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Visions of Death

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Summary: Buffy is having Nightmares.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)exiledFR181641,8331216059,11528 Jan 072 Mar 13No

Chapter Four

I don't own SG-1 nor Buffy, but its sure fun to play in those worlds.

A/N: I had to go back in Chapter Three and tweak the timeline some.  This is placed in Season Eight of Stargate. Janet is still alive.

A/N: I have been sick for over a year.  Nothing dire, just sick enough that I can’t write.  Plus I really need prereaders and BETAs, having a Learning Disability is not fun.

Visions Chapter Four

The words from below bled through the plaster and wood taunting Buffy as she lay in her bed. The clean “Spring Fresh” sheets didn't begin to cover the smell of sweat and fear that bled off both her friends and the baby Slayers. 

Why couldn’t they remember that she could hear them? After nearly nine years Buffy's friends still couldn’t remember her sensitive hearing?

Why didn’t they understand that she just wanted them to leave her alone?

Buffy rolled over in her bed to cover the sounds below her.  She carefully controlled her breathing so the Slayer baby-sitting her wouldn’t know she was awake.  The pill Dawn forced on her had no affect and Buffy had to pretend that she was asleep or Xander would appear with more of Willow’s potion.

The potion that had been such a relief in the beginning of the dreams was now quickly becoming more of a nightmare than, the nightmares.  

Entire blocks of time would pass for her friends, while it seemed as only seconds for Buffy.  She got no rest, the potion only it made it seem as if she went from one nightmare to another without a break, an endless stream of terror.

The slayer baby-sitting was one of the newest of the Chosen and the newbie couldn’t hear the conversation downstairs. Buffy could tell because her breath didn’t hitch when Willow had made her pronouncement: what was wrong with Buffy wasn’t caused by a spell.

Buffy had tried to tell them that last week. She had spent hours fighting back the visions to stay coherent, trying to explain that they just needed to let her go.  The never-ending fight had finally fractured her mind to the point where there was no coming back.  At least Buffy hoped there was no coming back from it.  

She was just so tired. Tired of hurting, tired of the loneliness, tired of her hopes always being shattered.    

Why couldn’t they just let her go?

“Ok, this is what we need to do,” Willow’s voice sounded tinny from the distortion of the speakerphone as it rose up through the layer’s of wood to Buffy.  Willow was using her authoritative, almost arrogant tone, and Buffy felt a pang of grief slide into her heart.  What happened to the Witch's “resolve face?”  Where had her best friend disappeared too?  The Slayer wanted to pull the pillow over her face to block out her voice.  “We can cast a spell….”

“No, Willow,” Giles roughly, interrupted her. “The main problem we have now is getting her to eat.  She is simply not….”

‘No Giles,’ Buffy thought. ‘The main problem you have is that slayers weren’t meant to live this long, weren’t meant to have friends and family.  The Council had it right and we never realized it.’

“Giles if we can stop the visions, then she’ll want to start eating again,” Willow insisted, patiently, almost as if the Head Watcher of the Council was a child.

“I thought your potion was supposed to block the dreams?” Dawn whiney voice cut Buffy deeply.  This had to stop; it had to stop now, before they did something else to her for her own good.  Heaven was waiting for her.  Buffy had waited for them to come to their senses but it didn’t appear like they were any time soon so she would have to take things in her own hands.


Giles sat by the tiny office's window with his head in his hands.  There were simply no answers.  They had batted suggestions around for the past half-hour and it came back to the same problem.  They could not keep Buffy alive long enough to heal her mind. His daughter's mind was being consumed by the dreams and her body would soon follow.  There was nothing they could do to help her.  And considering all she had gone through in her life who could really blame her if she went round the bend?

The issue or as Xander liked to call it, the elephant in the room that none of them had mentioned or touched on was that they now had an uncontrollable superhuman being trained to kill.  A slayer who had nearly ten years of service, seven of which had been on the most active Hellmouth in history.  His mind looped back around to the horrible thought that the Council was right and now it was up to him to.... Neutralize the threat.  He never thought he would be considering the possibility of.... Buffy's death coming from anything other than a demon.   With a loud sigh he knew what they should do.  He could just stop watching her and let her walk out the door and into her last fight, let her have her reward.

'No, what if she ran into a vampire who wanted to change her instead.  That was her nightmare during high school.' His thoughts were slowing down as they ran out of options.

“It’s been quiet up there for to long, I'm going to go check on everyone,” Dawn said, standing.  “See if she can drink some tea or maybe some of that super charged milk-shake the doctor had us buy.”  

“Ok, Dawn, just be careful if she's awake.” It was Xander who spoke up, Giles noticed.  Somewhere in the depth of Giles' feelings, he felt proud of the man Xander was turning into, the Watcher who thought of all the people under him.  

“I will,” she gave Xander a small smile; Giles could tell that Dawn was trying to reassure the boy.  “Bye Willow,” Dawn called out from the doorway and that reminded Giles that the Witch was still on the phone.  

“Bye Dawnie,” he heard the stress in Willow's voice, even across through the transatlantic phone line that was probably as older than his father.  Would the 'New Council’ survive?  If he had to kill his daughter he could follow her without remorse?

As a Watcher what he should do was clear, protect humanity at all costs.  His heart begged that he find a different way!  He knew he couldn't survive losing, not again.

“What about General O'Neill?” Xander asked, as soon as Dawn was out of the room.

 The question yanked Giles out of his thoughts.  Xander had mentioned the Commander of the Stargate Program yesterday. Giles had discounted the suggestion because Buffy would be most upset if they called the military.  

“That's a great idea!” Willow cried over the phone.  “I really enjoyed talking that Colonel, what was her name?”  

'What?  Have they both gone batty? They were moving to fast, how dare they think of surrendering Buffy to the American Military, no matter how much of an impression the Officers' made.'  He had to put a stop to it right now!  Giles stood....

“She's gone!” Dawn's plaintive cry from above interrupted Xander's answer.  It took Giles a full second to realize what she said and then he found that he couldn't move.  He literally couldn't get his body to work because he knew what that meant.  Despite thinking about Buffy's death for the last two days, thinking about letting her go on patrol and die.  'No, no, no!  She can't be gone!  No!

He felt himself falling; to the cold hardwood floor of the tiny office or into Hell he didn't know.  By some buried instinct of self-preservation he fell back into the chair, instead of forward on to his cranky knees.

'She can't be gone! She was fine only a few minutes ago!  Her heart must of failed from the punishment of not eating and then the electrical shock from the taser...'  It took him a full minute to realize from the way Xander and the Just Called Slayers were storming around the old house and were putting on their coats and boots that Dawn meant Buffy was literally “Gone” as in left the house.

First relief brought a flood of adrenaline that she was still alive!  Then the anger started to burn brightly at Buffy's selfishness!  'We were close, we were so close to finding the answer!' He thought, 'how dare she!'  Under his fear that she was lost he knew he was being irrational, he knew there wasn't a magical wand to cure her, not now. 

“Giles,” Dawn's soft voice pulled him out of his reflections.  He looked up into blood-shot blue eyes, her face pinched with the effort to contain her fear so that she could think clearly, so that she could be calm, the adult that her older sister would be proud.  At least until she knew for sure that Buffy was gone.  Gone as in dead.  He shook his head.  He had to be strong. 'Billocks strong!  Please let her be alive, please, oh please, I can't loose another child.'

“Giles?” Dawn said his name as a question and she walked over to him.  Giles naturally stood and it was the simplest thing to let the child hug him and it was the hardest thing in his life.  It nearly undid him to think of Dawn without her sister again.

“We found her!  We found her!  Get the blankets!  Hot tea!”  Giles jumped out of Dawn's arm as Spring came storming into the house shouting orders. Xander came stomping in behind her with Buffy in his arms.  The young man paused in the doorway of the office as if to show Giles' his failure.  Buffy was rag doll limp and she was still dressed only in her nightshirt, no shoes, no coat to fight to off the sub-freezing temperatures.

“Will you make the call to General O'Neill or do I need too!” Xander nearly shouted, his fear, the pain clearly shown in his brown eye.

“He's right,” Willow echoed over the phone, surprising Giles.  He had forgotten she was still there.  

“Here Xander, put her on the couch and let us take over,” Spring ordered, all but pushing Xander into the lounge room.  A line of baby slayers following them.  The air of failure and worry etched on their faces and in the slumped dejected shoulders.  For the past two weeks all the slayers of the Cleveland Hellmouth had been guarding and protecting their Slayer Prime and not humanity.

'It had to stop, one way or another, it has to stop.'

“I really have no choice, do I?” He said to no one.


'And the day had been going well,' General Jack O'Neill thought, wryly as he hung up the “Red Phone.”

He sat in General Hammond's office, not quite accepting that his friend had been promoted.  Jack wondered what Hammond would have done if had been on the receiving of end of this morning's calls?  ' I wish this whole General thing had happened next week. I wonder what George would do?  If he had been the call-ee instead of the caller?'

Jack shook his head, it wouldn't matter, he had accepted command of the SGC and now he had to do the right thing.

President Hayes had called right after General Hammond just to reinforce how much the United States of America owed to Buffy Summers.  How important if was to get her well and back in-charge of her battle to keep the world safe.  Jack couldn't help but thinking that maybe, just maybe, after 10 years of a constant nightly fight Miss Summers might never be able to “get back to her war.” The briefing from the Council only hit the high spots of the past 10 years and it left Jack with cold sweats in the middle of the night.

Jack had tuned out the President when he mentioned how much gaining the Council's trust and the possible recruitment of some of Miss Summers' associates would help the SGC.  Yeah, it would be great to have superhuman, warriors to call on if the SGC needed them.  And yes he would love to have a few of the OLDER Slayers on the SG teams, still that wasn't the reason he was going to do everything in his power to help Buffy Summers.  

There were so many reasons to help her. It kept coming back to him that this was why he had joined the Air Force.  To help people, not just kill them.  He was going to do everything in his power to get Buffy Summers well, not to get back into the war, to get her so she can simply live her life back.

Because there was the only reason that mattered to him.

“Its the right thing to do.'

He stood up and walked out to the conference room and looked through the window out over the Stargate.  The IOC would probably be angry, he didn't submit his plan for review, he didn't care, not today.  Today he had to get a helpless high value target to the SGC for treatment and keep her mission and identity secret.  He had to protect her from enemies in which he had not idea of their capabilities.  How did one fight a demon or a witch?  Not to mention the rogue elements of the S.I.D.

He had to figure out how to get this prized target from Cleveland to the Mountain and there was only one way he could do it.

'No, she wasn't a “target” she was a woman who had seen to much and gone through too much.' Buffy Summers was a true hero.  Oh, he knew how that word had become cliché; he didn't like how everyone and their dog were now called a “hero.”  Still, that woman had done things and seen things in her short life that gave him nightmares.

“Walter!” He shouted.


“ACK!” Jack jumped and turned on his heel. 

His aide was standing directly behind him and one of these days Jack was going to find out how the Sergeant was able to sneak-up on him. “Don't do that to me Walter!”

“Yes, sir,” Walter answered in that calm unflappable way he had.  If Jack hadn't known that “Radar” O'Reilly was a fictional character then he'd think Walter was his son, they even had the same glasses. Wasn't Radar's given name Walter...

“Sir, you needed something?” The Sergeant asked again.

Jack sighed; he would be so lost without his aide slash Gate Tech.

“Yes, I need to send Colonel Pendergrass an encrypted Flash Red Message.”

“Yes sir,” Walter stood straighter. “The Prometheus should be in range in twenty minutes, do you want the line directly to your office?

Jack started ambling back to his office, “Yea, and Walter have Daniel report immediately, too.”

He vaguely heard Walter's “Yes sir, right away sir” as he closed his door.  He would have Daniel handle things between the Council and the SGC.  He knew when he was in over his head.  One thing Jack didn't want to do with either Buffy Summers or the “Watcher” coming with her was stick his foot in his mouth.

He was forgetting something; he knew he was forgetting something....  

Someone knocked on the outer door and distantly he said, “Come in.”  Janet, the base's Chief Medical Officer appeared in the doorway.  And Jack remembered what he had forgotten.

“Sir, General Hammond called me and said you would want to see me at my earliest possible moment?” the redhead asked.
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