his new recruit’s first test. She was his new recruit for the Triple X position that has been vacant for quite some time now. He stumbled on her file by accident. He was visiting an old friend of his in California, a fellow FBI agent who was assigned to track down the whereabouts of a certain Faith Lehane, a notorious convict who broke out of prison in broad daylight and jumped the second floor glass window with her cohort and survived the fall.

One look at the list of felons the said woman was in for, Gibbons knew he found his new Triple X. It was an unusual choice for the job, but this lean, mean fighting machine he was watching proves he made the right choice.

She was fighting thugs who outweighed her and knew a helluva lot about street fighting, and yet she still managed to kick their asses without as much as using any other weapon other than her fists. One of her so-called attackers brandished a long knife in front of her. She merely cocked an eyebrow at the weapon, did a spinning back kick and hit her attacker’s wrist dislodging the knife from his grip before jamming the heel of her hand on her attacker’s jaw.

“Impressive,” Agent Steele murmured as he watched the monitor with his superior.

“Uh-hmm,” nodded Gibbons, his eyes transfixed on the monitor. “She’s a cocky little thing too,” he added.

“Do you think she’ll want to be the next Triple X?”

Gibbons cocked an eyebrow and turned to look at the young agent standing beside him, “Why don’t we go out there and find out, shall we?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Triple X-treme". This story is complete.

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