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To Dream the Impossible

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Summary: The characters from Buffy, Angel, Charmed, and Roswell all meet up in Sunnydale to fight a war against evil.

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To Dream the Impossible

Title: To Dream the Impossible
Part 1/?
Author: RedRoseAngel
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from Buffy, Angel, Roswell or Charmed.
Summary: The characters from Buffy, Angel, Charmed, and Roswell all come to Sunnydale to fight a war.
Pairing: This is mostly gen. In this part- Willow/Tara. Mentions of Buffy/Riley, Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel
Author’s Notes: Takes place after Buffy Season 4, Roswell Season 1, Charmed Season 3, and Angel Season 1. Spoilers for all those.
Feedback: Yes please! Please tell me if I’m characterizing people
right, or if there are any improvements I need to make.

December 16 2000, Los Angeles Prison

It was time.

Time for the battle to begin.

And Faith wasn't going to let it start while she rotted in jail. The
previous nights, Faith had had some dreams- her Slayer prophetic dreams. She hadn't had any of those since she started working for the Mayor. At first she dismissed them as her crazy subconscious talking. But they continued. Faith knew in her gut that this was real. And she was ready to fight.

So she broke out.

Screw the parole.

Los Angeles, Hyperion Hotel

Cordelia flounced in, not happy in the least. She had been in the
middle of a rehearsal for her play, when it happened. Another vision came soaring through her head, leaving her with an awful headache. As if the Powers that Be couldn't tell she was busy at the moment. She had to leave rehearsal early, to give Angel the news, and the director hadn't been happy. Cordy doubted that she would even have her job the next day. It didn't matter though- she'd have to quit anyway.

She saw Wesley sitting on the couch, reading some book about a demon, and Angel was drinking some coffee. Good, they were here. "Pack your bags boys. We're going to Sunnydale."

Roswell, New Mexico

Isabel Evans woke up with a start, not exactly sure what had just
occurred. She had been dreamwalking again- this time it had been Liz, her dream was as boring as usual- nothing even sexy about Max- but this time something unusual had happened.

She was in an apartment of some sort. She saw two girls she didn't recognize; one was blond, the other had red hair. They were sitting on the floor and doing something. There were herbs, candles, and they were chanting. To the average eye it looked as though they were casting a spell. But- did witches actually exist in this day and age? Apparently so.

Isabel was getting freaked out- she was in some weird place, with two girls she'd never seen before in her life, and they were casting a spell. She had no idea how she even got here, it was nothing like before when she dreamwalked. Then one of them started talking to the other.

"It's true Tara, can't you see? The prophecy is real!" The red head
seemed distressed, and her eyes were full of worry. Isabel then took a moment to look around at the scenery that surrounded her. She wished she hadn't. It was dark, scary, and there were- Isabel couldn't describe it well - monsters around her. Dark, gruesome faces, huge, distorted bodies, everything nightmares are made out of . She then realized what she had been feeling. Death- it was all around her.

Isabel gasped at the next picture around her. There were more people she didn't recognize, but there were the two girls also in the dream, and her, as well as Max, Michael, Tess, Liz, Alex, and Maria. They were in this place. If Isabel hadn't been freaked out before, she certainly was now.

The girl who was apparently Tara whispered in Willow's ear, "Do you think they'll all come?"

The red head looked around the room. "The signs say they can gain the knowledge of the war- all of them, even the ones from Roswell. I hope they all come, we won't be able to survive without everyone here."

Tara looked at the wall with everyone on it. "Everyone plays a part." She sighed sadly, seeming worried about something. Isabel was wondering how they knew that she was from Roswell. Something was very wrong here. The red head clasped Tara's hand.

"We'll be okay, everyone will come to Sunnydale, we'll fight against
evil, we'll win, and it will all be good." Tara smiled back at her and
squeezed her hand.

"You're so optimistic Willow." She laughed as Willow hugged her and kissed her forehead. As they pulled back, Tara glanced toward Isabel.

"I can't see you- but I feel your presence," she said quietly, her
eyes looking near Isabel. "If you can hear me, come to Sunnydale,
California. We need your help."

Isabel gasped; she was shocked- what was happening? No one had been able to feel her before. Was this even real? Was she the one dreaming here?

Suddenly, there was a big bang, and Isabel woke up. She was trembling- that she knew that this was real. And they had to go to Sunnydale.

"Max! I need to tell you something!" Isabel called to him.

San Francisco, California

Piper was busy making dinner for her and her sisters before she headed for P33. So far, there had been no signs of any demons they needed to vanquish, so she had plenty of time to plan her and Leo's wedding. She was so excited. Finally, the Powers that Be were giving her a break. Maybe she and Leo could squeeze it in before the next big thing happened. Piper peeled some potatoes and jumped as Leo orbed in, cutting her thumb. "Leo, what are you doing here?!" She grabbed a washcloth and wrapped it around her hand. "Not that I'm not happy to see you or anything." She kissed him softly, then pulled back when she
realized he wasn't smiling or responding. "What's wrong honey?"

Leo grimly replied, "I'm supposed to orb you and your sisters to
Sunnydale, California. It's about to start." He knew Piper would be
upset about this. She was counting on some time off.

Piper was very confused. "What's about to start? Why are we going to Sunnydale? Where is Sunnydale? Leo, tell me what's going on!"

Leo sighed. "The war."

Piper frowned, not knowing what was going on, but she knew enough to be disappointed. Looks like she wasn't getting any time off.

On the road from Los Angeles to Sunnydale

Cordelia was speeding, and she hoped she wouldn't get a ticket. First of all, they didn't have time for a ticket. Secondly, the officer
might wonder why Angel was in the backseat hiding from the sun with a blanket over his head. And why Wesley had a book with demons on the cover. Soon after Cordelia had shared her vision Wesley had gotten out all his books he had saved from the Watchers Council. He was reading through all of them to try and find some information on the whole thing. Cordy wasn't looking forward to it at all. She didn't want to go back to Sunnydale, she was happy in L.A. She had her family there, Angel, Wesley and Gunn. Angel would be brooding over the whole Buffy thing, Wesley would be trying to outdo Giles on the ex-Watcher thing,
and she would just be trying to keep her sanity throughout all the

Gunn had opted not to go, and keep an eye on the demon population back in LA with his crew. She wished he would've come, she needed someone to talk or argue with, the silence was driving her up the wall. Wesley was reading and Angel was hiding, neither one in the mood to chat. Cordelia sighed and turned up the radio to try and get rid of the silence. As she suspected, Angel yelled at her to turn it down, he was trying to sleep. Wesley glared at her, saying he needed to concentrate, and she turned it down again. More silence.

Cordelia sighed.

Angel and Wesley told her to stop sighing.


Faith was hitchhiking her way back to Sunnydale. She knew it was
dangerous However, for her it wasn't. If any guy tried to attack her, she could break both of his arms and legs. She needed to get back in shape anyway. Prison life wasn't much for Slayers. Not that she developed a beer belly, she simply hadn't been able to workout as much as she'd like. She hoped she would be able to get back into shape once she reached Sunnydale. She hoped that Buffy wouldn't be too mad at her and send her straight back to prison, saying they had all the Slayers they needed. She hoped....

Finally, here came a truck. Maybe he'll be going straight to Sunnydale.

Roswell, New Mexico

"Max, we don't have a choice on this- we have to go." Isabel argued. She told Max about her dream, and he was reluctant to travel to Sunnydale, saying it would be too dangerous. Isabel's argument was that she got the dream for a reason, and they were needed. People's lives depended on them.

"What'll we tell our parents? We're going off to war?" Max asked. He knew his parents and everyone else's would have questions. This would ultimately lead to the alien secret being let out. "This is too dangerous, Isabel."

"We can tell them that we're going to Sunnydale for our Christmas break or whatever. School's out, we'll have a couple weeks. And we need to be there Max! I heard them say that they need everyone, and that means us!" Isabel said sharply as she crossed her arms and glared at her brother. Isabel wondered what it would take to get through Max's skull, finally, they could use their powers for good.

"This'll last longer than of couple weeks, you know that Isabel." Max tried again weakly. He knew that Isabel was set, she'd keep arguing until he gave in. Which he could tell he was going to do here pretty soon.

Isabel shrugged. "So we'll deal with that when we get back. Max, don't you see how important this is that we're there?" Isabel could tell he was weakening. If she kept pushing, they could start heading the next day. "Lives may depend on us being there- do you want to risk an innocent life?"

Max struggled to argue his last idea. "What if your dream was wrong? What if else entirely this is just something entirely else?" If this couldn't convince her, he may as well start packing. All the logic screamed at him that this was wrong, but he knew in his gut that it was right. They had to do this.

Isabel smiled. "Then we'll find out when we go to Sunnydale. Worse case scenario, they laugh at us or whatever. We head back here, and everything is all and well." She knew that wouldn't happen though, her dream was real, she knew it. The two girls were counting on them to be there.

Max sighed. "Michael and Tess have to agree too." He knew they would, sure they'd argue, but in the end, they were going. Isabel beamed; she'd won. They were going to Sunnydale. "I'm sure they will." Then the reality hit her like a hammer over her head. They were going to Sunnydale. To fight a war.

Sunnydale California, Giles's place

Willow and Tara left their dream that they were able to contact Isabel with. Willow smiled. "It worked, we did it." She only hoped that Isabel would believe them, and be able to convince the others that they needed to come. But it was out of her and Willow's hands now; it depended on one of the two female aliens.

Earlier before, Willow and Tara had been researching a Dhashas demon, when Tara stumbled onto a very important page. There it had outlined the war, showing everyone who would be taking part in it. Willow and Tara contacted Giles, and from there they had made it their duty to try and get everyone. They had called Leo, which proved to be very tricky, and did the dreamwalk spell on Isabel. Giles took the liberty of using the telephone to call Angel, who informed them Cordy had a vision about it and they were on their way.

Giles entered the living room with tea for the three of them. They all took their cups, and Giles took a seat on his chair and relaxed a bit. "Cordelia called, she, Angel, and Wesley are on their way."

Willow added, "So are Xander and Anya." Tara checked off their names in the list they had created.

Giles sipped his tea. "So all we need are the Charmed witches, the
Roswell aliens, and Buffy." He looked at Willow. "Did you call her?"

Willow nodded. Buffy was in Iowa with Riley, celebrating Christmas
there. "They hadn't made it back, but his parents told me they'd have her call." Willow frowned, now was not the good time for Buffy to be away. But they hadn't known about the war then, and Buffy wanted a vacation so badly, Giles couldn't refuse her.

Giles sighed and rubbed his forehead. He was getting a headache. There was so much that needed to be done, and no one had arrived yet.

Just to contradict his thoughts, Leo orbed in with the Charmed sisters. Giles stood up and walked up to Leo. "I was told you were to bring our Book."

Leo nodded, and produced a brand new book, with a black cover. "It has all of your prophecies; all you need to do is translate them." Giles nodded, and took the book, opening it. He skimmed through, and saw pictures of everyone. Him, Willow, Tara, Buffy, Xander, Anya, the Charmed ones, everyone was all there. Unfortunately, he could tell they all had a separate language.

Leo noticed Giles' frown. "You'll do fine in the translating," he said.
Then he looked up; they were calling him. "I need to go now." He kissed Piper goodbye. "I'll be back- good luck." Then he orbed away in his blue light. Willow was impressed by the orbing skills.

Giles glanced up at the Charmed sisters. "You're the Charmed ones, I presume." They nodded. "I'm Mr. Giles, and this is Willow and Tara," he pointed to the two other girls. They all shook hands.

Prue introduced the three of them. "I'm Prue, and this is Phoebe and Piper." Willow smiled at them. "We're witches too," she said in
comment to her and Tara. Phoebe nodded politely, not sure what to reply to that. Piper looked around. "So where's everyone else?" How could they fight a war with no allies?

Giles sighed. "They're on their way." Giles looked around uncomfortably. "Since we have very experienced spellcasters here, I think we should start the protection spell, to keep our enemies from entering."

Watcher's Journal
March 31, 2001
Rupert Giles

As we began the spell, I knew it had started. We accepted our challenge and were ready to fight. It was really going to happen. This wouldn't be like reading about it, or hypothetically speaking, it was real. And I was in the thick of it. Everything I was ever trained for was going to come into play. The war was about to begin. And I was terrified.

Roswell, New Mexico, on the road to Sunnydale

Isabel sat in the back seat, staring out the window, waiting for
something interesting to pop up. No one was speaking. She was alone with her thoughts, thoughts about the war, her dream, and what may come to place.

Michael and Tess weren't as easy to convince as she thought. They didn't believe the whole thing was real, it was the work of someone trying to get them out of Roswell. She finally used the line she used on Max, it wouldn't hurt anything if they went, and they'd only be gone a couple of days. They had reluctantly agreed, and were on their way.

The problem was Liz, Maria, and Alex. She knew they were supposed to come, she saw them in their dream. But they didn't have any powers- how could they protect themselves? Max, Tess and Michael were completelyagainst them coming too- they couldn't bear to lose their friends and significant others. But when all was said and done, Liz, Maria, and Alex wouldn't take no for an answer. Isabel finally interrupted and told them that if they needed to come, come, but they had to be deadly careful. Kyle remained behind, saying he'd keep an eye on things in Roswell, and promised to contact them the minute something alien-
related happened. She really wanted to hit the road, and was eager to get to Sunnydale.

Now she was regretting it. She couldn't protect all of them- who knows what they would have to face. She saw some glimpses, but nothing would be able to fully prepare her for what was to come.

Lost in her thoughts, she vaguely heard a scream. She opened her eyes and saw a strange man next to Maria. Isabel gasped, sat up straighter, and glared at him accusingly.

"What the hell! Who are you?!" She demanded to know from the stranger. Was this one of the first attacks? They hadn't even got to Sunnydale yet!

"I'm a friend. My name is Leo." He answered. "I'm here to get you to Sunnydale- I need you to pull over," he told Maria. Leo sighed, he figured they wouldn't trust him, but they needed to get there as soon as possible, and the Jeep wasn't going to cut it.

Maria was frantic with worry, and she started babbling. "What? Why? I don't know you- what's going on, how did you even get in here? What's happening?" Michael answered her snappily. "Just pull over- if he pulls anything fishy- we can..." he trailed off, not wanting to reveal more than he had to. But he knew she could use his powers against him.

Maria warily pulled over, and Max behind her did the same. "Okay what'sgoing on?" Isabel asked again. She needed to know what this man was doing, orbing into their vehicles uninvited. By now she had calmed down, he didn't seem evil, and her intuition told her he wasn't. But that still didn't explain anything of what he was actually doing for them.

Leo got out, and motioned for us to follow his lead. No one did, and they watched him warily. He sighed and opened the door. "I'm not going to hurt anyone, I'm trying to help. I'm just going to get you to Sunnydale quicker." Well, no one ever said being a whitelighter was easy.

Michael boldly replied, "Why should we trust you? You somehow get into Maria's car, then start telling us you're helping us?" He didn't trust this guy, and he surely didn't want to get to Sunnydale any quicker than he had to. Something bad was going to happen there, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to be there.

Leo groaned. This was going to be harder than he thought. "I'm Leo, I'm a whitelighter, which is like an angel. A good angel. I'm going to be helping all of you through the war." He continued on, as Isabel squinted closer. He looked vaguely familiar- he was in her dream. She smiled, glad she was able to place him.

Isabel broke in. "It's okay- I recognize him." She assured them. She got out of the car, and waited for the others to follow her lead. Alex was the first, then one by one, the others did, including those in Max's Jeep.

Leo smiled, and said they needed to join hands. The minute they all formed a circle, Leo orbed them to Giles's house. They were all
stunned, nothing like this had ever happened, not even the aliens'
powers were able to do that. The seven looked at each other and Leo warily. Maria was the first to speak.

"How the heck did you do that?!"

Giles broke into a huge smile. The ones from Roswell were here, which gave them more allies. Now he only needed Faith, Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Buffy. Maybe this wouldn't go down after all.

Willow smiled kindly at the ones from Roswell. She could see their
evident shock- she knew how they felt. She can still recall when she first found out vampires existed- and her new friend Buffy was born to slay them. Then the door opened- was Angel and everyone here?

"Sorry we're late!" Xander walked in happily. No, it was just Xander and Anya, who looked too happy for their own good. Willow sighed, knowing that Anya would have a sexual innuendo coming up.

"We were busy having sex. We gave each other lots of orgasms," Anya added. "Hey who are all these people!" She asked when she saw the Charmed sisters and the Roswell residents- who looked like they could faint or hyperventilate or both.

Giles sighed, what a first impression Anya must've made. He turned to Isabel. "I'm Rupert Giles- you can call me Giles. This is Willow and Tara-" Isabel nodded in recognition- they were the two from her dream. She smiled at them, a silent answer telling them that she remembered them. "And this is Xander and Anya. The three sisters over there are Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell."

Isabel nodded; the first to recover. "I'm Isabel, and this is Max,
Michael, Liz, Maria, Tess, and Alex." She introduced everyone. "We
have some questions for you." Boy did they.

Los Angeles- on the road to Sunnydale

Faith saw the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign. "Stop here," she ordered the driver. He nodded, and she exited the truck. Here she was. Now Faith was nervous. What if no one wanted her help? They had the Slayer they wanted in Buffy. What if they thought she was just trash who had broken out of prison? What if they believed she didn't change, she'd never change, and she was against them? She wanted to turn back, go back to L.A, Boston, Mexico, anywhere but here. That'd be so much easier than facing her demons again, but she needed to fight, she couldn't turn her back on this. With a sick feeling in her stomach, she headed toward Giles'. She really hoped they wouldn't kill her.


Cordelia sighed, silence and more silence. There's been nothing but silence the whole trip over. The whole time, all she could do was think. Think about the past, her high school days, Xander, Doyle- that had been a painful memory. She shifted her thoughts to her new friends, her extended family. Thank god she was now in Sunnydale, to get rid of all her thoughts. She glanced over and saw a familiar brunette walking. Faith. She sighed, and remembered her being in the vision. Looks like Faith's going to be a white hat for this. She pulled over by her.

"Need a ride?"

It was better to ride with an ex-psychopathic maniac homicidal killer than the silence.

Giles' house

Alex wasn't expecting this. Anything but this. Vampires are real,
demons are real, monsters are real, witches are real and there's 5 of them in the same room with him. And he's now fighting in a war against those monsters, and there were not guarantees they would all survive. What the hell has he gotten himself into? He could tell by the looks on everyone else's face that they were feeling the same way. Except Isabel. She looked like she was expecting this, which she probably had been with her dream.

Willow seemed to understand their disbelief. She smiled at them,
trying to provide some sort of comfort. "I know it's hard to accept at first, but eventually the shock will wear off." Many sets of disbelieving faces stared back at her and she shifted uncomfortably.

'Yeah right' thought Alex. But he didn't say anything. Just nodded. He was afraid to use his voice, in fear of what would come out. Like a squawk of disbelief or something- now that'd be a good impression. Almost as good as Anya's orgasm revelation. He blushed at the memory ofit.

"So what about this war- what's our part in it?" Isabel asked. She
could tell her friends were having trouble swallowing the whole idea- she didn't know what to say to them however. So she turned her focus to Willow, Tara, and Giles, who seemed to have a pretty good idea what was going on.

Giles looked up from The Book. "This book has everyone's role in the war- unfortunately I can't translate any of this as of yet." He showed them the book- and to all of their surprise- their pictures were in it. And underneath that was some sort of symbolic kind of thing that gave them all headaches.

Maria stammered, "I'm in a book- how did I get in this thing? What did they write about me? Why isn't it in English?" Maria always knew she'd end up famous, but she expected a biography about her musical career or something, not in a Book full of prophecies.

Giles shrugged. "We're all in this book- it has our prophecies and our roles in the war. They wrote about you because you play a role in this-as we all do." He shook his head. "And it's not in English because it would be too easy. They never do things the easy way." Bugger that, it was like their duty to make things more and more complicated.


Cordelia pulled up in Giles' driveway. She wondered if everyone was here, she really hoped so. Things had not improved since picking up Faith, in fact, it'd gotten worse. Everyone was really tense- especially Wesley. Faith sat in the back with Angel, and no one said anything. She knew what was all on their minds though, the memory of Faith's last visit. Cordelia hoped to God this wasn't an omen of what was to come.

"Okay we're here. And there will be more people here- it wouldn't hurt any of you to talk to them. Be friendly or something." Cordelia said crossly. What could she say? This ride had not been fun at all; she marched to the door, and opened it for Angel.

Angel threw his coat over his head, and quickly ran to the door, and ran in, leaving Faith and Wesley behind. The two of them looked at each other uncomfortably. You could have cut the tension with a knife. Wesley turned and walked to the door. Faith waited a few minutes and followed, hoping things wouldn't be as bad as they were in the car. Maybe she should've stuck with prison.

They were all there.

Watcher's Journal
Rupert Giles
March 31, 2001
So, we have finally all arrived. All but Buffy. She still hadn't called back, and I was afraid for her. But I put my fear aside, and decided we should start. They all had to be prepared, none of them knew what was about to come. What they'll have to face in the next months. The sacrifices, the losses, we were all blind to the fact that someone could easily lose their life in the war. We weren't ready. We weren't trained.

But we will be.
End Entry
End part 1

TBC- so what do you think?
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