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Loverations With Said People

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Summary: For the TTH Fic-For-All, here's some shippery tales for you all!

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Over After It Ended (Wesley/Sinistra)

Title: Over After It Ended
Pairing: Wesley/Sinistra
Spoilers: BTVS Season 2-3, ATS Season 2, OOTP, HBP
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Wish I did.


With a sigh, Aurora pulled out her wand, whispered an incantation and gracefully stood in the center of her office. Gone were the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the cheesy Cupid relic her Mum had sent her. In its place was a small part of the universe. Stars were so easy to align. People on the other hand...

Wesley knocked softly, the door opened and he entered. The office's magical appearance is not what surprised him. It was the abundance of it.

When Wesley and Aurora were flatmates, just strangers getting to know each other, Wesley learned early on that when she was stressed, Aurora liked to literally look to the stars. Messages from the Wyndam-Pryce or Sinistra families often related to an upcoming thesis and how that schoolgirl Lydia Chalmers had already picked her subject... This would result in a galaxy by her night stand. A moon in her bed.

One day, Wesley decided to ask Aurora why she created such images when she was feeling low. At first, Aurora was tempted to mention how often he cleaned his glasses and other idiosyncrasies. But the sincerity in Wesley's eyes made her answer him. Aurora explained how Wesley's youth was spared one thing: two parents in a dangerous line of work. When anything supernatural occurred in Wesley's childhood, it could always be linked back to his arsehole father's dealings, not his mother's oblivious civilian lifestyle.

The Sinistra household was a different story. Dark wizards could be after her father to settle scores. Vampires after her mother to harm the council. No matter what made the miscreants appear, Aurora was often spirited away with her parents on an enchanted broom. Aurora's first memory was of looking up at the night's sky as her parents soared higher and higher. The stars meant that the worst was over.

But never, Wesley thought, never had any memories or actions caused Aurora to do this to an entire room. After a beat, he cleared his throat to gain Aurora's attention. It worked a little too well and she stumbled. Not trusting her balance, Aurora sat on her desk. After she smoothed back her short, platinum blonde curls, she looked beyond Wesley and raised a dark eyebrow. "My, my Wesley. Of all the patterns to stand in front of, you pick The Plough? Given the holiday, should I take it to mean something tawdry?"

Wesley stammered and took off his glasses. Aurora quickly rushed over to him before he could obtain his handkerchief and held his hand. "What brings you here, Wesley?" Aurora asked, pretending not to know.

Wesley gently let his hand go. "Don't be coy. You have been on edge all day. Was Sam Zabuto's candygram that awful?" Wesley joked.

Aurora smirked. "The toffee was tolerable. The man...was not. I declined to be his Valentine. No, the real unpleasantness happened later."

"I noticed you owling your other job on the hour, despite the fact that you are there every evening. Then you and Travers had quite the argument. The entire headquarters heard you." Wesley walked around, looking at the constellations. "And by the looks of it, it didn't end well."

"Bloody right it didn't end well." Aurora turned around, not wanting to face him. "I've been sacked." Wesley placed a hand on her shoulder. The act made her freeze. It wasn't supposed to feel that good. "Everyday at Hogwarts, I see Umbridge corrupting students for her own personal gain." Aurora turned around. "And now I see it within these walls. How blind I must've been not to see it before!"

"Ah. The Cruciamentum of India Cohen."

"I do not approve. I lobbied against it. In retaliation, Travers fired me."

"I'm sorry Aurora..."

"I hear a 'but' coming."

"This is tradition. It's been occurring for centuries."

"It's barbaric. Idiotic. What happens to the town India's assigned to protect when she's drugged?"

"You know members of the council will be there to survey the area."

"Not as well as the slayer would." Aurora sighed, knowing Wesley wouldn't budge on the issue. "It was nice working with you Wesley. The living and learning with you was not bad either."

Wesley frowned. "This sounds like good-bye." Aurora's intended response of "Well isn't it?" was written all over her face. "Just because we disagree does not mean that I do not respect you. Nor does it mean that I am not fond of your company." Wesley stalked to Aurora, the idea of her leaving making him bolder than usual. "In fact, I am very fond of your company." Aurora stared into Wesley's eyes as if they would answer a question. Her staring ceased and Aurora kissed him. On the cheek. "That would have been nicer if you moved slightly to the right."

"But that would require an ultimatum that you won't agree to. I want you at Hogwarts with me when Dumbledore returns." Wesley turned his head away and Aurora gently turned it back. "I know what this job means to you. So I will not ask." Aurora moved far away from him. "I will be at Hogwarts full time now. Promise me that you'll write." There was silence in the air and Aurora apparated.

The universe was gone and now Wesley stood in a bland office with Cupid's arrow pointing at him. "I promise."

And he kept his word. Wesley and Aurora owled as often as possible over the year. Aurora needed some brightness. Her mentor died and she began teaching cursed children at St. Mungo's hospital. Wesley's letters were the only thing that gave her comfort.

In the next year, their writing lessened. The open reason was why Wesley had gained a position as a Watcher. The former Watcher couldn't go through with The Cruciamentum completely and Aurora agreed with his point of view. The hidden reason was their crushes on brunette cheerleaders and bald Aurors.

The last letter Wesley had received from Aurora declared that the Wizarding World was at war and that she had to fight. Then, he heard nothing. Until one night when Wesley entered his dark room in the Hyperion and heard "Lumos!"

Aurora appeared in the light. She looked exhausted but very alive. Wesley embraced her, kissing her thoroughly, thankful that she was corporeal. Thankful that she was kissing him back. (Wesley feared that Angel's visions of dead women were becoming contagious.) "I thought you were--"

"I was in a sense. The Carrows messed me up pretty badly. For a while I couldn't recall my own name. Poppy did the best she could in mending me. They say events of the war will come back to me in time." Unexpectedly, Aurora began to laugh. "So I hear you're no longer with the council. And you're working with an ensouled vampire!"

"Well, that explains you're amorous actions towards me." Wesley laughed.

"Me? Wesley, you started this." Aurora cupped his face. "But I could certainly finish it..."


"Angel you can't just sniff a person and know."

"You had sex last night with a bleach blonde."

"Good lord how did you... ?"

He didn't want Angel or Cordelia to know. Not for modesty's sake but because it was over right after it ended. Aurora remembered the events of war. How in the midst of fighting she fell hard for Kingsley Shacklebolt and married him. Aurora apparated quickly, tears in her eyes, cursing their bad timing.

Later that day, Wesley went back to his hotel room, recovered the Cupid relic that he had stolen from Aurora's office years ago and smashed it into a million pieces.
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