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Faith of Steele

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xtreme Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She’s the rookie civilian agent who’s got one agent’s boxers in a knot…

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II. Background Check

PhoenixRae’s Notes: Since I just recently purchased my season 3 BtVS DVDs and have yet to watch them, I am not entirely sure if Faith attended Sunnydale High with the Scoobies or not, but for the sake of this fic, let’s pretend that she did if she didn’t.

PhoenixRae's Notes Part Deux: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the reviewers and readers alike. I think I have a fairly good idea where I'm taking this. Hopefully I don't run out of fuel before I get to at least halfway through it. -LoL-

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II. Background Check

GIBBONS FOUND KYLE IN THE BOARDROOM pouring over a bunch of files opened before him. He glanced at his wristwatch and noted that it was already after midnight. Kyle clocked out hours ago and he wasn’t due back for at least seventy-two hours.

“Pulling in some overtime, Agent?” Gibbons asked from where he stood leaning against the boardroom’s doorframe, his arms crossed over his chest.

Kyle jumped at the sound of his superior’s voice. He straightened up from where he was hunched over reading Faith’s files and looked at the direction where Gibbons’ voice floated from.

“Good evening, sir,” Kyle acknowledged and got up from his seat.

Gibbons pushed away from the doorway and entered the room. “At ease, solider,” he walked up to the table and peered at what Kyle was busy studying. A frown creased his forehead when he saw Faith Lehane’s open files on the table. “Why do you have these out, Agent?” he demanded.

Kyle didn’t seem the least bit rattled at the commanding tone of voice Gibbons used on him.

“I was just doing an extensive background check on our current Triple X, sir,” was his honest reply.

Gibbons cocked an eyebrow. “And why, pray tell, are you doing that?”

“It has something to do with what she said to me the last time I talked to her, sir.”

“And what was that?”

“I asked her where she learned how to fight the way she did and commented on her lack of interest in using guns. She said her line of work before becoming Triple X didn’t require her to use guns, but crossbows, knives, axes, stakes, mallets were more the common weapons of choice,” he explained.

Gibbons treated Kyle’s explanation like any other ordinary information he already gathered about his new recruit. He continued to look at the open files placed on the table.

“What else did you find out about Faith?” Gibbons asked.

“Not a lot,” Kyle shrugged and picked up the file he was reading before Gibbons joined him. It contained Faith’s high school transcript records. “I dug deeper and found records of her attending a certain Sunnydale High in California, but when I checked that school – along with the town where it was supposed to be located – all I came up with was a report that the town’s been wiped out of existence,” he explained.

“Wiped out?” Gibbons cocked an inquiring brow and looked at the young agent. “What do you mean?”

“Exactly that,” Kyle answered and slid the file folder across the table. Gibbons stopped it with his hand and picked up the file. “The whole town’s been annihilated out of existence.”

“You mean like Hiroshima?” Gibbons was having a hard time believing this new bit of information. He had to admit, he was a thorough researcher, but based on the facts given to him by his old friend, none of those said files mentioned that Faith lived in a town that was now wiped off the California map.

Kyle nodded. “Yeah, and then some.”

~ * ~

FAITH WAS STILL GETTING USED TO working for the feds. She thought she was gonna be locked up for life when Gibbons sought her out, but he had a different reason for doing so; a reason that even up to this day she couldn’t quite comprehend why he even considered her given the colourful rap sheet she had.

She thought he was shitting her when he told her she was considered one of the recruits for a faction of the FBI that does special ops. But Gibbons was serious about his offer, and those simulations – and her first assignment – were all real. It helped kick her adrenaline to a frenzy and she was all for the action. Although she wasn’t kicking demon asses, still, her last assignment pitched her against a drug lord who fell not too far from the Master’s tree.

But kicking gung-ho law-breakers asses behind, Faith liked what the feds set her up with. She was living in a penthouse condo suite rent free; she drives around a sweet all black and chrome tinted Escalade (she made sure to demand driving such baby since they didn’t want to give her a Lamborghini so she could burn some rubber whenever she was in the mood to), and she often flew first class to wherever she wanted to go. Of course the only time she actually took overseas flights was for assignment purposes only, but she was all cool with that.

Last week she was just in Prague taking down the aforementioned drug lord and his chain of dealers and pushers. Since she finished the assignment in less than the allotted four days given to her, she used up her day and half checking out what Prague has to offer. It gave her the old sense of what she always felt back in her Slayering days; old Europe reverberate that familiar bump-in-the-dark feel she often felt.

Booting up her personal computer, she figured she’d do some online surfing since she was bored shitless doing nothing after her last assignment. In as much as she was glad she wasn’t in the slammer, Faith often looked forward some sort of action that would keep her on her toes. It was her sole intent hence why she went into the gym this evening. She wanted to let off some steam, but no, hottie Agent Steele had to stop by for a ‘visit’ with her while she pulverized the heavy bag.

She was busy surfing online when her cell phone, another perk to her job as Triple X, belted out Meredith Brooks’ ‘Bitch’ song. She picked up her black Razr phone and glanced at the caller ID. Her forehead creased to a frown when the callers name flashed on the tiny screen.


Agent Kyle Steele cleared his throat before answering. “You busy?”

Faith cocked an eyebrow. She pulled the phone away from her ear and gave it a funny look. Was he trying to ask her out or something? She knew he was single and all, but mixing business with pleasure doesn’t always turn out good.

“Not really. What’s up dude?” Better keep a nonchalant attitude about this whole thing. She noticed that the agent was a bit dodgy when it came to her. Exactly what it was about her that made him skittish around her, Faith doesn’t know nor does she care to find out. They worked together, that was all they were to each other: co-workers.

“Gibbons needs you here ASAP.”

“Gibbons?” she frowned. Now why would Kyle Steele be calling her on behalf of Agent Augustus Gibbons, that cocky son of a bitch who recruited her and took quite a helluva lot of gamble getting her the position of Triple X; apparently her last couple of predecessors was male and this was the first time this part of the FBI considered recruiting a female civilian to send off to places unknown and infiltrate for the love of her beloved country, America.

“Yeah. It’s urgent matter. Toby’s on his way to pick you up,” he informed her in that crisp, business tone.

“Whoa, whoa! But I have my own ride, dude,” she reminded him.

“You’re needed here ASAP, Faith. Toby’s already en route to headquarters and you’re along the way. His ETA’s less than five minutes so you better be ready and waiting downstairs.” Kyle didn’t wait to hear any more protests from her end and hung up.

Faith was taken aback and frowned at her cell phone once again before closing it. That Kyle Steele was one strange man. But she didn’t want to waste time and closed her laptop computer without bothering to shut it down. She slipped her phone in the back pocket of her jeans, grabbed her favourite jean jacket she hung on the coat stand by the door and headed downstairs to wait for her ride.
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