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Faith of Steele

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xtreme Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She’s the rookie civilian agent who’s got one agent’s boxers in a knot…

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III. the Assignment

PhoenixRae’s Notes: I didn’t want to cross this fic with another fandom, but for the sake of the other characters finding more about Faith and learning more about her past I think I need to bring in some characters from her past to help out. And again, thanks to everyone reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

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III. the Assignment

FAITH SAT ENSCONCED BETWEEN STEELE and Toby Shavers, the Q to her James Bond, while Gibbons went on and on about this last-minute assignment notice she was being debriefed on.

Faith couldn’t help but see Gibbons as the M of this wild and wacky operation. It was a faction of the FBI that has absolute power in interfering in certain crisis after certain codes of conducts failed. It was a sweet deal, something Faith couldn’t stop feeling good about. She was out of the slammer and thrust into the belly of…well, not the beast, exactly, but she was working for the fucking FBI – the government! The gang – not her gang, but she affectionately called them thus – would be surprised if and when they found out where she landed herself in. At least this time it was a legit gig that she got, not some shady job that would only worsen her rap sheet. The feds can make her disappear if and when her time playing their Triple X character was up, and she had a gut-feeling she’d be very well compensated for a job well done.

Gibbons was on a roll with updating them on this assignment. From what Faith heard so far, she needed to infiltrate a coven of so-called witches practicing human sacrifices. She screwed her forehead together as she tried to decipher exactly what her superior was talking about.

“Ho-ho-hold up there, G,” Faith raised her hand and stopped Gibbons mid-sentence. “Let me get this straight, alright? You want me to take down a coven of witches?” She didn’t sound like she understood him correctly.

“That’s right,” Gibbon answered with a straight face.

She cocked an eyebrow and sat back. “What do witch-sacrificing-worshippers got to do with you needing your Triple X for? It sounds like a job for the guys over in the paranormal, UFO sighting division,” she shrugged.

“A lot, actually,” was Gibbons’ reply.

“Huh?” She was lost.

Gibbons let out a frustrated sigh and braced his hands on the smooth oak surface table. He met the spunky young woman’s eyes and held it.

“Weren’t you just listening to me explaining to you that these so-called witches are simply using the Wicca-worshipping as a front to smuggle drugs from South America to the US? And that the so-called human sacrifices were young girls and boys paid with a helluva lot of money to digest bags or balloons of Coke and God knows what else so they can safely go through immigration?” The passion in Gibbons voice matched the fierce determination in his eyes.

Obviously Faith was far too busy enjoying her current disposition to actually pay attention to what Gibbons just told her.

“Sorry, man. I was kinda out of it, ya know?” she shrugged.

Gibbons tried not to lose his patience with the impertinent civilian agent he took under his wing. She was a rogue operative; he knew that about her already based on the rap sheet presented to him. She was stronger than her and Steele combined, and then some. She doesn’t respect the law much, but that was nothing new to Gibbons. His last two Triple Xs didn’t care much for the law anyway so his current recruit’s lack of respect for it wasn’t anything new.

“You better start paying attention,” he scolded then straightened up. He resumed his pacing back and forth and reiterated what he already mentioned about the ‘cult’ they were to track and contain and not do anything drastic until she received a direct order from him.

“So who’s behind this scam?” This was serious Faith asking questions. After she gave her hundred percent attention to what Gibbons briefed them about, the bastards who were trafficking drugs via children

Gibbons noticed her sudden interest after he explained to her exactly what was going on. Faith Lehane was one complex woman; very complex from what he has read off her file. One second she was carefree and oblivious, the next she was full of pent-up anger that, when unleashed, hell hath no fury.

“We don’t exactly have the scammer’s name,” Kyle decided to join in on the briefing. He swiveled his chair to face Faith sideways, one foot propped on his knee, his arms resting on the cushy armrests of the leather swivel chair. “But we do know that it’s backed up by some big, powerful law firm based on LA.”

Faith raised an eyebrow and tore her gaze from Gibbons and met the blond man’s eyes. “LA?” she echoed.

“Yeah,” Kyle nodded and slid the manila folder over to her.

Faith stopped it from skidding past her by putting her hand on it. She flipped it open and sucked in a breath.

“Damn sons of bitches are at it again,” she hissed as she scanned the report contained in the folder. She looked up and turned to Gibbons. “Wolfram & Hart is not just your regular run of the mill type of law firm, G. They pull in some powerful clients, and by powerful I mean—” Faith stopped herself before she told him more than they needed to know. She looked back at the report on Wolfram & Hart in the folder and noted that it was never mentioned anywhere on there about the firm’s dealings with demons and other nasty creatures – not just corrupt politicians and well-to-do people.

“And by powerful you mean how powerful?” it was Toby who prodded her to continue what she was about to say.

Faith looked at the three men assembled in the room with her. She could tell that regardless of their experience dealing with ruthless criminals, they have yet to encounter the kinds of criminals she was familiar with. She considered telling them what she knew, but recanted her decision at the very last minute before turning to Toby and giving him an answer.

Very powerful, dude.”

How powerful?” Gibbons insisted and leaned forward. “You’re familiar with this law firm, Faith. I read your files and it stated there that you did freelance work for the company in the past. What kind of freelance work was it?”

Faith met her superior’s gaze once again. She has major problems with authority, but with Gibbons glaring down at her like that, she knew he was no Giles or Wesley. Augustus Gibbons meant business.

~ * ~

“You were a freelance assassin?” Toby was having a hard time believing what he, along with Agents Gibbons and Steele, found out about their new Triple X. He knew that the last two men who held the title were different in their own way.

Xander Cage was a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie. Darius Stone was ex-military special ops thrown into prison for being wrongly accused. Faith Lehane…wow, he couldn’t believe that Gibbons went way off the grid with this one. No wonder she fought the way she did in those simulations and in her last couple of assignments. She was a weapon on her own!

“Hey, I needed the money,” Faith shrugged as she settled in her seat. They were flying first class, paid for by the FBI of course, across the country to LA to meet with the power heads at Wolfram & Hart.

“But before that you killed a man but driving a wooden stake to his heart,” Kyle joined the duo’s conversation while buckling his seat.

Faith twisted sideways to look over at the seat behind her. Her eyes widen at his knowledge of her first real crime commitment.

“How’d you know about that? It wasn’t on the files Gibbons has of me.”

“I dug deeper,” was his nonchalant reply.

“Why?” she demanded.

“Because I’m intrigued.”

“Why would you be intrigued?” She was getting defensive now. The last thing she wanted was for the feds to find out that prior to her becoming a freelance assassin for that nasty law firm in LA a few years back, she fought demons and dusted vampires for a living. Granted the perks of her previous job couldn’t compare to the perks of being this Triple X agent gig she got going, but still, she’d rather not rehash past history.

Kyle leaned as far forward as he could given the belt’s restraint on his lap. He held Faith’s eyes and dropped his voice to almost a whisper.

“You fight like a woman possessed. You’re stronger than the strongest man I’ve ever encountered. And you mentioned something about using crossbows and knives at your previous work. Now what kind of person would be using those for weapons in their line of work?” He cocked an eyebrow and waited a couple of heartbeats. When Faith didn’t answer he went on, “You’re an enigma, Faith Lehane. An ex-con on top of that, but an enigma all wrapped up in one big parcel.” Kyle sat back, stretched his legs and never once did his gaze waver from holding Faith’s.

Faith stared long and hard at the arrogant man seated behind her. How dare he think that he knew more about her life before, during and after she killed her first human?

“Trust me, Steele,” she said when she finally gained some of her bravado – she was still a bit shaken by his uncanny way of digging up dirt about her that wasn’t released when Gibbons recruited her – and looked down her nose at the cocky agent. “If you knew what I did for a living back then and what kinds of creatures I dealt with, I doubt you’ll be sitting here right now with that smug look on your face.” She didn’t give him the chance to retort back and turned to face front again. She secured her seatbelt and slouched in her seat before closing her eyes for the flight from Virginia to California.
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