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Summary: Spike decides to take the gift his Sire gave him. Spike/Xander/Willow, post Buffy/Angel, pre-Angel/Wes *story renamed*

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsXocoatldreamsFR2133,488193,0782 Feb 0718 Feb 07No

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Disclaimer in Chapter 1

A/N: Second in my yet un-named series (anyone with an idea, I'm open for one). I didn't want to write this, but my muse (now known as Teagan Carys (or TC) made me).

The chains rattled as Angel shifted position, trying to find a more comfortable way to sit. After the Terrible Trio, Faith's words, left the implication of Spike's words finally sunk in. They had found a way to remove Angel's soul. Before he could react Faith had slapped chains on Angel and dragged him into a corner. He could hear Wes, Giles and Faith talking quietly across the room. Giles stressed the need they had for Angel's strength and knowledge of Spike while Wes considered the idea of re-souling him when the curse broke. Faith just wanted to stake him then and there, preventative measures. Angel thumped his head against the wall, wondering which of the PTB he had pissed off to deserve this.

He had become so lost in his thoughts that the first surge of pain came as a shock. It flare over his body like lightning, crackling and snapping. A second later it was gone, leaving him panting for unneeded breath. Sagging in his bonds, Angel struggled to control his shaking as a concerned Wes ventured over. As the man reached out to him Angel was struck by another wave of magic and pain that left him convulsing on the ground. Moaning low in his throat, he fought to hold on to his soul that he could feel slipping from his grasp. He curled up as the pain faded and hugged the remainder of his soul tight, but he knew it was only a matter of time before he lost it.

"Angel?" Angel looked up to meet Wes' eyes as the Watcher crouched in front of him. He could see worry and fear in the younger man's eyes and he had the urge to hug the young Watcher close.

"They're doing the spell," he forced through his scream ravaged throat. "You shouldn't be so close, I don't know exactly what it will do."

"Angel," Wes began.

"Go!" snarled Angel through his now demonic face. Wes surged to his feet and almost ran back to the other two, the scent of his fear perfuming the air.

A half an hour with no new pain had the vampire relaxing. He figured they must have failed in their attempt to break his curse. Remembering the reign of his psychotic alter-ego, he was more than pleased that Willow hadn't been able to bring back Angelus.

"Any change?" Giles asked as he slowly approached the restrained vampire.

"No,"Angel answered, shaking his head. "I think the spell didn't work, so can you unchain me now?"

"Ah, no."

"No?" Angel was confused. He was still himself so why couldn't they let him go.

"We can't guarantee that you're still you or that the spell is finished just yet," the Watcher said apologetically. "When we are certain that all is well, we'll release you, I promise."

Sighing, Angel nodded his agreement before dropping his head back against the wall, thumping it a couple of times. The fates definitely hated him. He wondered briefly if it was because of Spike, after all he was responsible for the bleached menace being turned, even if he hadn't done the act. Thinking back he realized he probably shouldn't have offered Xander as a gift to Spike, ruse or not, the blonde vampire always kept what was given to him. A sudden flash of light had him blinking in surprise. He glanced over to where the others were and spotted spell components strewn across the table. Giles nodded to Faith and sent a reassuring smile over to Angel.

"Seems your soul's still tacked on, so Giles says we can let you loose," Faith told him as she unlocked the chains. "Guess the little witch isn't as strong as they think she is."

"Thankfully," Angel smiled wryly. "What's the plan then?"

"Giles is looking for some way to safeguard his place and Wes is searching for a clause-free soul spell. I was hoping you'd spar with me," she looked up at him, a frown marring her features. "I think there's going to be a major fight and you know Spike's style. I was hoping you'd teach me, give me a bit of an advantage."

"That is probably a good idea," Angel said thoughtfully. "Let me rest a bit first and then we'll start."

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The room was dim and the scent of sex and blood filled the air, igniting a fire in his veins. He could see a bed on the far side of the room, dark sheets making the pale flesh of its occupants stand out. The two bodies moved against each other, soft curves cushioning hard muscle. Moans and whimpers drifted to his ears, filling him with the need to touch, take, taste. He was motionless, though, frozen in one spot. A dark head lifted from a pale neck and he could see the blood that stained the male's lips vermillion. The woman on the bottom pulled her partner back down, devouring his mouth in an intense kiss. Their bodies rocked together, a motion that was ageless. He could feel his own arousal surge and press against the fabric of his slacks as the man's thrust sped up.

"Beautiful, aren't they?" a soft voice murmured from his side.

He turned his head and saw Spike standing beside him, gaze on the duo on the bed. Desperately, he opened his mouth, hoping to question the scene before them, but no sound emerged. Spike nodded toward the bed, turning his attention back to the two there. The redheaded woman slid from beneath her partner, resolving into a naked, curvy Willow as she stalked toward them, hair swing against her back. Reaching him she pressed close, standing on tiptoe to press a kiss to his lips. He could taste the blood she had drank, the sweet taste that was Xander and underneath that was the pure taste of Willow. A taste of magic and power.

"We're coming," she whispered against his lips.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Angel sat up with a gasp, startling the two seated at the table. The dream had been so vivid, he could still taste the blood on Willow's lips. "Oh, gods."

"Angel?" Giles called out softly.

"I'm fine, just a dream." He sat back against the couch and tried to control his reactions to the memory of the dream. Lust and bloodlust flowed through his body demanding satisfaction. A soft whisper echoed through his mind telling him to kill Giles and take Wes. To fuck and drain the thin man, to turn and keep him. Angel shook his head, trying to dislodged the need. Surging to his feet, he headed to the kitchen, hoping a cup of blood was sate the desperation building inside.

The first taste of the blood hit him hard, tasting wrong and lifeless compared to the dream-memory of Xander's magic filled blood on Willow's lips. The cup fell from his hands as a wave of magic coursed over him and the tattered remains of his soul was consumed by his demon. Smiling softly, he turned back to the living room and the two heartbeats he could hear. "Giles, where's Faith?"

The senior Watcher's head flew up at the question dawned quickly in his eyes as he reached for the crossbow sitting at his side. A burst of supernatural speed hand Angelus there first, his hand wrapped around the man's throat.

"Let him go."

Glancing over, Angelus saw Wesley held his own crossbow ready, a strange look in the younger man's eyes. "Et tu, Brute? I had such high hopes for us."

"Sorry to spoil your fun. Let him go."

"And if I don't?"

"Then I will have to sweep your remains out the door," Wes replied with forced calm. Angelus could smell the terror coming in waves off the tall man.

"Well then," the vampire started, "catch!" He tossed the older man in Wes' direction and headed out the door.

The Master vampire raced across the city, knowing somehow where his grandChilde was holed up. He entered the warehouse regally, daring the mingling minions to bar him access. When he reached the far end he noticed that Spike was alone. Cocking an eyebrow he stared at the blonde in question.

"They went to get you a gift," Spike smirked. "They're thoughtful like that."

"And ridding me of my soul wasn't enough of a gift?" he asked.

"Oh, but your soul's not actually gone," the blonde laughed.

"Yes it is," Angelus argued, anger welling up.

"No, it's not. My Willow is very smart. She didn't remove your soul, she merged it with your demon."

"What?" the older vampire shouted.

"See, since your soul isn't gone you can't be re-souled. And with the demon in charge, you get to be the Angelus we know and love," Spike informed him. "And I hear my loves coming back. Can't wait to see what they got you."

The two young vampires strode into the room carrying a struggling bundle between them. They stopped just before they reached Spike's position.

"Here, Angelus," Xander said shoving the bundle toward the elder vampire. "Happy birthday."

Pulling the blankets off the still struggling body, Angelus smiled as the gift was reveal.

"Hello again, Wes."

Next chapter, the Winchester's show up
and should I vamp Wes, or leave him human?
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