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Visions of Death

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Summary: Buffy is having Nightmares.

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Chapter Seven

A/N: Thanks for help Betaing and pre-reading this part!  


The Initiative—Camera 7—was printed in yellow letters on the black and white screen.

Daniel sat in his office frozen to his chair, his icy hand tightly gripping the brand new mouse Sam gave him for Christmas.  The files, scattered about his desk lay open and forgotten.  On the 20-inch LCD screen in front of him Buffy Summers was paused in mid-air while kicking two monsters at once.  Daniel studied the image of her bleak eyes staring at the camera.

The Initiative—massacre—should have been printed on the screen, instead Daniel reflected. He had lost count at how many times he had paused, and replayed, the scene before he gave up and watched the fight in the bunker frame by frame.  He had to turn off the sound the first time through the DVD because he couldn’t stand the screams of good men dying.  A lot of good men died during this fight and Buffy Summers, former cheerleader, saved a lot more.

He didn’t understand why he was so drawn to this one picture; not when he still had the so much more to go through in the next twenty minutes before the briefing.  It could be Buffy Summers’ eyes; it was as if there was something else peeking out at that one moment.  

He clicked on his mouse and let the next frame fill the screen.  He was still missing something he knew it.  And it wasn’t the way the military men, all armed with enough firepower to take down a company of Jaffa, were following her tiny form.  Letting her blaze their escape route through the monsters.  Nor how the people identified as Willow Rosenberg, Witch, or Xander Harris, Watcher, wore expressions of total confidence and worship of the diminutive blonde on their faces.

Daniel didn’t know why he was stuck, just staring.  Thinking that he should have known, should have realized that the Slayer, or Chosen One, wasn’t just a myth.  It had been too pervasive in all the pre-Christian writings. She was the mythic Warrior woman: giving birth in the morning and slaying dragons at night.

It made sense.  She was the archetype of the protector the Mother Bear of the American Indians, the Lioness of the plains in Africa, all the Goddesses. So many accounts, as many different cultures believed in her as they believed in the great flood.

Still, that wasn’t why he was stuck to his chair. He couldn’t move as he abruptly realized: Buffy Anne Summers was special even among the Special.  


Daniel reluctantly, pulled his eyes away from the computer to see a Lieutenant standing in the door of his office.  “Sir, General O’Neill requests that you come to his office ASAP.”  Daniel just stared at the young man blankly, trying to gather his thoughts and trying to see something other than a tiny form leading the way through the muck of body parts.

“Sure,” he said, turning off his monitor.  He left the files where they were because his office was secure.  “Um, why didn’t Jack just call me?”

“Sir, he did, three times. He nearly set off a lock-down when you didn’t answer,” the SF replied. Then went in a different direction after Daniel locked up his office.

BtVS*****Stargate SG-1*****BtVS*****Stargate SG-1

Daniel was surprised to find Janet sitting in Jack’s office when he opened the hard metal door, since they had less than five minutes to meet the Council representatives in a conference room on a floor above and halfway on the other side of the complex.

“So, Vampires are real and little girls fight them,” Jack said, his face looked like he had eaten a lemon. 

Daniel just nodded.  Jack was really asking him if he was going to be fine with the idea of the supernatural.  

“Yeah, vampires and magic are real,” Daniel, agreed.  “Jack why am I here, with Janet?”

Jack’s expression didn’t change.  “I was going to say I had to be sure you could handle things, but that’s not it.”  He waved at the chair next to Janet and Daniel sat down.

“Doc Frasier did some tests on Miss Summers’ blood, mostly the normal things, that I’ll let her bore you with at the briefing,” he said. 

Jack paused and Daniel could tell he was trying to think of a way to tell him something without hurting him.

“Jack, just spit it out,” Daniel said, impatiently.  He loved Jack; he really did, however sometimes the man could fry his last nerve.

Janet pulled out two sheets of paper from the folder she clutched tightly in her hands,  then leaned forward and handed them to him.  Each page had a graph on it and one page was labeled Jackson, Daniel and the other was Summers, Buffy Anne.  

“What am I looking for?” The tension in the office went up as Janet reached across and pointed out a little red box on both pages.

“Danny, when you came back Janet ran a bunch of tests to see if you were, well, you,” Jack stopped, waiting for Daniel to nod.  “As you know the tests all said you were Daniel Jackson. Except, well, there were a few anomalies that weren’t there before you, ah, took your little vacation.”

“Jack, I knew all that when I got my memory back and Janet asked if she could rerun the tests. What’s your…. oh.” 

The meaning of the graphs suddenly slammed into Daniel and he his vision tunneled until the room faded away. The earlier feelings of warmth and love came back to him.  The sense of recognition, the certainly that he knew her, expanded within his chest, within his heart.

“She was finished, she wasn’t one of the ascended, and she was on a whole other level,” he said, the words tasting like acid in his mouth.  “She was warm, loved and with everyone who she loved.”

Then it was as if a curtain dropped and he was back in Jack’s office, looking into the brown eyes of Janet, in full-on doctor mode, she was standing next to him and taking his pulse.  Jack had made it around his desk and now stood with his arms crossed leaning against the wall.

Daniel could tell that this wasn’t what they were expecting.  

“He seems to be fine, sir,” Janet needlessly told Jack. “I would like to take him to the infirmary and run a few tests.” 

“What?  Why? I’m fine, I just don’t know what happened,” Daniel said as he stood up, nearly pushing Janet into Jacks desk without meaning to do it.  

Then he noticed the clock and realized ten minutes had passed since he entered the office.  So he was gone to that wonderful place a lot longer than a few seconds. 

 He wondered if Buffy still remembered?  If she got lost in the feeling of it, like he just did?

“That’s it, Space Monkey, you’re off this assignment.  I’ll recall Carter from Area 51,” Jack was picking up the phone when Daniel just reached out and grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“I’m fine,” he said, catching his best friend’s eyes with his.  “It just threw me, that’s all.  I really am fine. I want to do this. No, I need to do this, to help her.”  Daniel kept it to himself that he now knew that he was the only person who could help her.

“I don’t know Danny, you just zoned out and if you do that with these people you could be turned into a frog!” At Janet’s laugh, Jack added defensively. “Rosenberg threatened it during the briefing.  She said, ‘A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.’”

“And what did you do to cause her to threaten you, Jack?” Daniel dropped back into their bickering out of habit.  And it felt good, grounding him.

“Frasier?” The General, not his friend snapped.

“I think he’s fine sir,” she said, then paused.  “ It had to be a shock to find this out about Summers.”

“Ok Danny, you’re still in.” Jack rubbed the bridge of his nose, like he always did when Daniel gave him a headache.  “What do you want to do about this with Summers’ people?”

Daniel thought about it.  The way Dr Giles was acting, he might take the news that the SGC knew Buffy Summers had been dead as a threat, or if he, Daniel, admitted the reason they knew that was because he, too, had died then they could gain their trust.

“I don’t know Jack, Janet, could we, um, just play by ear?”  He didn’t like his answer apparently any better than Jack.

“Its your story to tell.  Ok, go, both of you go work.  I get the feeling that Dr Giles isn’t going to be happy to kept waiting.” Jack waved then out.

He was in the elevator before he realized that neither Janet nor Jack had heard him or understood that Buffy Summers had been in Heaven.

BtVS*****Stargate SG-1*****BtVS*****Stargate SG-1

Giles sat in the comfortable conference room watching the Psychologist, McKenzie, and Dr Frasier were again going over their arguments. 

“Thank you, dear,” Giles said, taking the tea Tracy had made for him.  

He was trying very hard to keep his eyes open.  He knew he shouldn’t have rested because sleeping an hour only caused him to be groggy and slow.  Tracy stood two steps to his left and behind the chair.  He knew if he had been left-handed, then she would be standing two steps to his right.  ‘Come on, old boy, concentrate!’

Giles took off his glasses and started cleaning them. The two doctors were engaged in the same argument as this morning namely: which to treat first--Buffy’s mind or her body.  The argument was becoming heated as each of the SGC’s finest pushed their points over the best way to treat Buffy’s illness.  It was a haunting mirror to the same discussion in Cleveland, except that this time, it was doctors who were tops in their field doing the arguing. 

Giles stood and walked over to the small buffet table the Doctor ordered set-up when she found out that the Slayers would be joining them.  Of course, Tracy followed him and he nearly snapped at the girl that he didn’t need her dogging his every move.

Despite their disagreement on how to treat Buffy initially, they both outlined long-term plans and it was their logical and methodical approach that was causing Giles to relax slightly.  Their attitude about Buffy’s abilities was different than the Council’s, and much different than even Giles’.  These doctors had never met Buffy, never met a Slayer, and yet, they were acting as if treating super-human patients was an everyday occurrence.  Maybe it was for the SGC their briefing, like the Council’s, didn’t reveal everything.

Nancy--or should he now refer to the slayer by her professional title of Second Year Resident Nancy Meadows, MD--was sitting quietly going through the results of the blood tests.

The SGC liaison, Dr Jackson was sitting across the table from Giles staring at nothing.  The man’s color was off and Giles could tell by the way he kept wiping his hands that he was cold and clammy, as if he had just suffered an enormous shock.

“The dream happening every single time she sleeps is just not normal for PTSD, Doctor, and I just don’t think we should pass up the chance to observe both the dream and her physical reactions to having it.” McKenzie pushed his point, leaning forward towards the petite Doctor.  “The Tok’ra memory device has been an incredible tool in treatment of PTSD recording the dream and then playing it back for the patient helps give them back the power they feel they lost.”

Giles sat back down with a Jelly donut and the cup of tea made just the way he preferred.  In the IOC/UN briefing the SGC said they were opening up their off-world teams to different nations, maybe a few Brits ended up over here? Despite his seeming disregard of what the two doctors were discussing, he was paying very careful attention to them.  He knew he would make the final decision, he just hoped they would reach a consensus.

“Miss Summers’ body has been weakened by, among other things, extreme malnutrition and her electrolytes are completely out of balance.  No, if we try what you are suggesting then she would have to be restrained and given her physical state and the emotional shock of waking up in a strange place we just can’t risk it.” Dr. Frasier placed her hands down firmly on the folders in front of her.

“No!” the SGC liaison’s shout echoed in the conference room, stunning everyone. “You can’t tie her up!” he yelled. The man was standing with both his arms braced on the table as if he was a second from going over the top of it at the small doctor. 

“Daniel?” Dr. Frasier questioned, a puzzled expression on her face. Giles could see that the woman was completely thrown by Dr. Jackson’s outburst.  She was halfway around the table carefully approaching the man with her arms out at her sides, as if he were a wild animal she was trying to tame. “Its ok, Daniel. We won’t restrain Buffy, I promise.”

Giles was at a loss and, it seemed, so was Dr McKenzie.  Giles could feel the air behind him shift, just the way it would when Buffy was about to attack, so he quickly stood and held up his hand to forestall Tracy’s actions.

“Don’t you understand all she wants is to go back! We have to give her reason to stay, a reason to fight!”  Jackson half-yelled at the others.

Giles’ body went numb, the cup of tea fell to the floor, and all strength left his body as he fell back into his chair.

‘They know!’ was the first thing he thought.  ‘They know about her resurrection!  How could they know? Was the second thing, Giles thought. ‘Only the Sunnydale survivors knew and not even all of them knew.’  Then Giles’ thoughts started to run away with him. ‘How could they know, what else do they know…. 

 Oh, God, I’ve delivered her to them!’

Tracy was already reacting to Jackson’s craziness and Nancy knew by Giles reaction that something was wrong.  Nancy moved to the side to give her room and, when Giles didn’t stand up the Slayers simply pushed him along with his chair behind them. 

Now there were two Slayers with their swords drawn, reactions geared in full battle mode, two Slayers who were searching the room for an enemy, and hyperaware of everyone and everything around them.  

Dr McKenzie seem to understand the danger, as did Janet Frasier but Dr Jackson was oblivious.  The man had gone grey and was shaking like a leaf. It was clear that Dr Frasier was torn between trying to help him and trying to calm down the rapidly escalating situation.

“She’s beginning to wake up!” Daniel Jackson announced seconds before klaxons sounded and a voice called over the speaker system,  “Dr Frasier and members of the Council to Isolation Room One, Dr Frasier and Council Repersentives to Isolation One immediately!”

No one dared to move for fear of what would happen next.
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