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Scoobies Among the Stars

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Summary: B:tVS/Stargate drabbles for various TTH FFA pairings.

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Stargate > GeneralMaeveBranFR1361,17101811,4272 Feb 072 Feb 08No


Title: Auditions

Author: Maeve Bran

Summary: Cordelia Chase has an audition. 100 words.

Rating: FR7

Disclaimer: I own neither Angel the Series or Stargate SG1.

TTH FFA pairing: Cordelia Chase and Martin Lloyd


Cordelia Chase practically skipped into the Hyperion Hotel. She had come from an audition for a television series. The producer, Martin Lloyd, seemed to like her choices in the scene.

She loved being in LA during pilot season. There were plenty of auditions to go around and some of them were unusual. Wormhole Extreme was the most interesting one she had auditioned for. The producer was a weird little bald man, but considering how she spent her nights, weird was relative.

She just knew she could get along with Martin, but the final cast was up to the network.

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