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Visions of Death

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Summary: Buffy is having Nightmares.

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Chapter Six

A/N: Still trying to put this out without a BETA.  

Visions Chapter Six

One moment Giles was in the cold, snow-covered yard of the Cleveland Slayer House and the next he was stumbling to a stop next a grey cement wall. The disorientation from the transportation—beam—wasn’t as bad as a transportation spell.  It was just being in one place one second, and in some place entirely new the next, caused a brief overload to the senses.  Thankfully slayers adapted faster than normal humans or he was sure Tracy would have dropped Buffy.

He still wasn’t sure if this was for the best or not.  He had his doubts that the doctor would be able to handle and understand the mystical when her entire career was spent firmly grounded in the empirical.

“Over here,” the tiny, officious, doctor ordered.  She was motioning at a bed in what seemed to be a very well equipped hospital room in a—missile solo?  The thick cement walls, the blast-door, and a control room with an observation window made it all appear to be an old silo.  Or maybe it was half a silo because it did have a roof some 30 feet above their heads. Giles belatedly realized that Tracy was still holding Buffy waiting for some signal from him. He saw no reason to deny the doctor so he nodded tightly.  

As soon as his Slayer was placed on the bed, medical personal flooded out of the woodwork like roaches and swarmed around her. He wanted to run over to her and chase everyone away. He did take a step forward when a modesty screen appeared. A small, strong hand on his shoulder stopped him.  Spring stared up at him with sad brown eyes.  “Nancy and Tracy are in there with her,” she said. “Let her have some privacy.”

He turned back to face the wall; he didn’t want either the General or the Dr Jackson to see him so weak, so out of control.  He normally wasn’t like this…the last time Buffy died he was able to accept it, if not move on.  If she died this time he would follow her, he vowed. Parents were just not made to out live their children.  He hated the stray thought that filtered through his mind that this was the reason why the old Council had become so hardened; they couldn’t afford to lose Watchers every time a slayer died.

Spring stepped around him and glance up at him, gaining his attention. “She’s not dead, you have to hang on to the belief that she’ll get better. When the other girls get here they will be new, and if they see you to falling apart, then they’ll fall apart, too. And that will get them killed!”  Giles glared at her, the gall of the young slayer!  She barely had three years experience and wasn’t even with them at the Battle of Sunnydale!  Giles felt his hands close into fists and the feeling to strike out was nearly overwhelming.  He was not a violent person.  He had never hit a lady but right now….

“You need to ask Tracy what she feels every time she’s near Miss Buffy,” Spring said.  The young girl wouldn’t look him in the eyes and that’s when he realized the courage it must have taken for her to speak this way to the Head of the Council.  He knew she was right; he had to put on a brave front for the other slayers and for the military personal.  That was when it caught up to him what she said about Tracy.  He also realized that neither he, nor Xander, had thought to ask the other slayers about Buffy. No, that was impossible, Xander lived with the slayers he would have covered it.

Giles heard the noise of compressed air as the blast-door slid open and several of the medical staff left with vials of blood.  He nearly protested that he didn’t want her blood in some military database until he remembered Maggie Walsh’s fascination with it.  There was sure to be a report about it somewhere in the Pentagon files. Maybe he should suggest that the old Initiative files be unearthed now that there was really nothing left to hide or protect in Sunnydale.  At the very least it would give the doctor a baseline for Buffy. 

At that moment all thoughts flew out of his head as the modesty screen was folded up and moved aside.  Buffy looked like a little girl who had gone to bed without her dinner, or without many dinners, as there was no mistaking the weight lost now.  Her cheeks were sunken in even more so than after her Resurrection. She was so small on the huge bed, covered in thick blankets with machines and tubes going every which way.  

His Slayer was the center of attention in the room full of people and equipment. All the machines were beeping or buzzing with a steady rhythm so Giles guessed things were fine. He ignored the different color of fluid bags attached to Buffy’s arm through the IV lines.   Still, he couldn’t stop his lips from forming a small smile: there was a little bit of color was coming back into Buffy’s cheeks. It was such a tiny thing.  It was crazy, really, for that to be enough to give Giles hope.  But it just seemed for the first time since Buffy became ill that they were no longer sliding down hill into the inevitable. Maybe this was the right thing to do?  He really, hoped against hope that he was right in trusting General O’Neill.

Nancy towered over the redheaded doctor, holding a clipboard.  They seemed to be in a deep conversation as they left Buffy’s beside and walked up to him.  He could feel the power of the doctor’s personality.  She seemed to fill up the room, just like Buffy.  The doctor would have to have a strong personality to have achieved this posting on a male dominated military base.  She would also have to be quite good.

“I never thought I would be asking this question, Dr. Giles,” the doctor shook her head.  “Nancy said that Miss Summers was given a Magical Draught a Witch named Willow made to knock her out?”  

“What?” Dr Jackson said behind them.  Stepping forward to stand next to Giles.  Spring and Nancy looked ready to jump the man until Giles shook his head.  

“Daniel lets take a walk and let the good Doc Frasier handle the situation for a little while.” General O’Neill joined them.  “Dr Giles, I’m gonna leave you. There are phones,” the General pointed to the red phone on the wall by the door.  “Everywhere just pick one up and ask for me and I’ll come running… With the pile of paper work I have waiting on my desk after using the Prometheus today, please call me soon and call me often so I can come running.”

“Yes, very well, thank you General,” Giles stood straighter not quite sure how to react to the General.  He made Giles want to start cleaning his glasses, a nervous habit that he thought only the Scoobies could engender. “Good-bye, Dr Jackson.”

As the two men left, Giles turned back to the doctor, “It was the only thing Xander and Buffy’s sister Dawn could think of to keep her quiet.”

“Ok,” the Doctor made a notation.  “According to Nancy when Miss Summers first started taking the—draught—she would be unconscious for twelve hours however the last few times she was barely down for eight?”

“Yes, all slayers quickly build up a tolerance for drugs, even the magical kind,” Giles started to relax; the woman was not only asking questions, she was asking the right questions.

“Tracy knows when Miss Buffy is about to wake-up, she can feel her,” Nancy added, and that shocked Giles to his core.  He quickly glanced up and caught the young slayer’s eyes from where she stood guard over Buffy.  Tracy lifted her chin up as her green eyes shone bright with defiance.  Why Xander didn’t tell him?  Why wasn’t Tracy part of the team watching over Buffy?  This afternoon’s incident could have been avoided.

“Ok that’s good to know,” the doctor didn’t miss a beat, as if a person being able to feel things about other people was normal for her.  “Is that for all of the slayers or just for Tracy over there?” Dr Frasier waved in the direction of the girl.

Spring answered before Giles could.  “We all could feel the Slayer Prime on some level and she could feel us.  The newer slayers don’t understand what they are feeling or where it’s coming from.  The more we are around the Slayer Prime the better we are able to recognize it.”  If that was true then why were only the newer slayers in the kitchen this morning?  If Spring had actually been in the room instead of just outside the door, would she have been able to tell Buffy was going to attack?  Xander probably thought he needed to have the older, better-trained slayers out patrolling.

Giles shook his head and tried to concentrate on what the southern slayer was saying.  

“Its just lately, especially when she takes that drink, its like she just disappears until she wakes up. And then the connection with us is weaker.” Spring’s words ended as her throat closed with tears and she turned around wiping at her eyes. Giles started to place his hand on her shoulder in comfort and stopped.  Oh, to Hell with it, he thought, and did place his hand on her shoulder only to have his arms full of slayer before he could move.  Spring clung to him, against his will his arms slowly wrapped around her as he hugged the girl. “I’m sorry I must be such a disappointment!” she cried, tightening her hold until he couldn’t breath.

“Dear, dear child, you are not now nor will you ever be, a disappointment!” he whispered, shocked at the depth of the girl’s feeling.  Then breathing became a real issue. “Air, air,” he coughed and she released him.  She tried to turn away and Giles grabbed both her arms to hold her still.  He held eye contact until Spring nodded, and then he released her and let her have some privacy. He really had lost touch with the actual slayers.  After the fall of Sunnydale Giles had buried himself in administration and he was just now realizing how badly he had blown it.

“Its just we miss her, that’s all,” Nancy explained, as she, too, looked to be on the verge of a break down. “We miss our connection to something bigger, through her we can feel the others. The big thing is through her we stay grounded in life, and not the Slayer.” Embarrassed, Nancy couldn’t look at Giles.

Giles knew that both Buffy and Willow had a connection to the Slayers, which was how they were able to find so many so quickly.  He just didn’t know it was so profound with Buffy because Willow said her connection had faded.  Giles also wondered how the potion could create such a side affect and how did he miss it?  He just couldn’t understand how it was even possible to weaken the mystical tie between all the slayers and Buffy? His eyes caught Tracy’s and he saw tears in them.  

Spring was right; he had to get his head together and ask the slayers.  

“Fascinating,” the doctor said, still writing.  He couldn’t tell if she was oblivious to the emotions swirling around them or just ignoring to spare them their dignity.  After a few moments she stopped and looked up at Giles.  “Ok, she’s stable right now, so that’s good.  It also gives us a little bit of time to formulate a treatment plan. I think I would like to wait for the first of the labs to come back and then hold a briefing in the main conference room in about,” she looked at her watch. “About two hours. In the mean time Dr Giles I would suggest you go get something to eat and lay down for a little while, it’s going to be a long night and you look exhausted.”

Giles didn’t it like.  Why was the doctor trying to get rid of him!  “I am just fine, thank you very much.” He said, with as much acid as he could put in the words.

“Suit yourself, I just need you sharp and Nancy said you just got in from London this morning,” she shrugged her shoulders.  “I also thought that maybe your body guard would like to eat something and maybe stretch her legs.” She nodded slightly in Spring’s direction.

Giles gave a curt nod back to the doctor, she was right.

“Airman,” the doctor waved over one the two men in combat dress. “Please show Dr Giles to his quarters and arrange for lunch.  Then in about two hours show him to the main conference room.” As Giles and Spring followed the young man he heard Dr. Frasier ask Nancy, “If you wouldn’t mind staying, Doctor, your input will be invaluable once the labs start coming back.” 

“Of course, Dr Frasier, however Giles knows more about the Slayer and Buffy in particular than any of us.” Nancy answered.  Giles didn’t know Nancy was a doctor, he thought she was just in medical school.

“Oh, I am going to need his input too, I just want some of the tests to come back and then maybe pull in Dr McKenzie our psychologist into the briefing.” 

The door shut behind and Giles didn’t know whether to be happy that the Stargate Program’s doctor seemed so competent or upset because it seemed that the Slayers conspired to deny important pieces of information.

BtVS*****Stargate SG-1******BtVS******Stargate SG-1

“Jack?” Daniel asked as they walked down the hall in the vague direction of Daniel’s office.


“Jack! Stop!” Daniel reached out and grabbed his best friend by his arm.  “Why are you and Janet talking about Magical Potions, Witches, and why did you let three heavily armed girls into the mountain?  I feel like I’ve fallen into one of Teal’c’s Harry Potter movies!”

“Orders, Daniel,” Jack gave him the unsatisfactory answer. Daniel just stared at Jack until he caved “And it was the right thing to do.”  Now that caught Daniel’s attention.  Jack rarely if ever said something like that.

“Look, Daniel, its easier if you read the file and see some of the vids.  Let me find Walter….”

“Right here sir,” Walter said, right next to Jack’s left arm.  Daniel couldn’t help the laugh when the General nearly jumped out of his skin. 

“Would you get the Initiative files and the IOC/UN briefing tape….”

“Right here sir,” Walter handed Daniel the thick files and DVDs.

“Come find me when you’ve gone through it all,” Jack said, turning in the hall towards his office.  “Oh, and Daniel, I want you to be point with these people.  I want them to get everything, and I mean everything, they need.”  With that Jack started off at a brisk pace with Walter in tow.

Daniel had already gotten to his office when he remembered the sense of recognition he felt with the sick woman.  


Thank you for reading this story.

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