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Visions of Death

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Summary: Buffy is having Nightmares.

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Chapter 14

A/N: I still really need BETAs and prereaders.


Chapter 14

Giles was able to the follow the faintest whiff of magic over to Buffy's bed. It was so subtle, so finely crafted, that he never should have seen it. The only reason he did was because it was out of place in this dank, dark, bunker. One second it was there and then in the next second Dr. Jackson touched Buffy and the magic fled. It was gone as if it had never been.

He was almost blinded with rage because that man had interrupted Giles finally being able to help his dear girl. As soon as the man touched her limp hand, all her muscles locked and her back arched off the bed. When Jackson touched her cheek with his free hand, Buffy let out a sob and rolled over reaching for him and pulling him further onto the bed.

 Giles was stuck and didn't know what to do. Clearly, Buffy was now reactive and awake because of Daniel's actions. The Watcher stood frozen and stunned at the events that had taken place in such a short time.  The idea of the magic and its sophistication weighed heavily on his mind.

It would take the Coven and some of Buffy's blood to even begin to discover what kind of spell she was under and how it was cast. Then the bottom dropped out from under him and he had to grab onto the bed's railing to stay upright, which caused Buffy to disengage from her embrace with Daniel and look at her Watcher questioningly.

He shook his head in negation and then glanced at the baby Slayers, hoping that even in her very weakened state she would know what he was trying to convey. That now was not the time to discuss what he just remembered, which was--Willow had already performed the test with the Coven. Was it only yesterday? And they had found nothing.

"Excuse me, Dr. Giles. Could you step to the side?" the red-headed doctor asked. "I need to check on Miss Summers and well, you're blocking the bed."

Giles looked down at the doctor about to give her a sharp word, only to see the dark circles around her eyes. She looked exhausted and he knew that she’d had no rest since she first appeared at the Cleveland Slayer's house. Giles bit back the retort, and nodded to the doctor.

Only before he stepped away from the bed, he reached out his hand to Buffy. She took it and he gave it a gentle squeeze, trying to tell her how much he loved her at that moment. For the first time in longer than he could remember, she looked him straight in the eyes and gave him a real smile.  

As he released her hand and backed away from the bed, his heart filled with joy. Maybe they really could recover their relationship from all the damage he had done to it? He only cleared the bed by a few steps, just enough for the doctor to slip through. He couldn't stand to let his dear girl out of his sight for fear the insidious magic would return and attack her.

The doctor still couldn't reach her patient because of the three Slayers and the awkward way Dr. Jackson was leaning over the bed.

It was as if his backing away was a signal to the girls because they all started talking at once, asking Buffy if she was ok, if she needed anything, if everything would be fine. The noise level rose as Buffy tried to answer them.  

Finally, the doctor raised her fingers to her lips and let out a very long and loud wolf-whistle. If things hadn't been so dire Giles would have laughed at how everyone in the room was startled into silence. The young girls and even Jackson turned towards the doctor.

"Ok, I have to check my patient," she paused and glared at each person as if they were contrary children. "Now step away before I have you all removed from the room," she ordered.

"No." Of course it was Tracy who refused to comply.

With Tracy's refusal, the others started to protest. "She needs us."

"No honey," Buffy's soft voice cut though the voices. Buffy struggled to sit up. She was helped when Nancy reached under the bed and raised its head automatically. "No," she insisted, “it’s over for now. Tracy honey, you need to rest. Even a Slayer can't go forever without sleep and I swear you've lost ten pounds."

The young girl puffed up and was about to protest when Spring cut her off with a soft poke to her ribs. "She's right runt, com'on let's go get some food and some rest."

"What if Buffy needs us while we're gone? What if...."Tracy continued to protest only to be cut off by Buffy.

"Tracy honey, something broke this last time, I think," Buffy paused, reaching a shaky hand up to rub her forehead as if she had a headache. "I think the dream is over." She let out a long sigh, and her hand dropped bonelessly to the bed. "I think I need to talk to my Watcher about it."

Buffy glanced at the Slayers, her eyes pleading with them not to be hurt. Giles knew that Xander especially would have been furious and would have lashed out at being excluded. Only, Buffy shouldn't have worried about her Slayers. It was the oldest, Nancy, who spoke first. "We understand Buffy. Sometimes you just need to get things straight in your own mind."

"Airman," Doctor Frasier motioned for one of two men by the door.

"Yes sir!" he said, and then stood at attention.

“At ease, Airman. Please show these young women to the cafeteria and then to their quarters." As the girls left the small doctor pinned Dr. Jackson with her gaze. "Master Sergeant?"

 "Yes mam?" The older man answered

"Would you please escort Dr. Jackson to the infirmary and make sure he sees Dr. Beck," the doctor asked.

"Janet," Jackson started to say, only to be interrupted when the doctor put her hand up in the stop motion.

"Daniel, you haven't been acting like yourself all day and right now you look like you're about to fall on your face!"  Dr. Frasier put her hands on the railing of the bed and leaned forward, her frustration radiating off of her.  It was clear she was very upset with Daniel's precipitous action when he grabbed Buffy's hand.

 "Master Sergeant, you have your orders."

Giles watched as Dr. Jackson left the room. The man was not himself and he wondered if it had anything to do with what had happened to bring Buffy out of her withdrawn state.

"Doctor, Janet," Buffy said, and Giles could see the effort it took for her to just get out those few words. "I really need to talk to Giles and I don't think I can stay awake for long."

"I understand that Miss Summers," Janet said. "I would rather you go directly to sleep because you need it, but so many things have happened to your body and your mind in such a short time that I need to make sure you are recovering from it normally.  Or at least what's normal for you." Buffy started to protest, only to be cut off as the doctor continued. "As it is I will allow Dr. Giles to stay with you and you may speak to him after I am finished."

Giles nearly smiled when Buffy let out one of her high-powered pouts, While things were still dire he suddenly started to remember what he loved so much about his very, very dear girl; her spirit, her will to fight and to protect the people she loved.

It was over.


Whatever it was causing the endless torture of the dream was gone. When the Altrean held her it felt like something was pulled out of her. Buffy had to talk to Giles. She had to do it now before she fell asleep. All she wanted to do was just let go and go to sleep. She couldn't, she had to tell Giles about the change in the dream before she forgot it.

It had been over two weeks since she had last been able to rest. Two weeks of the constant guilt and pain the dream caused. Her vision kept fuzzing in and out of focus.

 "Doctor, Janet," Buffy said, it took to much effort to just get out those few words. "I really need to talk to Giles and I don't think I can stay awake for long."

 "I understand that Miss Summers," Janet said. "I would rather you go directly to sleep because you need it, but so many things have happened to your body and your mind in such a short time that I need to make sure you are recovering from it normally.  Or at least what's normal for you." Buffy started to protest, only to be cut off as the doctor continued. "As it is I will allow Dr. Giles to stay with you and you may speak to him after I am finished."

“No,” she tried to protest that the dream was more important. That Willow had needed rescue at the end of it and that she didn’t know what it meant.

“Miss Summers, I realize that you would rather speak to Dr. Giles first, but I really do need to do a quick check,” the petite doctor said. She was trying to use her smile and bedside manner to cover up the fact that she was really worried. “It won't take long, I promise.”

Buffy's thoughts were disjointed. The need to talk to Giles warring with the fact the doctor was actually worried. Flashing through her mind was the image of Tracy’s normally mischievous brown eyes, bright with unshed tears, pleading with Buffy to get better.

“Make it fast,” she whispered.

Buffy lay passively as the Doctor did her exam. She didn't have the energy to do anything else. She was so tired everything ached. All she wanted was to rest for a few hours and to let the Slayer recharge her spirit.

For some unknown reason the doctor had done a concussion test, while a nurse took about a gallon of blood. 'Just a few more minutes, just a few more minutes,' Buffy repeated it like a mantra. 'Just hang on for a little longer and then I can let go. Giles will know how to figure this whole thing out,' she thought and she relaxed a little bit more.

The dream had changed. She was just too confused to know when or how it had changed. If she could only run it over with her Watcher….



Even though the doctor did her exam quickly, it didn’t matter. Buffy was sound asleep within a few minutes. He stood watching her rest as the nurse left with more of his Slayer’s blood and the doctor sat down to write her notes. Giles’ was torn between the need to talk to his Slayer about her dream and calling Xander about the magic he sensed earlier.

“Dr. Giles?” the doctor asked, softly, next to him. “I would like to ask your opinion on a few things,” she said then nodded towards the door. He didn’t want to leave Buffy alone, however, he didn’t have a choice. With a long sigh, he reached down to brush some of her hair away from her eyes.

He leaned over and whispered softly, just loud enough for the Slayer to hear if she were awake. “I’ll be right back. I have to call Xander.” He started to turn away from the bed then quickly whipped back around to add. “I love you, my dear, dear daughter, and I’ve never been prouder.”

He turned and hurried out the door after the doctor whom he nearly ran over because she had stopped in the hallway on the other side of the door.

Her piercing brown eyes seemed to look through him. “Do you have any idea what just happened?” she asked, her voice an intense whisper.

Giles had to hand it to the woman for thinking about Buffy’s slayer hearing. Even after ten years her friends forgot about her sensitive hearing. He honestly didn’t know if she could hear a conversation through six inches of steel, but why take the chance.

He glanced back down at the doctor, thankful for her professionalism. She simply asked a question and waited for the answer. No fidgeting, no impatient reactions at all, she just stood quietly before him while he gathered his thoughts. Should he tell her about the magic? He wanted to talk to Xander about it first.

“No,” he stated, maybe a little too forcefully because the woman’s right eyebrow arched in disbelief.

“Ok, Dr. Giles.” The woman nodded to him. “I understand you might need to think things over a little bit, but let me tell you what just happened, medically, to Miss Summers,” the doctor paused then pulled out two strips of paper from the folders she was juggling. “As you were aware Miss Summers’ mind was in hyper-drive, her thought patterns going impossibly fast.” Reaching into her stack of folders to grab another strip of paper, she had to quickly rearrange all her folders, nearly dropping everything. On instinct, Giles reached out to help and she gratefully handed him the top three.

“Look at these” she stated, then shifted the three strips of paper so Giles could see them. “As you see here, her thought patterns were cycling impossibly fast and at the same time her heart rate was in V Tach, and her blood pressure was, well let’s just say I thought we were going to lose her.” Dr. Frasier looked up from the paper to pin Giles where he stood with her eyes. “Then Daniel touched her and this is what happened.” She pulled out three more strips of paper. “Everything immediately stabilizes. Her heart rate goes back down to what is normal for her. Her blood pressure, and thought waves all returned normal. I can’t be sure until the blood tests confirm it but I would say she not only returned to the baseline Dr. Meadows and I established this afternoon, she exceeded it.”

The Council had drilled into Giles that information was power. All information was to be kept close. Primary to that edict was never to reveal the presence of magic and the Slayer; to never give away the secrets. Only now, at this moment, he thought, ‘how many times does someone have to prove their worth before he could trust them?’ And he knew he mentioned magic when he first entered the room, so why was he keeping it to himself this time?

“There was magic,” he blurted out.

She peered up at him and motioned for him to continue.

“There was the faintest wisp of magic when I walked into the room. It was finely crafted, almost subtle.”

“And it stopped when Daniel touched Buffy?” the doctor asked.


“And since you people deal with this every day, I assume that you had already checked for this, ah, magic?” It sounded so much worse when she said it.

It sounded like they all had utterly failed. More than that, it damned them all because someone trusted in their inner-circle had—he couldn’t think it. There simply had to be some other reasons or cause.

The doctor stepped away from him, breaking the intensity of the encounter. She looked down to study the information in her grasp. “Is there any way that this magic could have transferred to Daniel sometime today? Is that possible? Does it act like some kind of infectious disease process?”

The woman was no fool. Her mind made an instinctive leap, comparing the magic to something she was familiar with and new how to fight. When this was all over, Giles vowed that he was going to either hire her to set up the medical side of the Council or ask General O’Neill to lend her to the Council to get her input. And for some reason, thinking of the future grounded Giles and allowed him to start thinking clearly.

“To answer your question, it is possible that in some way Dr. Jackson was exposed; however it is very unlikely,” Giles paused to gather his thoughts. “The spell was a work of art and geared towards Buffy, so even if it was transferred to Dr. Jackson, it wouldn’t work.”

He could see the moment she relaxed. She let out a relieved sigh. “Thank you Dr. Giles.”

He felt a need to interrupt her.

“Please, call me Giles, the children do,” he said. He hoped that by dropping this bit of formality he could overcome his reactive distrust.

“Only if you call me Janet?” she shot back at him.

“Janet it is. I hate to cut this off, but I need to use the phone.” It seemed their conversation had come to an end and he really did need to call Xander. There had to be an explanation as to why Willow and the Coven didn’t discover the spell. There just had to be one!

“Of course Giles, there’s one in the observation room or you can use the one in the infirmary?” Janet offered.

“I think the infirmary.” He didn’t want a repeat of earlier that night when Buffy overheard him talking to Xander.

The Master Sargent came off the lift at that moment.

“Oh good, Master Sargent, could you take Giles to my office so he can use the phone?” Janet asked, handing her office key to the military man.

“Yes Doctor,” the old veteran replied.

“Before you go, how was Dr. Jackson when you left?” she asked

“He went right to sleep after Dr. Beck’s exam, she said she would send you her report when his blood tests came back,” the Sergeant answered and then he did a sharp about face and started towards the lift. “Right this way Dr. Giles.”

“I’ll wait with Buffy until you get back,” Janet said, swiping the door lock with her card.

Thank you for reading my story.





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