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Visions of Death

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Summary: Buffy is having Nightmares.

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Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I don’t the characters of Stargate or Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A/N: I need a BETA reader, please?


Giles hung up the phone, again. It was the third call he had received in the past 30 minutes, from either Tony Blair or President Hayes, trying to assure Giles that while, General O'Neill might have no tact, he was the best man they knew for the job at hand. Giles bloody well didn't care if this O'Neill was worse than Buffy on a bad hair day, as long as he was competent.

On top of those calls and he had to make arrangements for Xander and Robin Woods to take over his duties for a few days. Giles was pleased that it was assumed that he would accompany Buffy and that he didn’t have to fight either Xander or Dawn. Speaking of Dawn where was she? She’d had said something about packing a few things for Buffy and the other Slayers and disappeared. Giles suspected her disappearance was because she couldn’t endure seeing her sister this way.

He really didn’t want to let Buffy get into the hands of the military. There had to be some other way to cure her than to trust the very government that allowed the Initiative! Despite it outwards appearance the Stargate program could still be a front for another Initiative or the NID or the Trust or whatever President Hayes had called it.

Now that he had time to think about it Xander and Willow were rushing headlong into disaster.

“No, this is a mistake,” Giles stood intent on finding Xander and informing him he’d changed his mind. He was Buffy’s Watcher; he would find a way to care for her. The Council had unlimited resources there had to be something they could do than to cede control over Buffy’s care.

“Giles,” Xander touched him on his shoulder. And he nearly jumped out of skin.

“Xander how many times to I have to tell you not to do that! Please do not sneak up on me again!” He said in most stern tone of voice and then wished he hadn’t because of the way the young man’s eyes filled up with tears. Giles knew they were all pushed to the extreme limit by Buffy’s illness. Giles’ reached out and awkwardly squeezed his shoulder, silently asking for forgiveness.

Xander nodded; of course he knew what Giles couldn’t say in words. Xander turned and motioned towards the door to the lounge room and there stood the General. Giles stomach did a flip and it seemed like all his objections were justified. There was only one way to get from Colorado to Cleveland so quickly and that was through a portal. Something he had considered using and then discarded. Just setting up the safer transportation spell for a single person would have wiped out the combined mystical power of the Devon Coven. Using that much power was something he couldn’t do even if it was for Buffy. And here was the General another man and a woman standing in the doorway of the lounge room not 30 minutes after Giles had made the first call. The mythical power it took to open a portal for three people was off the charts and yet, they wanted the Council to believe they weren’t messing with the Occult!

One of the men stepped forward….


Daniel stood the living room doorway behind Jack and before Janet. Jack hadn’t had time to brief him on the situation before they left the mountain and he hadn’t been allowed to go to the IOC/UN briefing took place between the two groups. So Daniel was working in the dark as to exactly where the Council fit in the entire scheme of things. If there was one thing Daniel Jackson didn’t like, it was going into a touchy situation without all the facts. All he knew was this was a medical mission and that one of their allies didn’t have the ability to deal with the illness. Daniel was completely in the dark as to who the ally could be and why they were going to Cleveland.

The first surprise of the day was seeing Dr Giles, former of the British Museum, and extremely helpful to Daniel’s research while he was writing his infamous paper all those years ago. As a matter of fact Dr Giles had told him if he ever wanted to leave Egyptian Studies behind to contact him immediately. Which Daniel had tried to do after his entire scholastic career collapsed under the weight of his ideas. Dr Giles had been very friendly and knowledgeable during their talks in London.

“Dr Giles,” Daniel said as he walked forward. He noticed and ignored the stares from the seven girls in the room. The girl’s age seemed to range from teen to the early twenties. “You might not remember me, I met you while you were the curator for the British Museum.”

Dr Giles glared at him with red rimed, bloodshot eyes. This was not the carefree, friendly man Daniel remembered. The Englishman stood protectively by a sick child lying on the couch. Daniel could nearly see the wheels turning in Dr Giles’ mind trying to place him, trying to figure out what he was doing there.

No, this definitely wasn’t the same man from London. This man was much more…. Dangerous.

“I’m sorry sir, you have me at a disadvantage, I vaguely remember you, and your brilliance with ancient texts and languages. Just how are you connected with the American Military, exactly?” The man took a step to the right while talking, placing himself between the child on the couch and the door. And at the same time there seemed to be an unseen signal to the girls in the room because they spread in out. They were acting exactly like the soldiers at the SGC did, when they felt threatened. Out of nowhere the tension in the room thickened so much Daniel could nearly see it floating in the air. The brown haired man, with the eye patch, saw the defensive posture of the women and seemed confused. Daniel was worried that the sudden threat escalation caught Jack off guard. When Jack O’Neill was off balance, thing could go from bad to horrible very fast.

Daniel could have kicked himself because he had made an amateur mistake: his memory of Dr Giles clouded his judgment. Add to the fact that Dr. Giles wasn’t thinking clearly, or at all. No, the man standing before him was nearly at the end of his rope. He looked worse than Jack did after Apophis took Skaara. So the “medical mission” meant that someone Dr Giles care for deeply was sick.

The truth was Daniel’s ally now. If Dr Giles over reacted things could get worse quickly. Not that Daniel thought he was in any real danger. Especially not with Jack on his six.

“I work for the US Air Force on the Stargate Program once things have settled down I would like to thank you properly for you help all those years ago. Until then,” Daniel paused and nodded towards the unconscious child, “you called us to help you, let us.”

“I don’t trust you or your organization and as far as I’m concerned you are the enemy,” Dr Giles said quietly, though his eyes told the truth and in those eyes Daniel saw terror that he was making a mistake. “How did you get here so fast? When I met General O’Neill last year I was assured your government was no longer interested in the metaphysical world and yet here you are, not 30 minutes after I called. The power to create a portal of that size would be amazing.”

Huh? Metaphysical? Daniel swallowed hard. He had faced the most evil of the Goa’uld, the most powerful forces in the universe, and none of them were as frightening as the man before him. Daniel heard Janet push into the room and stop.

“Oh, for crying out loud!” Jack said from behind him. The General then stepped in front of Daniel. “Its called beaming technology, we got it from the Asguard! Sort of like ‘Beam me up Scotty.’ We briefed you on the little grey guys, remember Thor?” The man with the dark hair snickered, and then stopped at Dr Giles glare. The women surrounding them visibly relaxed. “If Carter were here then she could bore you with a lot of science stuff. As for Daniel, he works for us because he loves ancient stuff and we meet a lot of ancient cultures and… stuff when we go through the gate. All this was in the mission briefings during that dull IOC/UN thing. Don’t worry I nearly fell asleep, too. In the mean time your ‘leader’ is sick? This was the only safe way I could think of to transport such a high profile target quickly and quietly. I am right in assume that every hostile your …. Slayer Prime has ever come in contact with would just love to meet her now?”

Everyone froze at the mention of the Slayer Prime’s illness and the tension again skyrocketed. The only noise in the room was the harsh breathing coming from the couch. That was when Daniel finally looked at the child on the couch and realized for the first time she wasn’t a child, just a very small woman. He saw her face and it was as if all air left the room, he literally couldn’t breathe, the sense of recognition nearly drove him to his knees. He was sure he’d never seen her before and he was equally sure he knew her…. Knew her very well. He shook his head suddenly dizzy as memories surfaced of warmth and love. She was the blonde woman in his dreams and she was so much more.

As if Janet saw her at the same time the small doctor shoved Jack out of the way to go kneel beside the couch. The girls in the room started shifting from foot to foot glancing nervously from Janet to Jack to Dr Giles and back again.

Daniel shook his head trying to clear it. This wasn’t the time to get lost in memory or confusion. He had trained himself to compartmentalize his emotions during missions if for no other reason than sometimes his survival depended on it. He would talk to Janet and Jack about what just happened later, right now, he had to get back in the game.

While Jack and Dr Giles had a glaring contest the young man with an eye patch cleared his throat. “Everyone just calm down,” he turned in a circle looking hard at each of the women.

“I am not convinced this is the proper course of action, Xander,” Dr Giles said, without taking his eyes off of Jack.

“Giles, we talked about this, the Council can’t handle this kind of situation--yet,” Xander told the man quietly. He walked between Jack and Dr Giles breaking their staring contest. “Giles, you’re going with them, if they do one thing out of order then yell.” As Xander, spoke, Dr Giles lost all his spark and danger. He became old before Daniel’s eyes. His shoulders rounded, his head dropped, he wasn’t just deflated he was defeated.

“Yes, yes, of course you’re right,” the Englishman said looking everywhere except at the woman on the couch or at Jack. Dr Giles took a deep breath that caught in his throat he tried to strangle back a sob. Jack turned around to face Daniel, giving the two men privacy.

“Sir, we need to transport the patient directly into the infirmity now. She’s in hypothermic shock and comatose, and I can’t bring her temperature up safely here.” Janet demanded from the place by the couch.

All eyes in the room turned on Dr Giles and he looked like a deer caught in headlights. Daniel took his cue. “Dr Giles, let’s start again. I am Dr Daniel Jackson, this is General Jack O’Neill the head of the Stargate Program at Cheyenne Mountain, and the woman next to the couch is Major Janet Frasier, MD the Chief Medical Officer of the Stargate Program. May we transport your Slayer Prime?” He motioned to the woman.

“Buffy Summers, Slayer Prime and the oldest living Slayer in history,” Dr Giles added, formally. Daniel let out a relieved sigh. By giving him the woman’s name it meant the man was going to let them help.

“May we transport Buffy to our facility for medical attention?” When the man nodded, jack immediately used the radio in his hand. “Colonel Pendergrass prepare to transport five.”

“We have no lock on you General, you need to leave the house and go out on the lawn.” The disembodied voice said over the hand held unit. “You are invisible to our sensors and have been for the pass five minutes.”

That was interesting Daniel thought the new sensors were a huge upgrade. Jack looked at Janet.

“She doesn’t appear to have any overt injuries. I think we can just simply carry her outside, and I think we should do it now. We don’t have a lot of time before her body starts shutting down.” Janet said, standing up and backing away.

“I’ll carry her, one of the older teenage girls said, stepping forward.” Daniel didn’t think she could lift a fly. But she bent down wrapping the blankets around the woman tighter and then lifted her up as if she weighted nothing.

“I’m sorry, one of us needs to carry her for the sensor lock,” Jack said stepping forward.

“No, you really don’t,” the young man said, moving between Jack and the girl. “I mean I understand what you are saying and I know you guys are the white hats. Just understand this: you are taking the top two people in our organization. We are entrusting you with the care and welfare of our top people.” The young man paused to let that information sink in. “If the situation were reversed would you let us simply walk out without some kind of guard.”

Now it was Xander and Jack’s turn to have a glaring contest or it would have been if Janet hadn’t stepped between them. “Sir, we need to move, now. And he has a point.”

“Alright, Pendergrass?”

“Yes sir?”

“There will be six to transport directly to the infirmary.”

“Eight, Nancy, you’re in med school so you’re with Buffy, Spring you’re with Giles.” As he spoke one of older girls or, er women, walked over to Dr Giles and stood exactly two steps to his left. The young man continued as if he had expected the girl to that. “We will have your relief fly in from LA, along with clothes.” Xander’s look challenged Jack to deny him. Jack couldn’t, it made sense.

“No more than two other Slayers, the SGC is a SECRET base and what we do there is CLASSIFIED as TOP secret.” Jack O’Neill gave a meaningful gaze around the room. “Eight Pendergrass and we are coming out now.” Jack O’Neill led everyone out of the room. It wasn’t until Daniel was behind the slayers that he noticed each one had a sword strapped to their back and various knives in a belt around their waist, but the oddest thing were the wooden stakes.”


Lots of talking I know, it couldn’t be helped. I really need a prereader to tell if things suck before I post them and a BETA reader for grammar and spelling.

Thank you for reading my story.
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