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Queen of Nosgoth

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Summary: Buffy is forced into marrying Kain after she is sucked into his realm. Can she escape?

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Games > Horror > Legacy of KainTurelFR1854,131022,55030 Jan 0710 Feb 07No


None of the Characters belong to me.


Raziel was not amused. While rain was not damaging to him (a trait he received from his sire) he was not comfortable with it. Did not like to travel in it, and did not want to stand in it during a meeting. Of course, the first thing Kain did upon awakening from his sleep was to call an emergency meeting. Raziel awaited the arrival of his brothers. Dumah had to travel the farthest, and Zephon made a habit of being late. Raziel could not help but approach the throne, Kain was not changed physically, so he was probably in possession of another Gift.

"My Lord, it is not my intention to disrespect you, but-"

"Why must you ask a question that you will soon learn the answer to?" Kain snapped at him. He twirled the Reaver Blade. It was not custom for him to pry into the minds of his children, but the Post Evolution irritability made him short. "You will learn why I have called this meeting when your brothers arive. Now away from the Throne." He snarled waving his hand at the stunned vampire.

Turel smirked at Raziel as he bowed and darted back. The blue energy that rippled about the Soul Reaver became more eratic as its Master became more annoyed. Minutes passed, finally the rain soaked Dumah and Zephon slipped into the Sanctuary. Kain's face twisted into a sneer.

"Thank you for attending. I hope I did not disturb you? Next time you are late, I will tear you limb from limb myself." Kain stood up and aproached the center of the large roofless room. "Now if you are done mewling like infants crying for their mothers breast, we can begin."

Kain hefted the Reaver, causing the Brothers to leap back.

"Now, you are wondering to yourselves, 'Why would Kain order a meeting in such weather?' My answer is simply this: Question me again, I will kill you and your entire clan. Don't believe you're somehow so valuable I can't replace at least some of you. If I have a bunch of spoiled children running their own domains I might as well create more Lieutenant's and break them in."

"A intruder has entered the Empire." Kain said at last.

"How is that possible? Has the Empire not grown to the entire world?" Rahab asked.

"This intruder is not of this world. She is from another."

"And you want us to find her." Zephon said. Kain nodded.

"She is in Melchiah 's domain. She is human and is currently imobile, although she will not be for long."

"No wonder she's still alive, Melchiah 's children are all pathetic." Dumah said, sneering at his younger brother.

In a flash Kain was upon him, holding him by the throat.

"Speak again Dumah, and I'll see you killed by your own clan. Do you understand this?" Dumah nodded, whimpering. Kain tossed Dumah like he was trash and turned to the rest of the Lieutenants. Find this Girl and bring her to me." Kain turned to the Throne.

"May I ask why this human is so important?" Raziel asked, daring his Master's rage.

"Because, Buffy Summers can help me return Nosgoth to its former glory. If she wants to, or not."


Please Read and Reiview. Here is a site about Legacy of Kain, the nature of Nosgoth vampires ETC, ETC :
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