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Visions of Death

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Summary: Buffy is having Nightmares.

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Chapter 12

Hi, it's been a long time. This filter chapter has been sitting on disk for years. I am trying to start writing again, if anyone wants to be a reader or a BETA please let me know.


Please thank Jo for offering to BETA this chapter, otherwise it would still be on disk.




Although, it didn’t matter if she just thought of the plan on the fly, it was a good one.


“Alright let's do it…”


Chapter 12


The ringing of his mobile woke Giles out of a sound, dreamless sleep. The Witches of the Devon Coven made the phone geared only to Giles, which meant he was the only one who could hear it ringing. He was groggy, everything in the small dark room faded in and out of focus. He felt as if there was a blanket over his mind as he tried to wake up enough to answer the phone.


He was so tired that it was a major struggle to keep his eyes open.  Buffy's illness had pushed him beyond his limits both emotionally and physically. Now that she was getting better he had relaxed. He once joked that you knew you were in trouble when you were daydreaming about sleeping, and that was how exhausted he was before going to bed.


He glanced at the clock, trying to tell the time, except the numbers on the clock looked like they were bouncing up and down.


‘Bloody Hell!  I hate getting old!’  he thought, ‘I having all the symptoms of a hangover and none of the fun.’


He reached up under his pillow for the offending mobile, and realized that if the Council was calling him, then it had to be world-ending. He couldn’t see the Caller ID without his glasses--not that it mattered: only the senior council members had the number.


“Giles,” he answered, sitting up and using his other hand to rub the sleep out of his eyes. He tried to pick up his glasses only to knock them over onto the floor behind the nightstand.


“Giles! Thank God!” Willow’s screaming echoed through the room. Giles jerked the phone away from his ringing ear.  “Giles, what’s wrong!” the witch shouted, the noise  making his headache worse. “Do you need us?” Willow’s voice was the high-pitched whine he detested, and if it had been any one else the Watcher would have thought that she had been drinking, except the witch didn't drink.  "I can get the Coven to help me teleport there?”


Finally, Willow's last statement cleared some of the fog he had around his mind.  'Why would she think she needed to teleport to the SGC '


His glasses momentarily forgotten as he was finally able to shake the last of his cobwebs and Willow gained his full attention.


“Willow?  What’s wrong? Teleport?  Why?” Giles repeated Witch’s words back to her without thinking. He could hear that he was slurring his words. Even though his mind was now fully alert, his body was still half-asleep. He rubbed his face as he tried to shake off the effects of waking from the deep, exhausted sleep.  It didn’t matter how he sounded; it just couldn’t be helped.  “Is it an apocalypse?”


“What have they done to you, Giles?” Willow yelled, drowning out everything Giles' tried to say. It was as if she didn’t hear him. She sounded terror-stricken; it was like she was so frightened she couldn't hear him.  Even during the darkest of times in Sunnydale, never  had she sounded as panicked as she did now. She would cry, she would babble, and sometimes she even raised her voice, but Giles never remembered Willow being in such a state.


“Giles, Giles! Are they there in the room with you?” Willow questioned, urgently.


“Nothing’s wrong, Willow. I was asleep,” he said slowly, softly.  He carefully kept his voice low.  Giles discovered that if he deliberately lowered the tone of his voice, and spoke slower, it would help relax and reassure the children. He had been doing this for so long that the reaction was nearly instinctual.


“The military has arrested you and are doing experiments on you right now, aren’t they?” Willow accused, like she knew she was right.


"What? No!" Giles nearly shouted. The absurdity of General O'Neill putting up with a Maggie Walsh-type personality was just: absurd. "Willow!  Calm down! I know I was against the military helping in the beginning, however, I am becoming extremely thankful for their help now." 


"They are telling you to say that, aren't they? Well, of course they are...." The witch continued to cut him off or speak over him, it was as if he wasn't on the phone.


He could feel the seconds tick by as he tried to get his mouth to work to say more and find some way to calm her.  The entire conversation was so unlike Willow, it was becoming surreal.


 If he wasn’t so blessed tired!


Enough! He had to do something, because right now, doing nothing would be worse. 


“What? Willow, are you in Cleveland?  Put the phone on speaker?” he ordered, hoping that Xander could tell him what was going on and why Willow was so…strange. That stopped her rant in mid-word.


“When we heard Buffy was doing better, we stopped in New York to do some shopping, Xander isn't here,” the witch explained.  “Giles, something happened to Buffy, we all felt it! And since you are so closed-mouthed I think the military must be at it again!”


Giles was stunned about her announcement about Buffy.  He had just left her a few hours ago, and if something dire had happened then he was sure that Dr. Frasier would have sent for him!  He believed Willow without question; the witch and Buffy had always been close.


"Don't worry, Giles, we are on our way! I have Kennedy's Slayers with me, and I can pick up more on the way! We will rescue you!" Willow declared, again not giving Giles time to think or react.


Giles’ eyes finally were able to focus on the clock and it read exactly three in the morning.  He had gotten just under four hours of asleep.


Then his fogged mind finally caught up with what she said: 'Call all the Slayers to converge on the mountain?  Even if we were being held hostage  full slayers was over-kill, not to mention dangerous to have that many of us in one place.'


“Willow, what are you talking about? Do not--I repeat, do not--come here!" Giles nearly shouted. Then he tried to take a deep breath. He had to remember that Willow loved Buffy, too.


"I know you had to say that, Giles," the girl said. It sounded like she was trying to placate him and he could almost see her face in his mind's eye. Willow had been different ever since Tara, but since she had reconnected with Kennedy at the IOC/UN briefing, she had started to become almost mean. Or maybe it was simply arrogant? She kept her own council and acted in a way that she thought was best, even if it was against the will of the group.


“It's OK, Giles, I have it on speaker, like you asked. It's only Ken and her slayers, here,” the Wiccan, said sullenly.


“Listen to me: General O’Neill and his staff have been extremely professional and competent.  They are helping Buffy!” He tried to be forceful: he needed for her to believe him. The fact that Willow was one of only four people with the authority on the Council to order such an unusual action having all  the slayers gather together went unsaid.


As if someone read his thoughts he heard a hard knock on his door, interrupting him.  He hated that he had to deal with an emotional Willow before he could leave and see what was happening with Buffy.


“Do you all understand?  You are to do nothing until I call you back, is that clear?” he demanded.


“Dr. Giles, Major Frasier would like you to come to the infirmary,” he heard the SF call to him through the door.


He put his hand over the phone and called back through the door,  “Just a moment.”


“Now,” he paused,  “I want you to call both Robin and Xander and tell them to hold still and wait for my call,” speaking while he was putting on his rumpled clothing.


“Willow, did you hear me?” he said sternly after a few seconds.


“We will,” he heard both Kennedy and Willow answer. 


“Good, I will call as soon as I know something.” He disconnected the line.


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