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Faith of Steele

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xtreme Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She’s the rookie civilian agent who’s got one agent’s boxers in a knot…

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I. the Rookie

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. I’m just borrowing them from their respective creators. Any new characters or unknown characters that don’t belong in either fandom, those I lay claim on.

Summary: She’s the rookie civilian agent who’s got one agent’s boxers in a knot…

PhoenixRae’s Notes: I contemplated on whether to write this fic or not, but after much deliberation I finally caved. As soon as I started writing Triple X-treme, a plot bunny idea for this particular pairing started to swim around in my head; I knew then that I had to write something.

Note: Chapter revised!!!
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I. the Rookie

AGENT KYLE STEELE HUNG HIS ARMS on the thick rope of the boxing ring inside the gym. He was sweating profusely and was out of breath. He called a time out from his sparring partner and grabbed his plastic water bottle. He did some breathing exercises, inhaling a lung-full of air before releasing them. He did this for a good two minutes and was distracted when he heard leather hitting leather in rapid succession.

Kyle lifted his head and caught sight of a dark haired woman beating the hundred fifty pound heavy bag hanging on the far corner of the gym to a pulp. Kyle winced and felt sorry for the punching bag once Faith Lehane, a.k.a. Triple X, was done with it. He has seen the woman fight, and by Jove she was a damn good fighter! During her simulations she pulverized their hired actors attacking her, but even as she showed great potential as a hand-to-hand combat fighter, he was still reluctant to believe that a petite woman like herself would be able to oust her actual enemies when she was put in the actual line of fire; she barely touched a gun when she fought the entire time she was under simulation!

That was until she was put through the final test. She, along with four other potentials – all male – were left to fend for themselves somewhere deep in the heart of the Amazon where smuggling was the name of the game. By then she was under the impression that everyone were hired actors playing yet another role, but that was until she witnessed one of the locals killed in cold blood right before her very eyes.

He, along with Captain Augustus Gibbons, watched via live satellite feed exactly what was happening. Although they couldn’t quite see her facial reaction, the stance she took as soon as she saw an innocent killed for some petty reason alerted the brunette that the people surrounding her meant business.

That was the first time he saw her attack and ravage the guerrilla mob. She managed to get her hands on a crossbow and was aiming left, right and center at the enemies. Kyle almost felt ashamed that the four men with her chose to cower as soon as someone fired a semi-automatic. But Faith…Faith stood her ground; she dodged bullets and attacks, aiming her crossbow at the person opening fire. Once she was out of arrows she used the crossbow to smack the face of the next person who was stupid enough to attack her.

Suffice to say, Faith Lehane passed her final simulation – and first real job assignment – with flying colours. She helped apprehend the guerrilla leaders smuggling drugs and firearms in the Amazon. The other four with her failed miserably, and with their failure came the high price of being thrown back to jail for the crimes they’ve committed.

“Hey Steele! You done already, man?” fellow Agent, Carter West, called when Kyle left the ring.

“Find another sparring partner for now, West!” Kyle called over his shoulder. He walked towards where Faith was busy practicing. He noticed that the once heavy punching bag has now slackened after being on the receiving end of Faith’s killer punches and side kicks. Kyle didn’t fail to notice that she combined her skills in boxing with that of executing some martial arts movements.

He came up on the other side of the heavy bag and caught it mid-swing after Faith gave it a powerful kick. Kyle staggered backwards at the force of the impact, but he remained on his feet.

Faith stopped from giving the heavy bag another kick when she saw Kyle Steele stagger backwards holding the heavy bag.

“Whoa! Dude, what are you doing? If you want some alone time with the heavy bag, all you gotta do is ask,” Faith said teasingly and walked up to help steady him before he completely lost his balance.

Kyle glared at the feisty brunette. Her sense of humour was something he has yet to get used to.

“I just came by to say hi and ask you how your last assignment was.”

Faith stepped back and cocked an eyebrow. She studied the man before her; tall, wavy blond hair, smiling blue eyes, square faced and posses that charming wide smile. He was a pretty good looking and could be considered a heartthrob, only he doesn’t make her heart throb. Nevertheless, Agent Kyle Steele was one of those guys that wet dreams were made of. His body wasn’t something to be overlooked either. Faith gave it a quick once over and stored the vision of rippling abs glistening with sweat after his boxing workout at the back of her head.

“You know how my last assignment went,” she answered and went back to stand in front of the heavy sack.

Kyle stepped to the side and put enough distance between him, Faith and the heavy bag.

“I read the report, if that’s what you mean,” he conceded and watched her pummel the black leather punching back with her fists and feet.

“So…you read…the report,” Faith huffed before landing a hop-back-kick right at the center of the now wasted heavy sack. “Everything you need to know’s there. What else do you want to know?”

Kyle walked to the bench where she left her towel and grabbed it for her. He walked back to where she stood her hands akimbo as she watched him. He handed her the towel and stepped back.

“Where did you learn how to fight?”

Faith cocked an eyebrow. She delayed from answering him by wiping her face, arms and neck dry.

“Why do you want to know?”

Kyle shrugged. “I watched you fight during your simulations, as well as when you were first sent on your assignment. You never touched any of the guns, but you did pretty well handling a crossbow and knives.”

“Guns tend to lock or misfire or whatever. Crossbows you can always count on, as well as knives. They’re a lot better than guns.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged and started walking towards the locker room. Kyle fell into step beside her and walked her to the ladies’ locker room door. “I guess in my line of work before landing this Triple X gig, the creatures I encountered were more easily killed using a crossbow, a stake or knives. Axes and mallets work too, but most of the time I worked with crossbows and knives,” she explained then disappeared inside the locker room.

Kyle was left standing there, absorbing all that she told him about her line of work before Gibbons found her. He looked into her file before and saw a very pretty rap sheet, but not once was it mentioned what sort of work she did.
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