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Faith of Steele

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xtreme Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She’s the rookie civilian agent who’s got one agent’s boxers in a knot…

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

V. the Secret Allies

PhoenixRae’s Notes:  Sorry for the delayed update.  Been busy lately and I sorta lost my muse for this fic for a while there.  I concentrated on some of my other WIPs, but now I’m back to working on this one.  I hope you enjoy this next installment in this chapter.

Note: Chapter Revised!
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V. the Secret Allies

GIBBONS SAT IN FRONT OF HIS computer in his private office hidden beneath the grounds of a horse ranch just outside DC.  The new headquarters for him and his men involved in the Triple X project was reconstructed and moved to a different venue after their last one was demolished during an unprecedented attack setup by one of his former colleagues in the service.  He was at the secret headquarters pulling in some overtime hours and corresponding with a somewhat colleague via instant messaging.

AGibbs:  I just got a call from one of my agents.  They’re in LA.

Ripper:  And?

AGibbs:  Their cover’s been blown.

Ripper:  What do you mean?

AGibbs:  According to my agent, Triple X is FRIENDS with the CEO of the firm.

Ripper:  That’s not bloody possible!

AGibbs:  I believe it is, Old Friend.

Ripper:  Wolfram & Hart, from what I heard, is nothing short of evil.

AGibbs:  Does this evil you talk of go by the name of Angel, Spike & Wesley?

            Rupert Giles paused from typing his reply when he read the names of Wolfram & Hart people his contact in the FBI told him.

            “Spike?” he said out loud and stared at flat screen monitor Willow buggered him to purchase a few months ago.  He was introduced to the wonders of modern technology and so far he was reaping the benefits.

            He typed a quick message to his contact informing him he’d look into it then logged off.  He picked up the cordless phone and dialed the long distance number he hadn’t called in years.

            “Hello?” answered a man with a familiar British accent on the other end of the line.

            Giles removed his glasses and pushed himself off his computer chair.

            “Faith’s in LA.  And what the bloody hell are you doing with that godawful lawfirm?!”

~ * ~

            Faith paced Angel’s office, her arms firmly crossed over her midriff.  Angel, Spike, Wesley, Gunn and Illyria – a blue-eyed, blue-haired, blue-bodied former hell god who inhabited what once was Fred Burkle’s body – were in the room.  She sent Steele and Shavers back to the hotel after she reassured her two colleagues that she’ll be fine and she will meet with them after she was done talking to her old friends.

            “Tell me again why you’re back in LA?” Angel asked.

            Faith stopped her pacing and turned to face the two and a half centuries old vampire.

            “I told you, G said we’re dealing with a drug lord smuggler who uses Wicca as a front,” she explained.

            Charles Gunn, the once streetwise – and still is, actually – African-American thug who cleaned up his act shortly after he, along with the rest of the A.I. team, began running the show at Wolfram & Hart; he now wore power suits and shiny Italian shoes to match his yuppie lawyer image, got up from one of the cushy arm chairs lining one side of Angels office and walked up to where Faith stood.  “If you say this drug lord is only using the lure of Wicca as a front, why do the feds need to involve the law firm in your investigation?” he questioned.

            Faith turned her full attention to the other man, her arms still crossed over her midriff.  She couldn’t help from giving the handsome former thug an appreciative once-over; the last time they saw each other he was still gung-ho against this very firm he now works for.

            “This drug lord smuggler the feds are after is a client of Wolfram & Hart, so it’s only obvious that we start with the firm then move on from there,” she gave a nonchalant shrug and walked up to sit on the edge of Angel’s desk. "Oh, and they're NSA not FBI," she corrected.

            “I checked all our client records and we don’t have any drug lord or smugglers on the list,” Wesley informed his former ward.

            Faith cocked an eyebrow.  She turned her assessing gaze at the once bookwormish – and still is, actually – Brit, contemplating on whether to believe his claim or not.  After all they all work for the scum of the earth as far as she was concerned; this building must’ve corrupted their thoughts.

            “Whatever, dude.  As soon as I read the file on this badass I knew it must be some higher-up client of your firm.”

            “What makes you think this Big Bad is a high-ranking client?” asked Spike.

            Faith turned to the bleached blond haired vamp.  She was still reeling from shock after seeing him walking and talking and basically becoming part of Angel’s family of ragtag sleuths turned lawyers.

            “How is it possible that you are standing here with me now when I saw you burst into flames just as B and were escaping that underground cavern of the First?” she demanded.

            “Blame the bloody necklace for that.  Anyway, answer the question, sweet cheeks.”

            Faith flipped him off at the pet name he used for her.

            Spike stooped down to her level and flipped her off too with a matching tongue wagging to further annoy the brunette Slayer.

            Angel was caught in the middle of the two’s silent battle and will have none of their childishness.

            “That’s enough,” he ordered, his tone dead serious as he pushed himself off his chair.  He gave Spike a look telling him to quit it or he’ll throw her in a room with Faith and have them duke it out with each other.

            “She started it,” Spike whined pointing a finger at Faith.

            “You asked for it, Blondie,” rebutted Faith.

            Angel turned and glared at Faith.  “I said that’s enough.  Cut it out you two.  You are most likely not going to get the answer you’re looking for if you keep on bickering.”

            Faith looked like she was about to say something, but the look Angel gave her made her clamp her mouth shut.  She resumed pacing again.

            “Look, I don’t know how well you know your clients, but whomever this demon or human you’re representing is killing off innocents, alright?  The Wicca might be a front, but the sacrificial offerings of the human drug carriers are not,” she stopped her pacing and turned to face the head of the team.  “Angel, from the reports I read, the host bodies of the smuggled drugs aren’t seen again.”

            “So?  That kind of stuff happens all the time.  It doesn’t usually involve demons and monsters for that,” said Gunn.

            Faith cocked an eyebrow and met the African-American’s gaze.  “Did I forget to mention that the next time those childrens’ bodies are seen, they’re nothing but chewed on broken bones dug up from a construction site in town?”

~ * ~

            Kyle paced the hotel room suite he was sharing with Faith and Toby.  They were escorted back to the hotel after he finished his phone call to Gibbons and updated him on the change of plan.  Faith insisted that they go right ahead and relax while she finds out more about their man from her friends at the law firm.

            “You know, I don’t think Faith will two-time us, Steele,” chimed Toby.  He was using the oval-shaped dining table as his work station, littering it with papers, mini electronic gadgets and his laptop computer turned on.

            “How do you know?  She killed a man in cold blood and worked as a hired assassin before.  Who’s to say that she’s a changed person now, huh?”  Kyle was a bit skeptic about Faith’s loyalty.  Even though she has proven herself time and again to be a very competent civilian agent, still, he was weary of her loyalty.

            “You weren’t there when she was talking to Spike, Angel and Wesley.  They’re like a little family with Faith acting as the little sister the three men are very protective of,” he explained.

            Kyle stopped his pacing and turned to face their tech guy in charge of supplying their Triple X with heat and other useful and fancy gadgets when the need arises.

            “Just because she’s familiar with those people doesn’t mean she’s trustworthy,” he said.

            “Gee, glad to know who has faith in me – and no pun intended on that one.”  Faith stood at the top the two-step hallway that lead from the door to the main part of the suite.

            Kyle spun around, shocked that she heard what he just said about her.

            “You’re back.”

            “Yeah, I’m back.”  Faith walked up to him and stopped just an arm’s length from him.  “Missed me?”

            Kyle held her gaze and told himself not to let his eyes stray down to her puffy red lips that were tempting him to taste.  He realized, shortly after he started working within close proximity with her, that he was drawn to her lips; there was something about them that could drive any sane person insane.

            “No.”  He applauded himself for sounding normal and not letting his voice crack.  God, what was wrong with him?  She was just a feisty young woman who could very well kick his ass and break his neck if he wasn’t too careful.

            “Oh, too bad,” she gave a nonchalant shrug, her lips pouting before walking away from him and headed towards the mini fridge.  She opened it and pulled out a can of one of the many beer selections the hotel supplied it with.  She opened it and took a hearty swig followed by a sultry sounding, “Aaah,” indicating she was satisfied with her choice of beer.

            Suddenly X-rated visions of Faith on top of him, her head tossed back as she rode him like there was no tomorrow flashed in his head.  Kyle was surprised such thoughts permitted itself to become vividly visible to him when he was fully awake and the cause of such erotic thoughts was standing not two feet away from him.

            “So Faith, did your lawyer friends tell you anything about this drug lord we’re after?”

            Kyle sent a silent prayer of thanks that Toby decided to question the outcome of Faith’s meeting with her old friends.  His brain was far too foggy with thoughts of a delectable naked Faith in bed with him consummating this so-called charade of a cover they were using.

            “They weren’t that easy to budge, but after we exchanged notes their tongues loosened up a bit,” answered Faith and kicked the small fridge door shut.  She crossed the room and sat at the table across from Toby.

            “And?”  Kyle made himself ask and walked up to stand behind one of the table chairs with high backs.  He was thankful for those too; it helped conceal that sudden bulge that appeared on the front of his pants.

            Faith looked at him with her eyebrow cocked.  “It won’t be easy to infiltrate this badass, but Angel and company’s agreed to help us sabotage this evil-doer since…well, let’s just say that Angel doesn’t like it when he’s representing some really deranged clients.”

            “That’s good.  Glad to hear they’re willing to help,” nodded Kyle.

            “So, what’s our next course of action now?”  Toby asked.

            “A nice long bubble bath,” announced Faith.

            “What?”  Kyle didn’t need to add any more visuals to his already overworked libido.  Imagining Faith immersed in scented, bubble-filled bath, her skin glistening from the oil and water mixed in the bath water (he checked the bathroom earlier and noticed some of the toiletries the hotel offers its guests).  It was too much for him to take.

            “You heard me,” Faith put down her nearly empty can of beer on the table, making sure she didn’t smear or smudge any of the papers Toby had spread out there, and got up.  “I’ve had a long day.  I need to relax and forget about what just happened today so tomorrow I can start fresh.”  She walked towards the direction of one of the two bedrooms of the suite.

            Against his better judgment, Kyle followed Faith as she walked away, noticing the sway of her slender hips and the roundness of her ass hugged by her pants.  He swallowed a strangled groan and looked at Toby who was busy clicking away on his laptop.

            “Since our Triple X is relaxing, I’m going downstairs and get myself something to drink—er, eat at the restaurant.”

            “Okay, Steele,” said Toby absentmindedly, his eyes still glued on his laptop monitor.  He stole a quick look at the departing agent’s back and grinned.  “She’s got you whipped, bro,” he chuckled under his breath and went back to work.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Faith of Steele" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 07.

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