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Queen of Nosgoth

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Summary: Buffy is forced into marrying Kain after she is sucked into his realm. Can she escape?

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Games > Horror > Legacy of KainTurelFR1854,131022,55030 Jan 0710 Feb 07No

The Fallen One

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, Angel, or The Legacy of Kain, If I did, there'd be another LOK game by now, and UPN would never have gotten their grubby hands on Buffy.

Somewhere in Rome.

Angel found it somewhat ironic that the last time he had met Faith in an ally, she was trying to kick his ass. Not that she was all flowers and sunshine with him now, indeed he didn't expect it under the circumstances under which that had agreed to meet, for some odd reason she had decided that it was best they meet away from the mansion.

"So Buffy's....."

"Gone, poof, no more Buffy." Faith said, folding her arms in front of her chest. "One minute she was there next minute she was gone."

Angel stared at Faith for a few long minutes. After the final battle in the alley, he, Spike, Gunn and Illyria had all left Los Angeles.

Or What was left of it.

The Dragon had been more formidable than he had thought, in the end, Illyria had to bribe it to leave. As it turned out the Dragon was not a loyal follower of the Senior Partners as the rest of the demon army, but was only in their services because they had agreed to pay it in silver. It not only respected Illyria as an Old One, but it found the Spells and rituals she promised to teach it more interesting than simple treasure. Which was why she had not travled to Rome with him and Spike. Gunn was somewhere in New York with Oz, both were dealing with a pack of Werewolves.

They hadn't heard from Lorne yet, word on the street was he took a shotgun to his head. Angel doubted Lorne had actually committed suicide, but he was almost sure that killing Lindsy had left him in a bad way.

And so Spike was the only one who had traveled with him to Rome to see Buffy.
But now Buffy was gone.

"What does Willow say?"

"She said something about a dimensional hole, then went to meditate on it." She sighed. Angel had noticed a trend of Willow distanceing herself from her friends, which he had first noticed when she was "to busy" to save Fred. He wasn't sure if he was willing to forgive her.
Nope. No forgiveness.

"Did you see a portal? Energy burst?"

"Nope, she just kinda blinked out of existence. There was a popping sound though, was kinda funny too."

"And where's The Immortal?"

"Oh he was just so crushed he went out and screwed a demon, he's somewhere in France." She said, her voice filling with venom. "Everyone else is panicking, I haven't been able to find Robin, the Mini Buffys are all scattered, and Giles is so drunk he can barely stand."

Angel smoothed his hair back. Trying to keep from screaming.

"So back to Willow, she's the only witch powerful enough to figure out what happened, and she's sleeping on it?"

"Meditateing." Faith corrected.

"That's code for napping."

"Figured as much. She's Said her Energies have been off balance since Sunnydale."

"Kinda noticed when she let Fred die." Angel said, turning to leave.

"Where are you going?" Faith asked.

"To make a effort." He tossed over his shoulder before disapearing into the night.
Deep in the Dungeons Of Sanctuary.

Melchiah tugged at his chains. He knew that they were magical, probably forged by Rahab himself. Kain would not put him in a prison he knew Melchiah could escape from. He had tried to phase through them, but to no avail. Around him, human slaves and vampire "heretics" wailed for freedom.
The vampire looked up at the two Guards standing just outside his cell, both were Dumahim. Both were openly laughing at him, although he knew that he offically outranked them, they were of the High Clans and he would never be able to gain revenge for the taunts and jokes. Especially now, after this.....travesty.

Kain had imprisoned him for harming Buffy, and he suspected he would never be released. The rations of blood served him were growing smaller and smaller soon he would simply fall asleep, and then one of his brothers would make sure he would never wake.

He snarled at the indignity of it all. Without a doubt Raziel and Zephon had persuaded Kain to bestow a more severe punishment upon him. If he ever escaped he would see all his brother's continued their journey into death, which Kain's dark gift had stopped, as for Kain himself....Melchiah did not know, did not care, all he wanted was to kill his brothers.
Melchiah knew he was no match for any of them, although he was one of the most powerful beings in the Empire, he simply had now way to increase his strength.

If he escaped, he would have to leave this realm all together, then he could gain strength, perhaps even allies, surely someone out there was sympathetic to his cause. He shouted threats to the Dumahim, one turned and spit on him, the other dropped his trousers and wagged his rear end at the elder. Suddenly a tiny hand smacked the first one and shoved aside the second. The figure was dressed in a white gown, her golden hair drawn up in a bun, hidden beneath the broad rim of a pink hat.

"Dare you show such disrespect to a son of Kain?" The figure snarled.

The one who had mooned him, the younger, raised his hand to strike her, but the older grabbed his wrist and bent it back, causing the fledgling to yelp.

"Lay a hand on Lord Kain's guest, you doom us both." The older one said. Still he cast a sneer toward the figure in white and spit again upon Melchiah, before taking the young vampire away.

Melchah knew who had come before him before she had opened the door and entered his cell.

"Lady Darla." He hissed, not making eye contact.

"Lord Melchiah." Darla bowed. "They don't think you'll ever leave here, that's why they show you such open disrespect."

"You know, when Lord Kain first drew you from the aybss to act as his adviser on the matter off the...."invasion" by the Brother Realm, I was against it. 'Why this one?' I asked., and he said 'because I trust this one.' That was the first time I didn't believe something he told me."

"You don't trust him anymore."

"None of us do. Raziel is spreading the seeds of rebellion in the minds of the others. His clan is more than ready to overthrow kain. As for the rest...Dumah and his clan will follow Turel as always, and Turel will go where the power is. Rahab will stay out of it, claiming to be neutral, but he'll plan to stab the winner of any civil war in the back. Zephon will try to manipulate the whole situation for his own advantage, he'll destroy himself and his clan in the process."

"And you?" Darla asked.

"If I get the chance, I'll leave Nosgoth, and take my sons and daughters with me. But my sword is Kain's sword, I'll fight beside him if he calls me."

"Such devotion to a man who you don't trust anymore. To a man who would toss you in the Dungeon and leave you to the wolves."

"My brothers are not wolves.....they are rats. In any case, Kain may have wronged me, but I still owe all I have to him, He is my blood, I refuse to turn my back on him." Melchiah shruged.

"You may yet have a chance to quell the growing rebellion in the ranks. Melchiah, you are free."

"By whose will Lady Darla? Your own?"

"By the will of the woman you almost killed. The woman who will soon be Queen. Buffy is having you released."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Queen of Nosgoth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 07.

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